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(000059A9, 000059A7)
Location SF-mapicon-The Lodge.svg The Lodge — Constellation's headquarters in MAST district of New Atlantis. (map)
Editor ID Companion_Andreja
Race Human Gender Female
SF-skill-Stealth 4.png

Stealth 4
Follower gains a Chameleon-like effect when motionless and sneaking.
SF-skill-Particle Beams 3.png

Particle Beams 3
Particle Weapons do 30% more damage.
SF-skill-Energy Weapon Systems 2.png

Energy Weapon Systems 2
10% increased Ship-Based Energy Weapon Damage and Recharge speed.
SF-skill-Theft 1.png

Theft 1
The companion will occasionally give you credits.
RefID 000059A9 BaseID 000059A7
Other Information
Faction(s) AvailableCompanionFaction, COM_PersonalCrimeFaction_Andreja, ConstellationFaction, CurrentCompanionFaction, LodgeInvisibleDoorsFaction, PlayerAllyFaction
Andreja at New Atlantis spaceport
Editor ID LC165_Lodge_Andreja
Race Human Gender Female
RefID N/A BaseID 0010A3DA

Andreja is a navigator, astronomer and former House Va'ruun smuggler. She is currently a member of Constellation and a potential companion whom the player meets during the events of the Main Quest.

Andreja grew up on the fringes of the settled systems. She has strong ties to House Va'ruun but rarely chooses to elaborate on them. Her line of work involved clandestine operations, such as smuggling. She joined Constellation in 2328, two years before the events of the game. Upon joining, Vlad gave her his room at the Lodge before moving to the Eye full-time. She is a reserved woman with a somber demeanor, who is clearly at odds with the common customs and habits of the settled systems. Many of her interactions with the other members of Constellation revolve around her social inadequacies and misunderstanding of innocuous aspects of life, from turns of phrases to various traditions. Due to her education and past life, she is cold and practical. As a companion, she frequently directs the player to loot corpses for valuables. In spite of her pragmatism, she is nonetheless welcoming of support and strives to be a better person.

Andreja wears a unique Constellation spacesuit. Of the four main companions, she is the most readily suited for stealth gameplay. Since her default weapon is a Va'ruun Inflictor, which is a late game weapon, she also provides considerable help in early combat encounters. When asked, she will provide the player with credits as a gift on a regular basis.

Related Missions[edit]

Affinity changes[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

  • Into the Unknown, Andreja likes it if you tell Matteo "Got you beat. Three artifacts to your zero." then say, "I agree with Noel and Andreja."
  • Into the Unknown, Andreja likes it if at the end say, no one can know.
  • All That Money Can Buy, Andreja likes it if you, tell Slaton the authorities should deal with the thief.
  • Further Into the Unknown, Andreja likes it if you say, "Noel's Right. We can't abandon who we are now."
  • Further Into the Unknown, Andreja dislikes it if you say ay "I'm starting to wonder if this is all worth it. Myself."

Faction Quests[edit]

Ryujin Industries[edit]

  • Top Secrets, Andreja likes it if you tell Malai that you are about to save her life.


  • Digger Zemin, Andreja likes it if you, give him 1000 credits.
  • Supply Line, Andreja dislikes it if you, agree to do a second shift at Xenofishery for Yannick.

Ebbside Strikers[edit]

  • Showdown, Andreja likes it if you, tell Briggs you're not going to kill innocents.

Wants to talk[edit]

  • First conversation, Andreja likes it if you say "It wasn't a big deal" or "It was clearly important to you that I not say anything."
  • First conversation, Andreja dislikes it if you say, "When this is over, we're all going to be rich".
  • Second conversation, Andreja likes it if you say, "Getting by on your own is admirable."
  • Second conversation, Andreja dislikes it if you say, "That sounds like a terrible way to live."
  • Third conversation, Andreja likes it if you say, "I'm here for you if you need me."
  • Third conversation, Andreja dislikes it if you say, "Don't let this affect the mission."
  • Temple conversation, Andreja likes it if you say, "We've only gotten so far by working together".
  • Starborn conversation, Andreja likes it if you say, "No one is going to stop us. We've come too far."


  • Second time she wants to talk: Say, "You have a lot going for you."

New Game Plus[edit]

Should the player opt to skip the Main Quest, Andreja will be found in the Lodge once all the artifacts have been completed as part of Among the Stars. She can be recruited as a companion from there on.


  • Andreja is voiced by Cissy Jones.
  • Andreja is an Eastern European or Slavic name. It is originally pronounced "And-rey-uh", but Constellation members mispronounce it.
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