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Investigate the mysterious settlement known as Crucible.
Location(s): Crucible, The Facility, The Beagle
ID: MS02
XP: 0
Credits ?: 0
Other Rewards: Amelia Earhart as a crew member.
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Secret Lives
The hidden colony of Crucible.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Visit Crucible.
  2. Meet Amanirenas, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Genghis Khan.
  3. Investigate the Facility.
  4. Choose a Society to side with.
  5. Deliver the Facility data to Ada Lovelace.
  6. Track down the Beagle.
  7. Resolve the conflict between the Societies.
  8. Decide the final state of the Facility.
  9. Return to your ally in Crucible.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The mission begins with a distress call from a mysterious settlement called Crucible, on the otherwise uninhabited planet Charybdis III. Upon arriving, you are greeted by a robot, Tobias, who gives you security clearance for emergency purposes and requests the delivery of 150 units of copper. Tobias is soon joined by a young woman named Ada, who tells you that most of the settlement is wary of you, but that Franklin, the leader of the Pragmatists, wants to speak to you.

"Franklin" can be found in the Pragmatists' building, at the far side of Crucible. He is a clone of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and indeed all the inhabitants of Crucible are clones, many of them of famous historical figures. They are created at a mysterious location called the Facility, and when killed are eventually replaced by a fresh clone. The clones have divided into three political factions, which they call "Societies" - the Pragmatists, the Believers, and the Renegades. Roosevelt sends you to meet the leaders of the other two societies, Amanirenas and Genghis Khan.

Amanirenas can be found in the work area of Crucible. She is the leader of the Believers, a society that supports Crucible's original mission - to create an elite society of great individuals who will lead the Settled Systems into a golden age. Amanirenas believes that she is the historical Amanirenas reborn, citing not just her genetics, but memories that only the original could have.

Genghis Khan can be found just outside Crucible, near the satellite dish. As you approach him, he is attacked by a pack of Pack Cephalopods. Once the fight is over, you can speak to him. He is the leader of the Renegades, a society that seeks to escape Crucible and Charybdis III altogether. In contrast to Amanirenas, Genghis is adamant that he is not the original Genghis Khan, but his own man entirely.

After returning to Roosevelt, he will explain the Pragmatists' perspective - that the Mission is entirely mistaken, and that the residents of Crucible are dangerous relics of the past. He wishes to transform Crucible into an ordinary colony, and only leave the planet after a generation or more.

At this point, you will have been given a different objective from each Society:

  • The Pragmatists want you to give them control of the Facility so they can control their own reproduction.
  • The Believers want you to set a new target for the Mission, so that someone can be judged worthy and the Mission can move on to its next phase.
  • The Renegades want you to disable whatever mechanism the Facility uses to kill those who attempt to escape Crucible.

All of these objectives point to the Facility, so that's where you'll need to go next.

Upon arriving at the Facility, you'll find it in poor shape, overrun by Hunting Spaceroaches and Hunting Maggotmaws. There are three entrances, but only one is initially open to you. Enter the Facility, and begin tracking down data slates. As you do, you will learn that previous generations of clones actually lived within the Facility, until a previous clone of Genghis Khan obtained some explosives and blew open a hole that allowed local predators to invade and overrun it. The science team responsible for the Mission had two ships, but one, the Galathea, is now useless, and the other, the Beagle, is long gone.

You will eventually find a sealed door, guarded by a boss Hunting Maggotmaw, that leads to a restricted wing. Collecting all seven data slates will reveal that you need a security override code to open it, but no such passcode is available in the Facility itself.

Return to Crucible. You will now have to make a decision and deliver the data slates to the leader of one of the Societies. Whichever ally you choose will direct you to Ada, in the hope that she may be able to help you track down the Beagle. Ada explains that the satellite dish reorients itself towards Bel V every morning, and suggests you start your search there.

In orbit over Bel V, you will find a satellite. Interact with it to find the Beagle's last known location. Travel there to find the Beagle herself. The Beagle is derelict and abandoned. The only occupants are hostile robots and turrets. Make your way to the bridge, where you will find a computer with an encrypted security override code. Keep in mind that the Beagle may be located in a system that is outside your current jump range - if this happens, you will have to install an improved Grav Drive or level up Astrodynamics.

As you approach Charybdis III, your ally in Crucible will hail you, informing you that there is a crisis. Land and go speak to them. It appears that your intervention has caused the already unstable political situation in Crucible to reach a boiling point - the other two Societies have joined forces against your ally. Head to the center of Crucible, where all three society leaders confront each other.

Depending on which society you allied yourself with, you may be able to switch sides to another society, or broker an alliance between your society and a second one. Ultimately, however, you will have to fight at least one of the other societies, leaving yours in power. After the conflict is resolved, return to Ada, who will decrypt the security override passcode.

Return to the Facility and enter the security override passcode to access the restricted wing. This area is free of alien predators, but is nevertheless dangerous, full of turrets, robots, and hostile clones. Make your way to the Facility core, which is defended by the Clone Leader. Once you reach the core, you will be able to make one of the following decisions to resolve the quest:

  • Turn control of the Facility over to any of the surviving Society leaders. This will allow them to fulfill their objectives.
  • Reset the Facility to its original parameters, maintaining the status quo.
  • Purge the entire project, resulting in the death of all surviving clones.

Assuming you don't simply kill everyone, return to your ally in Crucible to complete the quest.

Mission Stages[edit]

Operation Starseed (MS02)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(STAGE 0)
2(DEBUG: Finished Origin)
3(DEBUG: Confronation w/FDR)
4(DEBUG: Confronation w/Amanirenas)
5(DEBUG: Confronation w/Genghis)
6(DEBUG: Final Choice)
100(Received message)
I've received a curious distress call saying that a place called Crucible on Charybdis III needs help.
200(Landed on Crucible)
I've landed near Crucible. There is a robot waiting to talk to me.
210(Ada Appears)
250(Toby gave his quest)
300(Talked with Toby / Ada)
Ada said that I should speak to Franklin to learn more about Crucible.
310(Learned FDR's name)
400(Talked with FDR)
Crucible is a settlement full of clones! Franklin Roosevelt said I should speak to the heads of the other Societies here: Amanirenas and Genghis Khan.
500(Met Amanirenas)
600(Met Genghis)
610(Enemies spawn near Genghis)
700(Tasked to find the Facility)
The situation on Crucible is bad and getting worse. The Facility that maintains Crucible is breaking down. It is located somewhere else on Charybdis II and it's where the robots come from. Each of these Societies seem to want me to do something there.
800(Pointed back to FDR)
900(Talked to FDR)
1000(Arrived at the Facility)
I've arrived at the mysterious Facility. I should be able to learn more and perhaps see if there's a way to help one of the Societies.
1001(Picked up Clue01)
1002(Picked up Clue02)
1003(Picked up Clue03)
1004(Picked up Clue04)
1005(Picked up Clue05)
1006(Picked up Clue06)
1007(Picked up Clue07)
1090(Reached locked door in Origin)
1100(All Clues Found)
The clones of Crucible at one point lived in the Facility. The Facility was destroyed when a previous version of Genghis Khan reached the surface then the hostile wildlife murdered them all. There is a section of the Facility that is blocked off, but I need a Security Passcode to proceed. I should report back to one of the leaders.
1200(Reported back)
The Security Passcode that will open up the rest of the Facility may be on a sister spaceship called the Beagle. Ada Lovelace may be able to provide a way to find the Beagle.
1210(Reported w/FDR)
1220(Reported w/Amanirenas)
1230(Reported w/Genghis)
1300(Talked to Ada)
Ada Lovelace said that the Facility's automated astronomy equipment resets and points to Bel V every day. Perhaps that's where the Beagle is?
1310(First leg reached)
I have found a beacon left by the Beagle long ago. If I follow the Beacons, I'll find the ship.
1320(Second leg reached)
1330(Third beacon found)
1335(Repaired Third Beacon)
1400(Found the Beagle)
I've docked with the Beagle. Hopefully I can find a Security Passcode here that will help me unlock the Facility.
1500(Found Beagle's databanks)
I have found an Encrypted Security Override Code. The encryption is beyond me, but perhaps Ada Lovelace could help with it.
1550(Handle emergency message)
I've received an emergency message on Crucible. I'm being asked to hold off going to the Facility and go back there.
1600(Received emergency message from FDR)
1610(Talked w/FDR)
The Societies are on the brink of war. I must resolve the situation before I can get the Security Override Code decrypted.
1615(Flag enemies to leave the meeting)
1620(Meeting finished)
1621(Amanirenas compromises)
1622(Amanirenas and Believers do not fight)
1625(Player said he'd free everyone to Genghis)
1630(All enemies killed)
1632(Genghis Killed)
1634(Amanirenas Killed)
1640(Debrief with FDR)
I helped FDR win his battle. Now there's nothing left to do except go to the Facility and resolve the situation in Crucible.
1700(Received emergency message from Amanirenas)
1710(Talked with Amanirenas)
The Societies are on the brink of war. I must resolve the situation before I can get the Security Override Code decrypted.
1715(Flag enemies to leave the meeting)
1720(Meeting finished)
1721(PC considers Genghis Freedom)
1722(PC changes to Genghis's Side)
1723(PC considers FDR)
1724(PC changes to Roosevelt's side)
1730(Genghis killed)
1740(Amanirenas debrief)
I helped Amanirenas win her battle. Now there's nothing left to do except go to the Facility and resolve the situation in Crucible.
1800(Received emergency message from Genghis)
1810(Talked with Genghis)
The Societies are on the brink of war. I must resolve the situation before I can get the Security Override Code decrypted.
1815(Flag enemies to leave the meeting)
1820(Meeting finished)
1821(PC changes to Amanirenas's side)
1822(FDR stays out of Genghis conflict)
1823(PC switches to Pragmatists side)
1830(Enemies Killed)
1832(Amanirenas killed)
1834(FDR Killed)
1840(Genghis Debrief)
I helped Genghis Khan win his battle. Now there's nothing left to do except go to the Facility and resolve the situation in Crucible.
1870(Make everyone stop fighting)
1871(Fighting has stopped)
1872(Player attacked another NPC after fighting stopped)
1873(Stop Checking OnHit for aliases)
1875(Civil War is over)
The conflict between the Societies in Crucible is over. Now I should see if Ada Lovelace can decrypt the Security Override Code so I can return to the Facility.
1880(Ada Lovelace decrypts override)
Ada Lovelace successfully decrypted the Security Override Code. Now there is nothing left to do except go into the heart of the Facility and determine the fate of Crucible and its clones.
1890(Open Restricted Wing)
1900(Dealt with the Facility)
I reached the heart of the Facility and have rebooted the system. I should report back to Crucible.
1910(COMPLETE: Repaired Facility)
I rebooted the Facility and set it to its default settings. So none of the Societies will win.
1920(COMPLETE: Destroyed Facility)
I initiated a full cleansing at the Facility. All of the clones on Charybdis III have been destroyed.
1930(Shutdown Mission (FDR))
FDR and the Pragmatists now have control over the Facility. The clones will start standing on their own two feet before they can leave Crucible.
1940(Change target threshold (Amanirenas))
Amanirenas and the Believers now have control over the Facility. Amanrenas can determine the criteria for passing the test and being able to leave Crucible.
1950(Turn off failsafes (Genghis))
Genghis Khan and the Renegades now have control over the Facility. Undoubtedly they'll soon be able to leave Crucible and finally be free.
2000(COMPLETE: Talked with Leader - final)
8810(Failure Check: FDR Killed)
8820(Failure Check: Amanirenas killed)
8830(Failure Check: Genghis killed)
8840(Failure Check: Ada killed)
  • Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the Radiant Mission system, and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all entries may appear in your log; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the mission is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with missions that have multiple possible outcomes or missions where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Mission" it means the mission disappears from the Active Mission list, but you may still receive new entries for that mission.
  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage MS02 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest MS02.