Starfield:Fishy Business

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Mission Giver: Yannick Legrande
Location(s): Legrande's Liquors, Xenofresh Fisheries, Neon
ID: City_Neon_Chem02
XP: 0
Credits ?: 0
Other Rewards: (?), Recipe for Aurora
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Loose Ends

Mission StagesEdit

Fishy Business (City_Neon_Chem02)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(STAGE 0)
2(DEBUG: Mats for Amp Research)
3(DEBUG: Straight to Minigame)
50(Directed to Yannick)
100(Talked to Yannick)
Yannick Legrande needs Aurora to brew his drink, "Blend." I have a forged ID for Reilly Chernyshevsky and I need to use it to get a job at Xenofresh Fisheries so I can find Neshar's contact.
150(Researched Amp)
200(Talked with Receptionist)
211(INTERVIEW 1: Well-rounded)
212(INTERVIEW 1: Hard and dilligent)
213(INTERVIEW 1: No weakness)
214(INTERVIEW 1: New skills)
215(INTERVIEW 1: My literal strength)
221(INTERVIEW 2: High School)
222(INTERVIEW 2: Bachelor/Master)
224(INTERVIEW 2: Doctor)
225(INTERVIEW 2: Argos Extractors)
250(Applied for job via terminal)
260(Talked to receptionist)
275(Fire Libby/Valentina scene)
300(Talked with Valentina)
It looks like "Reilly Chernyshevsky" has got the job. Now I need to put on the clean suit and do what Valentina says.
325(Put on the clean suit)
350(Arrived at Assembly Line)
375(Valentina's intro is done)
400(Talked to Valentina)
I have to manufacture Aurora for Xenofresh until my shift ends. In order to maximize my pay, I should only take exactly the ingredients I need and keep moving as fast as possible. When I'm done, I can try to meet Neshar's contact in the break room.
405(Start the tutorial)
410(Got the ingredients)
420(Made the Aurora)
430(Deposited the Aurora)
440(Start the real minigame)
450(Finished the assembly challenge)
460(Make Robbie appear)
500(Talked to Robie)
I found Neshar's contact - Robie Hennigar. She said that she's ready to resume smuggling Aurora for Yannick Legrande. I should report back the good news.
575(Got near Door Guard)
I've arrived at Yannick's shop with Neon Security posted outside. I've also been informed that the "boss" is expecting me. This does not sound good.
585(Bayu FG Done)
600(COMPLETE: Talked to Yannick / Benjamin)
So Benjamin Bayu is now in charge of the whole Blend operation, but Yannick (and I) get to keep our heads... and still make some credits. Not ideal, but better than it could've been.
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