Fauna are lifeforms with a non-terrestial origin. Approximately ten percent of planets in the Settled Systems support life.

Fauna BehaviorEdit

All fauna have one of the following temperaments, which indicate how they will respond to your presence:

  • Peaceful fauna will ignore you completely unless attacked.
  • Skittish fauna may flee from you.
  • Wary, Defensive, and Territorial fauna may attack you if you linger near them too long, but will give plenty of warning.
  • Fearless and Aggressive fauna will attack you on sight.

Additionally, fauna have different ecological niches and social behaviors, often indicated by their names.

  • Apex and Hunting fauna are solitary predators. They are usually found on their or in very small groups, and will actively hunt other fauna.
  • Herding and Schooling fauna are social herbivores and scavengers, which travel in small or modestly-sized groups.
  • Pack fauna are social predators, which travel in small or modestly-sized groups and actively hunt other fauna together.
  • Flocking fauna are highly social herbivores and scavengers that travel in very large groups.
  • Swarming fauna are highly social predators that travel in very large groups and actively hunt other fauna together.
  • Filterers, Grazers, and Herbivores are herbivorous creatures that are often pursued by predators.
  • Scavengers are not predators themselves, but seek out cadavers left by predators to feed.

Known FaunaEdit

An unfiltered list of all fauna with unique names can be found here.

Apex Dust Devil Exorunner
Apex Parrothawk
Baleen Rotifer
Beetle Geophage
Beetle Grazer
Beetle Scavenger
Beetlecrab Grazer
Carasnail Scavenger
Centiskull Grazer
Coralheart Filterer
Coralheart Grazer
Coralheart Herbivore
Crab Scavenger
Crawling Eurypterid
Elk Crangon
Eggback Herbivore
Eggsac Scavenger
Flamethorn Grazer
Flamethorn Herbivore
Flocking Ankylosaurus Geophage
Flocking Glowhands Grazer
Flocking Caterpillar Scavenger
Flocking Hornface Grazer
Flocking Leafback Grazer
Flocking Longarm Herbivore
Flocking Octomaggot Grazer
Flocking Orchid Scavenger
Flocking Shardhopper Geophage
Flocking Toadface Herbivore
Flocking Trident Grazer
Glider Scavenger
Glowhands Grazer
Gossamer Scavenger
Grabber Filterer
Grazing Ensifer
Herding Bighorn Geophage
Herding Boneback Grazer
Herding Boneback Scavenger
Herding Bonemane Grazer
Herding Brainsprout Grazer
Herding Coralcrawler Grazer
Herding Coralbucket Filterer
Herding Crab Grazer
Herding Crab Herbivore
Herding Crabfly Grazer
Herding Horsamander Herbivore
Herding Leafbug Grazer
Herding Octomaggot Herbivore
Herding Reefwalker Scavenger
Herding Rockhound Grazer
Herding Scoopback Geophage
Herding Sunflower Filterer
Herding Trihorn Grazer
Herding Vuvuzelisk Grazer
Hunting Akylosaurus
Hunting Bighorn
Hunting Bonemane
Hunting Boneshell
Hunting Brainsquid
Hunting Coralcrab
Hunting Crab
Hunting Cricket
Hunting Crocalypse
Hunting Kronosaurus
Hunting Landshark
Leafbug Scavenger
Hunting Leafstrider
Hunting Nightmare
Hunting Sailgator
Hunting Shieldshell
Hunting Stonewalker Stalker
Hunting Tentabeard
Hunting Trihorn
Hunting Tuskfrog
Jellyfin Filterer
Mayfly Herbivore
Milliwhale Geophage
Milliwhale Grazer
Mothwing Grazer
Nautilus Scavanger
Pack Ankylosaurus
Pack Cagebrain
Pack Caterpillar
Pack Cockroach
Pack Coralbug
Pack Coralbug Stalker
Pack Coralcrab Stalker
Pack Crab
Pack Glowhands
Pack Hammersaur
Pack Landshark
Pack Scarab
Pack Prong Wing Seabat
Pearl Filterer
Pinecone Scavenger
Schooling Featherfin Filterer
Sloth Grazer
Spaceroach Filterer
Sunflower Filterer
Sunfish Filterer
Swarming Dragon
Swarming Foxbat
Swarming Scorpion
Thorn Filterer
Thorn Scavenger
Whaleshark Manta