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Nyssa MarcanoBar
(0001E44C, 0001E44A)
Location SF-mapicon-Bar.svg The Viewport — A Cafe/Bar located in New Atlantis. It is run by Nyssa Marcano and is a place to get food/supplies, or even hire crew for your spaceship. (map)
Editor ID UC_NA_NyssaMarcano
Race Human Gender Female
RefID 0001E44C BaseID 0001E44A
Credits Credit.png3,500 (Medium)
Other Information
Faction(s) CrimeFactionUC, NewAtlantisFaction, Vendor_City_NA_ViewportFaction
Nyssa Marcano

Nyssa Marcano works in the bar The Viewport in New Atlantis. She has been unsuccessfully trying to set Sarah Morgan up with different people.

Her greetings include:

"I don't want to sound desperate, but... Any luck finding my cargo?"
"I can't wait to get my hands on that missing ingredient. Well, I guess you have to get your hands on it first."
"Hey! Had any productive interactions with UC Security lately?"

Post-quest she will also say:

"Hey, I've got something for you! It's a little cut of the latest profits. Feels good to make some extra credits, doesn't it!"
"Hey you! Business is good, and you deserve to see some of the profits. Here you go!"

If you stop speaking mid-conversation she will say:

"As much fun as this is, I will eventually have another customer to deal with..."
"Well, I'm not going anywhere. I guess I can wait..."
"See, this only works if we both talk. Otherwise, I'm just giving a speech, and I hate public speaking."

She ends conversation by saying:

"Stop by anytime you'd like to catch up."
"Catch you later!"
"See you around!"

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