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John Tuala
(002846EC, 002846EB)
Editor ID UC_NA_JohnTuala
Race Human Gender Male
RefID 002846EC BaseID 002846EB
Other Information
Faction(s) CrimeFactionUC, NewAtlantisFaction
John Tuala

John Tuala is a resident of New Atlantis and the commander of the UC Vanguard. He is a heavy-set man of Samoan ancestry with black muttonchops, wearing a Vanguard Officer Uniform.

Tuala previously served as the commander of a recon squad in the UC Navy, before being transferred to the Vanguard some time in 2323 or 2324. He is in charge of enlisting new recruits and assigning missions.

Tuala is an old friend of Sarah Morgan, and frequently attempts to convince her to re-enlist.

Related Missions[edit]

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