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Recover a stolen shipment of mining equipment.
Mission Giver: Trevor Petyarre
Location(s): Cydonia
ID: City_CY_RedTape03
XP: 0
Credits ?: 0
Other Rewards: (?)
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Red Tape Runaround

Mission Stages[edit]

Red Tape Reclamation (City_CY_RedTape03)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(Debug Stage: Move to Trevor)
2(Debug Stage: Move to Clint)
3(Debug Stage: Move to Trevor again)
4(Debug Stage: Move to Hank)
5(Debug Stage: Move to Trevor (with Hank))
6(Debug Stage: Move Player to Booth (with Hank))
100(Speak with Trevor Petyarre)
I've approved Trevor's request for new mining equipment. I should go speak with him about it and let him know.
101(Trevor asked the player to help investigate)
150(The player used the Starborn Perk to tell Trevor it was Hank)
300(Speak with Ship Services)
Trevor is worried that Hank hasn't returned with the equipment yet, so he wants me to check with ship services to see if they noticed anything unusual.
301(The player mentioned Hank to Ship Services)
400(Speak with Trevor (Starborn))
I know Hank is probably at the Broken Spear, but I should speak with Trevor just in case, to verify or see if he tells me to do anything different.
401(Trevor told the player where Hank might be)
500(Find Hank Ferraro)
Hank has not returned, and now Trevor seems suspicious of what Hank could be up to. He wants me to investigate, and suggested that I start by seeing if Hank is at the Broken Spear.
600(Speak with Hank)
Hank is at the Broken Spear. I need to interrogate him about his shady behavior.
610(Player accepted the beer from Hank)
615(Hank to the player he took the equipment)
700(Follow Hank)
Hank admitted to stealing the new equipment because he wanted to sabotage the entire mining operation. But, it sounds like he's going to give it up willingly. I should follow him to where he's stashed it.
705(Player is within range of Hank's ship.)
720(Hank speaks 01)
721(Hank speaks 02)
722(Hank speaks 03)
800(Talk to Hank)
Hank turned on me. I need to deal with him and get the equipment back.
801(Player chose the Starborn option with Hank.)
805(Display objective to talk Hank down.)
806(Hank gave up his gun)
810(Hank Speech Challenge success)
820(Hank speech Challenge Failure)
830(Player agreed to lie for Hank)
840(The player chose to attack Hank)
850(Kill Hank)
There's no reasoning with Hank. I have to kill him.
855(The player killed Hank)
860(Turn Hank in to Security)
Hank has agreed to turn himself in. I'll escort him to Security to make sure he follows through.
861(Player told Booth the full extent of Hank's crimes)
880(Hank went to jail)
881(Hank is now in the jail cell)
885(Player is in the Jail Trigger. Wait until they leave to close the cell door.)
886(Close the jail cell door)
887(Jail Cell door is closed)
900(Return to Trevor)
I need to return to Trevor and let him know what happened with Hank and the equipment.
901(Player started talking with Trevor)
1000(Quest End)
I managed to deal with Hank and get the stolen equipment back for the Cydonia miners. Now they'll be able to do their jobs more easily thanks to my efforts.
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  • Not all entries may appear in your log; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the mission is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with missions that have multiple possible outcomes or missions where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Mission" it means the mission disappears from the Active Mission list, but you may still receive new entries for that mission.
  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage City_CY_RedTape03 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest City_CY_RedTape03.
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