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Learn the UC's best-kept secret, and hunt down a war criminal.
Mission Giver: Deputy Elisabeth MacIntyre
Location(s): New Atlantis, The Den
ID: UC06
XP: 150
Credits ?: Faction Small plus Credit.png1,000 if you are UC Native
Other Rewards: None
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Friends Like These War Relics

Official Summary[edit]

"The player's presence is requested by Vae Victis, the once-executed, now jailed former Admiral of the UC. Vae Victis has a proposal for the player - he'll give the player the location of Hadrian's Xenowarfare team if the player will kill someone for him. The player can either agree to help or offer to bring the criminal in question - Dr. Reginald Orlase - to justice. \n\nThey're directed to The Den to speak to the local Vanguard, then out to an old debris field where Orlase has been hiding. After a dogfight where they can either destory Orlase's ship, killing the doctor, or board it and he'll do the job himself, and the collect his ID to return to Vae Victis, completing the task."

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Deputy Elisabeth MacIntyre.
  2. Talk to Vae Victis.
  3. Talk to Rayna Marquez.
  4. Acquire Reginald Orlase's ID card.
    1. (Optional) Destroy the Warlock.
    2. (Optional) Board the Warlock.
  5. Return to Vae Victis.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Man Downstairs[edit]

After swearing you in as a citizen, Deputy MacIntyre will inform you that an important UC official - she refuses to give you a name - has requested a meeting with you by name. This individual apparently has information that could help thwart the Terrormorph threat. MacIntyre insists that you swear to absolute secrecy, then gives you clearance to take the elevator down to Subsection Seven, beneath the MAST Tower.

Subsection Seven is an enormous storage facility. After leaving the elevator, turn right. A marine will let you into a long airlock tunnel. Pass through, and you'll find yourself on a catwalk overlooking a large room. On the far side, reinforced glass separates the room from a luxurious but highly secure prison cell. Before the cell is a desk with an intercom. A voice asks you to access the intercom. Do so, and you will come to face to face with the UC's best-kept secret: Admiral Francoise Sanon, better known as Vae Victis.

Vae Victis explains that, after he was sentenced to death for war crimes, the leadership of the UC decided he was too valuable an asset to throw away. His execution by lethal injection was staged, and he was secretly imprisoned in Subsection Seven. Now he assists UC "recovery teams" in tracking down escaped war criminals, many of them his former compatriots. He is willing to help you find the former members of the Red Devils, but first, he wants you to eliminate a Xenowarfare expert who fled prosecution after the Colony War, Reginald Orlase. Vae Victis believes that Orlase is hiding out in the Wolf System, and directs you to Vanguard captain Rayna Marquez to track him down.

If you bring this information to Deputy MacIntyre, she will tell you that killing Orlase is out of the question, but that bringing him in alive would be acceptable.

The Warlock[edit]

Jump to the Wolf System and dock with The Den. This is an old UC military space station, the second to bear the name after the first was destroyed in the Serpent's Crusade. Marquez can be found on the upper deck, to the right of the bar. She doesn't recognize the name Orlase, and is convinced that nobody could be hiding out in Wolf, but when pressed will mention "the Warlock", a sort of bogeyman that haunts the wreckage of the original Den. She warns you that the area is dangerous, but agrees to give you the Warlock's last known location regardless.

The Warlock is located in a field of asteroids and naval mines, surrounded by destroyed salvage ships. It does not immediately attack, but will instead go into combat once you get too close. The Warlock makes good use of the cover provided by the asteroid field, and is equipped with turrets that allow it to attack from odd angles. You will need to either destroy the Warlock outright and loot Orlase's ID card from the record, or disable its engines and board it.

If you do choose to board the Warlock, Orlase will refuse to come quietly, and will kill himself before you can access the bridge. Loot the ID card from his body. His personal computer is also on the bridge - most of the files are purged, but a few that survive suggest Orlase recently made a deal to transport something.

Once you have the ID card, return to Vae Victis.

Companion Affinity[edit]

There are multiple affinity events that can happen during this mission.

Affinity Stage Andreja Barrett Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

The player has been asked by Vae Victis - a once executed war criminal - to kill another that's fled trial. The player told Vae Victis' they're not going to kill him - they're going to bring him in to justice.[affinity 1]


The player has been asked by Vae Victis - a once executed war criminal - to kill another that's fled trial. The player told Vae Victis' they will kill this criminal for him.[affinity 2]

  1. The player has been asked by Vae Victis - a once executed war criminal - to kill another that's fled trial. The player told Vae Victis' they're not going to kill him - they're going to bring him in to justice.
  2. The player has been asked by Vae Victis - a once executed war criminal - to kill another that's fled trial. The player told Vae Victis' they will kill this criminal for him.

Mission Stages[edit]

The Devils You Know (UC06)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(DEBUG: Jump player to Long Term Storage)
2(DEBUG: Jump player to the Den)
3(DEBUG: Jump player to space.)
4(DEBUG: Jump player to Orlase)
5(DEBUG: Jump player back to VV to close out)
6(DEBUG: Jump player to MacIntyre's scene)
7(DEBUG: Damage Orlase's ship)
8(DEBUG: Jump Orlase's ship to the player's ship)
10(DEBUG: Give the player a ship. Set by all debug stages)
95(P3: Player hit the trigger in front of the Marine. Get 'em taking.)
99(P3: Marine finished his scene. Unlock the door to VV's chamber.)
100(Quest started. Direct the player into the basement.)
Someone's requested to speak with me, but Deputy MacIntyre won't tell me who. She said I can find them down in Subsection Seven.
102(P4+: Player left Subsection seven after hearing the Guard's scene for the first time. Unlock the repeating scene on the NA Faction quest.)
105(Player entered VV's holding chamber. Play his intro scene.)
There's someone living down here... and he's asked to speak to me.
110(Player approached Vae Victis. Update the objective.)
115(P 2.5: OBJ: VV INTRO: Player sat in the chair across from VV. Start his scene.)
120(Vae Victis introduced himself. Give him his name back.)
125(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player selected the "UC Native" option in VV's intro, which adjusts som existing dialogue.)
126(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player hit VV's second loop)
127(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: VV hit player's third loop)
128(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player opened up VV's follow-up question on Hadrian)
129(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player hit VV's next fourth loop)
130(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player hit VV's final loop)
131(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player asked about VV's execution. Change up their player options when they return.)
132(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player asked VV about bringing Orlase to justice. Changes up the player's "I'm not killing him" line and VV's response.)
133(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player asked "how do I know I can trust you". Direct the player to MacIntyre)
134(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player hit VV's "Hadrian's a clone" loop)
135(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player learned VV survived his execution)
136(P2: DIA: VV INTRO: Player was told by VV he's good at finding things. Used to change dialogue in UC07/VV-Hadrian reveal scene)
140(P2.5: VV INTRO: Player left VV's chamber after speaking to him. Play the "sealing the chamber" line.)
151(P2: DIA: MAC CHECK: Player hit second loop. Close that off and get player later into scene.)
152(P2: DIA: MAC CHECK: Player hit main loop. Get player back here from now on.)
153(P2: DIA: MAC CHECK: Mac told player head of the Vanguard is Rayna. Close that off and change up her follow up line in that scene.)
155(P2 (UC09): MAC CHECK: Player informed MacIntyre of VV's request. Unlocks different dialogue during UC09 final scene.)
160(P2: STG: MAC CHECK: Player got sign-off from MacIntyre. Close out the objective to speak with her)
200(Player finished the scene with VV.)
I just spoke to Vae Victis, a former UC admiral and a man who's supposed to be dead. He asked me to track down - and "deal with" - a rogue weapons scientist named Reginald Orlase. He believes Orlase is hiding near the planet of Etherea in the Wolf system, and that I should speak to the local head of the Vanguard - Captain Marquez - to get specifics.
201(P2: DIA: RAYNA: Player hit second loop. Get them back there.)
202(P2: DIA: RAYNA: Player hit third loop. Get them back there.)
203(P2: DIA: RAYNA: Player ducked into "tell me about Orlase" scene. Get them back there.)
204(P2: DIA: RAYNA: Player hit "You talking about the Warlock" point. Get them back there.)
205(P2: DIA: RAYNA: Player hit final loop. Get them back there.)
206(P2: DIA: RAYNA: Rayna came to the conclusion people are just disappearing out in the debris fields. Get them back there.)
212(Player told Rayna they're looking for Orlase. Used to change some dialogue down the line.)
215(Player told Rayna they're going after Orlase, gave his name. Used to condition some dialogue in her scene.)
300(Direct the player to find Orlase)
Captain Marquez has given me the coordinates I need to find "The Warlock," a ship that may be home to Orlase. But she warned me to be careful - a number of ships have been lost in the debris fields where the Warlock's been seen.
301(P-Late: Orlase loaded in once. Update his health to something more level appropriate)
350(Player has gotten within 5000 meters of Orlase's ship. Wake the ship up)
400(Player engaged Orlase's ship. Change objectives and have him say his intro line.)
I've found the Warlock. And whoever's piloting it doesn't sound pleased I'm here. Time to either disable his engines to capture him (using an EM Weapon or the Targeting Control Systems skill)... or shoot him out of the sky.
401(Orlase's intro scene kicked off.)
402(Orlase's line actually played)
403(Orlase's intro scene completed. Wake up the turrets)
420(P2: OBJ: ORLASE FIGHT: Player disabled Orlase's engine. Update objectives to direct the player to board)
I've disabled the Warlock's engines. Now I should be able to board his ship and see if I can't capture its pilot!
430(P2: OBJ: ORLASE SHIP: Player hit "boarding trigger" in Orlase's ship. Update objectives and play his scene.)
I'm onboard the Warlock! Time to confront the pilot!
435(P2: DON'T USE: 440 used instead!)
440(P2: OBJ: ORLASE FIGHT: Orlase's scene completed. He's now officially "dead" (though he's actually dead the whole time).)
Orlase killed himself rather than be captured. I guess I should check him for evidence I could show to Vae Victis.
441(P3: Player heard the "Pilot deatch detected" line. Unlock the door.)
445(P2: OBJ: ORLASE SHIP: Player approached the door to the cabin without a key. Direct them to go find it.)
450(P2: OBJ: OLRASE SHIP: Player unlocked Orlase's cabin door. Close out the objective to find a key if it hasn't been already.)
451(P2: OBL: ORLASE SHIP: Player acquired Orlase's cabin key. Clean up related objectives if they're displayed.)
500(Orlase's ship is destroyed. Direct the player to collect a piece of his ship.)
I destroyed the Warlock - and its pilot with it. I need to search the wreckage, find evidence this was Orlase.
550(Player of their ship acquired the ID. Direct them back to VV.)
I found Orlase's old United Colonies ID. This should be sufficient evidence to prove to Vae Victis the job is done.
551(P2: DIA: VV WRAP: Player hit second loop. Get them back there.)
552(P2: DIA: VV WRAP: Player hit final loop. Get them back there.)
553(P2: DIA: VV WRAP: Player learned Kaiser's a robot. Flag that global (used in UC07 to change up dialogue))
560(P3: VV directed the player to hand over Orlase's ID.)
Vae Victis has asked me to hand over the evidence I collected that Orlase is dead. I should approach the transfer system.
570(P3: The player activated the transfer system. Take the ID from them, let VV's scene proceed, then)
575(P3: System transfer line completed. VV's now got the card in his hand. Start his line.)
580(P3: VV scene completed.)
I've handed over the ID. Time to get the location of Hadrian and Percival's research team.
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