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End the threat to the Eleos Retreat
Location(s): The Eleos Retreat
ID: City_ER_Exorcism
XP: 0
Credits ?: 0
Other Rewards: (?)
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Ghost Hunt Peacemaker

Mission Stages[edit]

Exorcism (City_ER_Exorcism)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(DEBUG: Drop the player into the Retreat right after Ghost Hunt)
2(DEBUG: Jump the player to the turn-in.)
3(DEBUG: Return the player to the Retreat post solution.)
4(DEBUG: Get the player in place to meet the Trackers)
5(DEBUG: Give the player all the backgrounds to progress in this quest and unlock all the speech challenge options.)
19(DEBUG: Stage to always set)
100(P1: Quest started from ER_Ghost. Direct the player towards the base.)
I've agreed to confront the Trackers who've been harassing the Eleos Retreat on their behalf. Sloan's suggested that I speak to the staff to get their ideas.
110(P2: Player spoke to Sloan about her suggestion. If the player already spoke to the hunters about their fears, open up her special speech challenge option)
120(P2: Player asked Monika her advice. Unlock her SC for the player)
130(P2: Player asked Nevan his advice and he gave them credits. Change up that option next time through.)
140(P2: Player asked Greg his advice on the situation.)
145(P3: Player triggered Greg's line)
150(P2: Player has spoken to everyone at the Retreat on how to deal with the Trackers. Close out objectives. Set from stages 110-130)
Everyone at the Retreat has chimed in on how to deal with the Trackers. Time to confront them.
290(P1: Player approached the wait trigger. Direct them to activate it.)
I've arrived at the Tracker's hideout. Now I just need to wait until they arrive.
300(P1: Player activated the lantern. Fade down, make 'em wait for a moment, then bring 'em back with our hunters in place.)
301(P2: Player hit second player dialogue optin in Hunter scene. Get the player back there.)
305(P1: Fade down engaged. Let's get those trackers turned on.)
307(P3: The Trackers spotted the player. Update the objectives.)
310(P1: Fade up complete! Have the hunters confront the player.)
The Trackers are here. Time to confront them about the Eleos Retreat.
315(P1: Tracker scene started. Turn off the forcegreet package.)
320(P3: Player asked the Trackers how much it'll cost to get them to walk. Unlocks the very, very high bribe option.)
330(P2: Player asked the hunters what they're afraid of. Unlock Sloan's special SC if the player asked her her advice.)
350(P2: Sloan's special speech challenge option open.)
400(P1: Player succeeded at the speech challenge. They've beaten the trackers.)
405(P1: Player attempted to negotiate with the Trackers (used to change up dialogue in Peacemaker))
410(P1: The player failed their speech challenge)
420(P3: Player successfully bribed the Trackers.)
430(P3: Player Starborn'ed their way through this beat.)
450(P1: Player entered combat with the Trackers (or threatened them). Make them permanently hostile.)
470(P1: Tracker M01 dead. Check to see if Track F01 is also dead (and if so, proceed).)
480(P1: Tracker F01 dead. Check to see if M01 is dead and then proceed.)
490(P1: Both Trackers dead. Mark this section complete.)
500(P1: Hunters dealt with by any means. Direct the player back to the Retreat)
I've managed to convince the Trackers to back off. I should return to the Retreat and let Sloan know the good news.
550(P3: Hunters unloaded after a decision. If they're still alive, disable them.)
  • The following empty mission stages were omitted from the table: 6.
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  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Mission" it means the mission disappears from the Active Mission list, but you may still receive new entries for that mission.
  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage City_ER_Exorcism stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest City_ER_Exorcism.
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