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(RefID: 000059A9)
Editor ID Companion_Andreja
Race Human Gender Female
Skills Stealth -- Tier 4

Particle Beams -- Tier 3

Energy Weapon Systems -- Tier 2

Theft -- Tier 1

RefID 000059A9 BaseID 000059A7
Other Information
Faction(s) AvailableCompanionFaction, COM_PersonalCrimeFaction_Andreja, ConstellationFaction, CurrentCompanionFaction, LodgeInvisibleDoorsFaction, PlayerAllyFaction
Andreja at New Atlantis spaceport
Editor ID LC165_Lodge_Andreja
Race Human Gender Female
RefID N/A BaseID 0010A3DA

Andreja is a member of Constellation who you meet during the Main Questline. She's an astronomer and navigator, with past ties to the Va'ruun. Andreya is an Eastern European or Slavic name pronounced "And-rey-uh" but Constellation members pronounce it incorrectly anyway.

In combat, Andreja favors a stealth-modded laser rifle and when crouched and immobile is rendered invisible and receives a stealth detection passive. As such, she's an ideal character for covert missions, such as the corporate espionage quests of the Ryuijin Industries faction.

Related Missions[edit]


  • Andreja is voiced by Cissy Jones.
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