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Sarah Morgan is the leader of Constellation and a potential companion. Once the head of the United Colonies' Navigator Corps, Sarah found herself and her talents purposeless following the shuttering of her division until joining Constellation in 2320. In only a few short years, she would take position as the acting Chair of Constellation.

Sarah Morgan
(RefID: 00005986)
Editor ID Companion_SarahMorgan
Race Human Gender Female
Skills Astrodynamics -- Tier 4

Lasers -- Tier 3

Leadership -- Tier 2

Botany -- Tier 1

RefID 00005986 BaseID 00005983
Other Information
Faction(s) Constellation
Sarah Morgan in a Constellation office


  • "Welcome to Constellation. We have a lot to talk about." --The reason behind the player's introduction to Sarah Morgan remains unclear. However, we have earned significant trust with Constellation's leader, as she is ready to divulge privileged information. Her preparedness to share such information indicates the importance of the conversation and the depth of trust established between the player and the leadership of Constellation.
  • "The artifacts are so different, so alien, and I'm certain one of them reached out and spoke to you." --Sarah Morgan implies a prior awareness of a unique assortment of rare artifacts with the extraordinary ability to communicate telepathically. Her statement suggests a deep understanding of the artifacts and hints at the possibility that one of them has reached out and engaged in a telepathic conversation with you.
  • "Ready to get out there?" --Sarah enthusiastically anticipates the player's eagerness to depart from the planet and commence their joint exploration, suggesting a shared enthusiasm and interest in embarking on a thrilling journey.


When you enter Constellation's war room with the artifact.

Sarah Morgan: The artifact, if you could place it on the table here.
Noel: Oh my god. Look at how it's coming together.
Walter: That means there's a set.
Matteo: Built by an intelligence outside the settled systems.


  • I suppose we should be thankful the Zealots are all we have to deal with. If the Serpent's Crusade had gone differently, we wouldn't be here at all.
  • Unless you've converted recently and didn't tell me, you might want to watch your back.
  • You think if we tell them we've spoken to the Great Serpent, they'll give us a pass?
  • If only we knew where these Zealots were based... Could've wiped them all out at once.
  • I'm all for religious tolerance, right up until the point where your religion requires killing me.
  • When even House Va'ruun disavows your views, you know you've gone too far.
  • Ever been on the business end of one of those Va'ruun pain blades? They have definitely earned the name.
  • I heard they sent a delegation once to negotiate with the Zealots, the way they did with House Va'ruun after the Serpent's Crusade. It did not end well.
  • Zealots are quite the dilemma for the Settled Systems. They refuse to negotiate, technologically advanced and fanatical to the death.
  • If there are any Zealots here, we'd better be prepared to fight.
  • Earth history has had its share of radical religions, but the Va'ruun Zealot makes them look tame by comparison.
  • If you don't want to pick a fight with any more Zealots, we should turn back right now.
  • There's no reasoning with these Zealots. They leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake.
  • Barrett and Sam have had run-ins with the Zealots. On both occasions, they barely escaped with their lives.
  • It's a shame the Va'ruun Embassy in New Atlantis was shut down. Perhaps if we had worked together, we could have found a solution to this Zealot problem.


  • You started out cracking rocks at a mining facility like this, isn't that right "dusty?"
  • It appears we've found some type of mining operation.
  • Before you start stuffing your pockets with ore, you might want to check who owns this mining facility.
  • Mining operations can make or break an entire company. Dig in the wrong place, and that's millions of credits down the drain.
  • I've heard asteroid mining is some of the most dangerous work in the Settled Systems.
  • This is an impressive mining operation.
  • The mining corp must be extracting something valuable to fund an operation of this size.
  • Let's just hope the ore in these mines isn't highly radioactive.
  • Even with advanced robotics, companies still risk human lives to mine for ore. You know why? Because it's cheaper.
  • Starting a mining operation like this takes time, patience and a hell of a lot of credits.
  • Watch your footing around here. These types of mines can be frighteningly unstable.
  • Mining can be extremely dangerous, as I'm sure you know very well from personal experience.
  • Mining operations like this can last for decades if the company bothered to perform the proper geological surveys.
  • With any luck, maybe we can find a vein of platinum or neodymium. Anything to make this trip worthwhile.
  • This mining facility looks stable, but at the first sign of seismic activity, we should get out of here.

Research Facilities[edit]

  • I hope the research staff at this facility knows what they're doing.
  • Whatever the staff here is experimenting with, I doubt they'll be willing to explain it to us.
  • Without proper controls, experimentation can be extremely dangerous.
  • I hope you know what you're doing at this laboratory. I don't want to end up growing a third arm or something...
  • There's no reason for concern, I'm almost certain nothing terrible has ever originated from a secure laboratory.
  • I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that we're not supposed to be trespassing in this laboratory.
  • This laboratory might prove to be quite fascinating.
  • This could be the perfect place to catch up on some scientific journals I've been meaning to read.
  • There's some seriously high-tech equipment at this laboratory.
  • I wonder how many scientific breakthroughs have been made at places like this?
  • Some of the things in this laboratory aren't exactly bulletproof, so take it easy in here, okay?
  • I was hoping to establish a laboratory like this at the Lodge, but I just haven't found the time.
  • If this laboratory is run by the military, they're not going let us tour the place without an escort.
  • I'd love to get a look at the notes on this facility's experiments.
  • Any data we recover from this laboratory could be valuable. Provided we're allowed to take it, of course.

Industrial Facilities[edit]

  • There's bound to be plenty of raw materials at this facility.
  • I wonder which corporation is pulling the strings at this site?
  • Mm. Smell those lovely industrial fumes. Disgusting.
  • We should find out what's being manufactured at this facility.
  • This type of industrial operation is the backbone of the Settled Systems' economy.
  • We should keep in mind that the owner of this factory might not appreciate trespassers.
  • Caustic chemicals, sharp-edged raw materials... this facility is an accident just waiting to happen.
  • At an operation of this magnitude, there's a fair chance we'll run into some sort of security forces.
  • I wonder if Vasco was assembled in a place like this?
  • I've never had the stomach for big industry. All they care about is making money.
  • If this factory is producing anything useful, hopefully there's someone here we can trade with.
  • This is exactly why I adore traveling together. You take me to the loveliest places.
  • Please tell me this place isn't producing anything meant for human consumption.
  • Looks like a pretty standard industrial facility. I presume there's a reason that you've brought us here?
  • Well, this place isn't exactly Paradiso, but I suppose we can visit for a while.

Abandoned Ships[edit]

  • Perhaps we should find out why this ship was hastily evacuated?
  • What do you think happened aboard this ship?
  • From the look of things, I doubt this vessel is spaceworthy.
  • This derelict could be highly unstable. We should limit our time aboard to only as long as it's necessary.
  • Whatever's happened here, the story's been lost with the crew.
  • I wonder how long this wreck has been drifting through space?
  • Just as I thought. Looks like nobody's aboard.
  • I'm sure the crew did everything they could to save this ship.
  • Think there might be some salvageable parts aboard this hulk?
  • Main power source appears to be knocked out on this ship. It's probably only running on emergency power, if there's any left at all.
  • I hope at least some of the crew managed to escape.
  • There must be literally thousands of these derelict ships drifting through the void.
  • It's a miracle this ship is still in one piece.
  • I doubt we're the first ones to visit this wreck.
  • We owe it to the crew of this vessel to find out what happened.

Military Facilities[edit]

  • This was undoubtedly left behind by military forces.
  • It's quite likely everyone that was here was killed during some sort of past conflict.
  • As far as military installations go, I've seen worse.
  • I wonder what caused these military forces to abandon this installation.
  • The military forces that were occupying this place certainly seems to have left in a hurry.
  • If the military evacuated this location, I'm certain it was for a good reason.
  • This military installation may have been evacuated, but that doesn't mean that they've deactivated all of their automated security.
  • These poor soldiers. I hope they made it out of here alive.
  • The soldiers that were here must have seen their share of hell. Poor souls.
  • If this was a military installation, there's likely to be spare ammunition or weapons that were left behind.
  • I'm curious to know if the commanding officer of this military installation left behind any records of what transpired.
  • Well, this place was hit pretty hard. Must have been a hell of a battle.
  • An abandoned military installation means abandoned military supplies. Let's take a look.
  • Hm. The military wouldn't abandon an installation without good reason.
  • Hm. The military would abandon an installation with good reason.


  • I wonder if this is a man-made cave, or a natural formation?
  • If something's living in here, I doubt it wants us to intrude.
  • Geologically, this place is quite interesting.
  • This cave would be an excellent place for someone to hide.
  • Might want to check your power packs. Wouldn't want to be caught in these caves in the dark.
  • Might as well explore this cave. With any luck, we'll stumble across a mineral deposit or two.
  • I've visited planets with cave systems so extensive, you could get lost within them for years.
  • UC survival training taught me that caves are actually quite a good way to avoid cosmic radiation or inhospitable weather.
  • This cave would make an adequete shelter.
  • Should we search for mineral deposits while we're down here?
  • Ah, fancy a bit of spelunking, do we?
  • I certainly hope there's no seismic activity while we're in this cave.
  • This reminds me of a book I read as a child. It was about an expedition to the center of the Earth. One of my favorites.
  • This cave reminds me of the first one I ever explored near Pavonis Mons, on Mars.
  • When I was living on Mars, I'd spend the weekends exploring caves just like this one.

Cargo Facilities[edit]

  • There's bound to be something useful here. Let's have a look around.
  • Boxes, crates and barrels. Can't get enough of them. Sigh.
  • Odds are there's something useful at this facility.
  • Looks like a cargo facility. Question is, who owns the contents?
  • If we're lucky, there might be some Helium-3 stashed somewhere in this facility.
  • I certainly hope the owner of this facility doesn't mind us poking through their inventory.
  • We should be careful, there might be security on the premesis.
  • Before we help ourselves, we should make sure nobody owns this cargo.
  • Who do you think owns all of this cargo?
  • Are you sure we're allowed to be here? All this cargo could be off limits.
  • A cargo facility. Very nice. I suppose I could be persuaded into rummaging through a few crates.
  • Perhaps we can find an inventory of everything that's stored here?
  • Now that we're here, I suppose we should start looking through this cargo.
  • Perhaps it would be smarter to leave this cargo alone. Don't want to antagonize the owner.
  • It would save us a lot of time if we could find this facility's manifests.

Abandoned Sites[edit]

  • Looks like there hasn't been anyone here for some time.
  • We could be the first people setting foot here in quite a long while.
  • This place appears to be abandoned.
  • The people that inhabited this location left it in quite a state.
  • There are far too many of these abandoned locations littering the galaxy.
  • No one's home, eh? That's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • I trust that there's a good reason the previous owners abandoned this place.
  • Well, looks like we have this place all to ourselves.
  • It's clear that there were people here at one time. Where they went is anyone's guess.
  • I don't know about you, but I'd like to find out why this area was abandoned.
  • If everyone's gone, something's probably gone horribly wrong.
  • Nobody's here? This is not a good sign.
  • Either this place was evacuated or something's gone horribly wrong.
  • There's something very unsettling about this place...
  • If all of these people evacuated, where the hell did they go?
  • I'm sure the previous owners of this place has an excellent reason for leaving this facility behind.
  • You know, I really don't like walking into deserted locations like this...
  • Either everyone here is missing... or hiding.
  • Looks like this installation was deserted quite a long time ago.
  • I don't mind exploring this place, but what worries me is that we don't know who was here, and why they left.

Abandoned UC Facilities[edit]

  • Is this a United Colonies installation? Excellent. It's comforting to be back in familiar territory.
  • This is UC property. Hopefully, we'll be welcome here.
  • The United Colonies seems to own this place. That's a good sign.
  • If this place is maintained by the United Colonies, they shouldn't give us any trouble. I hope.
  • The United Colonies maintains places like this all across the Settled Systems.
  • This place certainly has all the hallmarks of a UC facility.
  • I've never realized how much I miss New Atlantis until we found this UC facility and it reminded me of home.
  • Well, this might be United Colonies territory, but it certainly isn't the Lodge.
  • I wonder how many personnel were assigned to this UC facility?
  • I have to be honest, no matter how far from Jemison we travel, stepping into a United Colonies installation gives me a strange sense of comfort.

Spacer Sites[edit]

  • Only Spacers would inhabit a place like this.
  • Looks like Spacers have dug in around here.
  • Well, well. It seems we've found where the local Spacers have decided to nest.
  • Spacers are the scavengers of space. Like maggots feeding off of dead carcasses left in the sun.
  • You can sift through this place, but Spacers rarely leave behind anything that holds value.
  • Ah, I see Spacers are infesting this place. Lovely.
  • More Spacer territory. No surprise there.
  • I've never had a run-in with the Spacers that ended well, and I suspect I never will.
  • I've seen ships stripped down to the hull after being ambushed by Spacers.
  • If there's one thing Spacers are good at, it's removing valuable components from all the trash that people leave behind.
  • Make sure you're locked and loaded. Spacers don't like people invading their junk piles.
  • Thank goodness UC Security keeps these Spacers off of Jemison.
  • As far as vermin goes, I'd slot Spacers right in between rats and cockroaches.
  • Barrett once told me that he watched Spacers strip an entire abandoned starstation down to the deck plating. In a day.
  • Good thing Vasco isn't here. Spacers would be his worst nightmare.

Starborn Sites[edit]

  • I wonder how long ago this place was built?
  • These ruins are fascinating. I could spend years studying this location.
  • These ruins have certainly stood the test of time.
  • We still have so much to learn from the Starborn.
  • I know a few archeologists back in New Atlantis that would give their left arm to be here right now.
  • These ruins are incredible. They're like nothing else in the Settled Systems.
  • Can you imagine the technology the Starborn must possess to build something like this?
  • Exploring ruins, uncovering the mysteries of the universe. This is exactly what Constellation is all about.
  • This place. Is it thousands of years old? Millions?
  • Coming here is the sort of thing I dreamed of when I was a child.

Smuggler Sites[edit]

  • If smugglers set up here, there might be something valuable they've left behind.
  • Smugglers, eh? Could be contraband nearby.
  • Looks like we've stumbled across some sort of a smuggling operation.
  • This looks like the perfect place to stash some contraband.
  • Perhaps we should unburden these smugglers of their ill-gotten gains. Wouldn't you agree?
  • Smugglers are a bit like bounty hunters. No one wants to associate with them, yet their services are strangely in demand.
  • I'd rather find an independent smuggling operation than a base crawling with the Crimson Fleet.
  • If there's Aurora stashed at this smuggling site, we should leave it alone.
  • I've run across a smuggling operation or two in my travels.
  • Smugglers? I wonder why they've set up shop at this location in particular?
  • Smugglers like these use all sorts of clever cargo hold enhancements to bypass security scans. They're frighteningly resourceful.
  • Watch what you take. Smugglers have been known to defend their contraband to the death.
  • I haven't run across smugglers much in my time with Constellation. I leave that sort of work to Barrett and Sam.
  • I'd be surprised if these smugglers left anything of value in plain sight.
  • Another smuggling operation. Can't say that I'm surprised.

Seokguh Sites[edit]

  • Haven't had much experience dealing with Seokguh. From what I hear, that's a good thing.
  • Seokguh treats itself like a legitimate corporation. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • We should give Seokguh a wide berth.
  • Look around. This is definitely the mark of Seokguh.
  • They call Seokguh "organized crime." Just a fancy term for a bunch of no-good criminals who flaunt their illicit activities.
  • If this is Seokguh property, we shouldn't stay long. I'd prefer to stay off of their radar.
  • If the authorities on Neon weren't so corrupt, they would have ended the Seokguh threat long ago.
  • Seokguh? Here? I thought they only operated on Neon.
  • If Seokguh's influence has spread from Volii, the Settled Systems are in trouble.
  • I think we're in Seokguh's domain. I don't like this one bit.
  • I know they're criminals, but Seokguh is suspiciously well-funded. I wonder how they got way?
  • We should proceed very cautiously, Seokguh territory is usually well defended.
  • Seokguh is a very unusual name. I hear it's from Korean mythology, but that's not exactly my area of expertise.
  • Seokguh are well-armed. Maybe we'll get lucky and find some choice weapons around this place.
  • Damn. If Seokguh's here, we could be in big trouble.

Robot Sites[edit]

  • Might be some useful spare parts around here.
  • Vasco would feel right at home with these robots.
  • Do you think these robots were fully automated or were they being coordinated on site?
  • It's unfortunate that we've become so dependant on robots to do the majority of our heavy lifting.
  • Robots have come along way since Devol pioneered the technology. It's exciting to think how they'll evolve in the future.
  • Perhaps Constellation should consider adding more robots to our roster. Would certainly make deep space expeditions a bit safer.
  • You know, my parents used to have a robot with a bad internal gyro-motivator. Poor thing tipped itself over all the time.
  • If you're looking for a present for Vasco, this could be the place.
  • I'm pleased no one has innovated the appearance of these types of robots. Last thing we want is for them to start to look too human.
  • I've served on many vessels, and not one of them would have remained space-worthy if it wasn't for the robots we had aboard.
  • These robots left a lot of scrap behind.
  • If there are any robots ahead, I hope they're equipped with passive programming.
  • If the robots around here are still in operation, there could be a chance to turn them to our advantage.
  • I'd rather deal with robots than try and tangle with a war mech.
  • This was definitely a robotics area.

Freestar Sites[edit]

  • Sam's told me so much about the Freestar Collective, I could almost write a book on the subject.
  • It's unbelievable to think that we were at war with the FC less than two decades ago.
  • At one time, I considered the Freestar Collective my enemy. Things certainly have changed.
  • When I think of my experiences with the Freestar Collective, very few pleasant memories bubble to the surface.
  • I used to hate the Freestar Collective with ever fiber of my being... until spending time with Sam changed my mind.
  • This isn't exactly Akila City, but the Freestar Collective definitely runs the place.
  • Well, this is undoubtedly Freestar Collective territory.
  • I have to admit, the post war strides the Freestar Collective has taken to better themselves is quite impressive.
  • Did you know the FC doesn't require any type of service to become one of their citizens? Strange, isn't it?
  • Looks like it's all Freestar around here.
  • I wonder if there are any Freestar Rangers nearby?
  • Ah, it appears this area's claimed by the Freestar Collective.
  • Freestar Collective? If there's anyone else here, chances are that they'll be friendly.
  • If this is Freestar territory, we probably shouldn't take anything that doesn't belong to us. We don't want the Rangers to mistake us for common thieves.
  • If anyone's from the Freestar Collective is still here, I hope they don't mind a visit from a former UC Navy officer.

Crimson Fleet Sites[edit]

  • The Crimson Fleet leaves very little of value in its wake.
  • I think it's ironic that UC SysDef hunts the Crimson Fleet, when it was the UC that gave rise to the pirates in the first place.
  • The Crimson Fleet's recently bunked here. Not sure why though.
  • I suppose it's possible the Crimson Fleet has left something valuable behind... though I doubt it.
  • The Crimson Fleet is just a bunch of pirates that masquerades as a navy.
  • Keep your eyes open, we're in the Crimson Fleet's territory.
  • I hope we don't run into too many of the Crimson Fleet around here.
  • I'm going to watch our six. Last thing we want is to be ambushed by pirates while we're here.
  • To be honest, If I had to pick something positive to say about the Crimson Fleet, I'd be at a loss.
  • If the Crimson Fleet's been here, they might have stashed some loot for safe keeping.
  • Crimson Fleet, eh? We're a long way from the Key.
  • Ah, lovely. Crimson Fleet. I'd forgotten I hadn't had my weekly fill of pirates just yet.
  • Don't bother searching this area for survivors. I heard the Crimson Fleet rarely takes prisoners.
  • Oh look, some of your lovely pirate friends have been here. You must feel right at home.
  • I still say you made an awful choice when you gave Kryx's Legacy to the Crimson Fleet, but your life is your own.

Ecliptic Sites[edit]

  • Ecliptic is filled with a bunch of disgruntled hooligans who couldn't make it in the military.
  • I'm willing to bet that if you paid Ecliptic enough credits, they'd take out their own people. No morals whatsoever.
  • Ecliptic is well-funded, so if we're looking for some decent gear, this might be the place.
  • Constellation has never consorted with Ecliptic, and never will. Not on my watch.
  • Scum. Every last one of these Ecliptic bastards are scum.
  • The Settled Systems would be better without Ecliptic infesting the place like vermin.
  • Be careful, no telling what types of hazards Ecliptic may have left behind.
  • After rummaging through this place, you be sure to wash your hands. Don't want to get any of Ecliptic's slime on your skin.
  • I wonder how long Ecliptic has had a foothold here?
  • Hm. Can't tell if Ecliptic set up here for a temporary job or this is more of an operations point.
  • I wonder if Ecliptic has any sort of organized hierarchy, or are they more like a bunch of rabid dogs fighting over scraps?
  • Ecliptic's left their mark here, that's for certain.
  • If Ecliptic's been here, I don't want to stay any longer than necessary.
  • Let's strip this place of supplies. Depriving Ecliptic of anything useful is a step in the right direction.
  • I hope these Ecliptic bastards rot in hell.


  • Sarah Morgan is voiced by Emily O'Brien.
  • During school, Sarah Morgan was the drummer in a rock band called 'Ironic Comet'.