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United Colonies
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New Atlantis, the most populous colony in the Settled Systems.[1]
A place somewhere in New Atlantis.

The United Colonies (also known as the UC) is the first interstellar government to have formed in the Settled Systems. It is a centralized republic that considers itself the natural successor of the governments and cultures of Earth, and values law and order.

The United Colonies were established in 2159, and New Atlantis became its capital in 2161.[2] In 2308, the United Colonies instigated a war with the Freestar Collective after the latter established a farming settlement in Lunara. While the UC held the upper hand for most of the conflict, it unexpectedly lost the Battle of Cheyenne, which proved to be a decisive victory for Freestar. Both sides then agreed to an Armistice in 2311, returning peace to the Settled Systems and banning the use of xenowarfare and mechs, both of which had proven to be appallingly destructive during the conflict.

The United Colonies officially controls three star systems as per the terms of the Treaty of Narion: Alpha Centauri, Sol, and Wolf. A fourth system, Toliman, used to contain the city of Londinion before the worst terrormorph attack in human history rendered it abandoned, while still under the jurisdiction of the United Colonies, it is now a largely unused system.

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Government and PoliticsEdit

The United Colonies is a centralized republic governed by MAST - the Military, Scientific, and Administrative Triumvirate. MAST is led by the President of the United Colonies. The current sitting president is Alexandra Abello.

Birthright citizenship does not exist in the United Colonies - citizenship must be earned through service to the state. Citizens enjoy several benefits, including price controls and the exclusive right to purchase property in New Atlantis.

Compared to the Freestar Collective, the United Colonies is known for having a more hands-on government that enforces many laws and regulations.


  • "Welcome to U.C. Space. Maintain your current course while we scan your ship's cargo." --Upon entering the United Colonies, local authorities will scan your ship's cargo to ensure compliance with regulations and detect contraband.
  • "Scan complete. You are cleared for landing at New Atlantis." --After confirming that no contraband is found, you are granted permission to land. This dialogue implies that the United Colonies are actively combating illegal smuggling, possibly presenting opportunities for the player to engage in contraband activities.