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Fauna are lifeforms with a non-terrestial origin. Approximately ten percent of planets in the Settled Systems support life.

Fauna Behavior[edit]

All fauna have one of the following temperaments, which indicate how they will respond to your presence:

  • Peaceful fauna will ignore you completely unless attacked.
  • Skittish fauna may flee from you.
  • Wary, Defensive, and Territorial fauna may attack you if you linger near them too long, but will give plenty of warning.
  • Fearless and Aggressive fauna will attack you on sight.

Additionally, fauna have different ecological niches and social behaviors, often indicated by their names.

  • Apex and Hunting fauna are solitary predators. They are usually found on their or in very small groups, and will actively hunt other fauna.
  • Herding and Schooling fauna are social herbivores and scavengers, which travel in small or modestly-sized groups.
  • Pack fauna are social predators, which travel in small or modestly-sized groups and actively hunt other fauna together.
  • Flocking fauna are highly social herbivores and scavengers that travel in very large groups.
  • Swarming fauna are highly social predators that travel in very large groups and actively hunt other fauna together.
  • Filterers, Grazers, and Herbivores are herbivorous creatures that are often pursued by predators.
  • Scavengers are not predators themselves, but seek out cadavers left by predators to feed.

Known Fauna[edit]

An unfiltered list of all fauna with unique names can be found here.