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Sam CoeFollower
(0029D488, 00005999)
Location SF-mapicon-The Lodge.svg The Lodge — Constellation's headquarters in MAST district of New Atlantis. (map)
Editor ID Companion_SamCoe
Race Human Gender Male
SF-skill-Piloting 4.png

Piloting 4
+30% Top speed, +1 engine power.
SF-skill-Rifle Certification 3.png

Rifle Certification 3
Rifles do 30% more damage.
SF-skill-Payloads 2.png

Payloads 2
Ship cargo holds have 10% more capacity.
SF-skill-Geology 1.png

Geology 1
The companion will occasionally give you geology related items.
RefID 0029D488 BaseID 00005999
Other Information
Faction(s) AvailableCompanionFaction
Sam Coe
Sam Coe
Editor ID LC165_Lodge_SamCoe
Race Human Gender Male
RefID N/A BaseID 0010A3D2

Sam Coe is a resident of the Lodge, a former Freestar Ranger, a member of Constellation, the son of Jacob Coe, the ex-husband of Lillian Hart, and the father of Cora Coe. He is a potential Companion and romantic partner.

Sam wears a unique Constellation suit with his skill patches sewn onto the left shoulder. By default, he uses an unmodified Lawgiver. His set of skills allows him to perform well as a combat-focused companion on the field. As ship crew, Sam will automatically provide one free bar of reactor power to engines and increase speed by 30%. As long as he is your companion or assigned to your ship as crew, his daughter Cora will stay onboard.

Related Missions[edit]

Affinity changes[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

  • The Empty Nest, Sam likes it if you tell Cora "Glad to see someone so young taking an interest in space" or that "Good to meet you".
  • The Empty Nest, Sam likes it if you talk to the guard at the gate to Akila, tell him if people are in danger, you'd like to help.
  • The Empty Nest, Sam likes it if you convince the bank robbers to surrender peacefully.
  • The Empty Nest, Sam likes it if you persuade him to tell you who Jacob is in the Galbank vault.
    • The Empty Nest, Sam likes it if you follow up with "Thanks for opening up to me, Sam".
    • The Empty Nest, Sam dislikes it if you follow up with "You say that, but you brought us here. Brought Cora."
  • The Empty Nest, Sam likes it if you him speak for himself, when speaking to Jacob.
  • The Empty Nest, Sam likes it if you ask him if he needs a moment after he finishes speaking to Jacob.
  • The Empty Nest, Sam hates it if you ask Cora for help retrieving the map from Jacob.
  • The Empty Nest, Sam likes it if you speak to Jacob and say Sam is contributing to everyone by being at Constellation, after getting the map.
  • The Empty Nest, Sam likes it if you persuade Shaw to leave peacefully, after getting the artifact.
  • Into the Unknown, Sam likes it if you tell Matteo "Got you beat. Three artifacts to your zero." then say, "I agree with Noel and Andreja." or "I guess it's a double-edged sword."
  • Into the Unknown, Sam dislikes it if you tell Matteo "Got you beat. Three artifacts to your zero." then say, "I'm at my best when someone else is trying their hardest to win."
  • All That Money Can Buy: Sam likes it if you pick the Neon Street Rat option when talking to Walter at the Lodge.
  • Further Into the Unknown, Sam likes it if you say, "Noel's Right. We can't abandon who we are now."
  • Further Into the Unknown, Sam dislikes it if you say ay "I'm starting to wonder if this is all worth it. Myself."

Faction Quests[edit]

Freestar Rangers[edit]

  • Deputized, Sam likes it if you tell Emma you want to join the Freestar Rangers.

Ryujin Industries[edit]

  • Top Secrets, Sam likes it if you tell Malai that you are about to safe her life.
  • Top Secrets, Sam dislikes it if you don't negotiate a deal with Malai.


  • Sam loves it if you give Cora 50 credits when she asks for book allowance.
  • Sam loves it if you donate 100 credits to Amira Wolf in Akila.

Wants to talk[edit]

  • First conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "Cora's great. You're doing a good job." or "Every parent wants their children to learn from their mistakes."
  • First conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "You really do have the heart of an explorer."
  • Second conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "Whether you wanted to be a dad or not. You seem to have taken to it."
  • Second conversation, Sam dislikes it if you say, "If she keeps doing it, it could be a real hazard."
  • Second conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "Cora's lucky to have you."
  • Third conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "If you weren't happy, you did the right thing."
  • Third conversation, Sam dislikes it if you say, "If I met Lilian I bet I wouldn't like her."
  • Fourth conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "Space is the only home I need."
  • Fourth conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "New cultures, new experiences can be deeply enriching."
  • Fourth conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "That's what Constellation is all about."
  • Temple conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "I don't mind admitting I'm scared. Both of the experience and what it means."
  • Temple conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "I want to stay focused on what we do next. Not how I feel." or "I'm so rattled. I don't know whats going on with me." or "I have this power craving now. For... human brains. Brains. Kidding."
  • Starborn conversation, Sam dislikes it if you say, "The universe is vast. Its arrogant to think we've seen it all."
  • Starborn conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "I can hardly believe it. And I was there."
  • Starborn conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "I agree. They didn't feel exceptionally "Alien"."
  • Starborn conversation, Sam likes it if you say, "That certainly sounds possible. That could be it, Sam."


  • First conversation: Say, "Oh, I have my Wiles. Mr. Coe"
  • Second conversation: Say, "You had a partner before? I'm jealous."
  • Third conversation: Say, "I don't know, I think we're quite the item, too, Sam."
  • Fourth conversation: Say, "I like anywhere as long as I'm with you."
  • Fourth conversation: Say, "I could listen to you talk like that for hours, handsome."

New Game Plus[edit]

In NG+, should the player opt to skip ahead of the Main Quest Sam Coe will be found at the Lodge upon retrieving all of the artifacts in the mission Among the Stars. Retrieving the final artifact and completing the armillary is not necessary for him to appear.



  • Is all that junk really necessary?
  • Are you training for some sort of weight lifting competition?
  • You know they have cargo holds for all that?
  • You got to drop some of that.
  • Please, just drop some of that. I'm hurting just watching you.
  • Sure, just keep grabbing everything. What could go wrong?
  • How do you even manage to carry all that?
  • Do you need all of... that?
  • You could stand to drop a few pounds. And I don't mean a diet.
  • You might want to stow some of that? Just a suggestion.


  • Good times.
  • Haha. Enjoy.
  • Whoever first figured out booze needs a memorial. Heck, a whole theme park.
  • I might have one later. Just one.
  • It's always 5 o'clock somewhere, right?
  • That's good for what ails you.
  • Cheers!
  • Sometimes you just gotta let off steam.
  • If you have any extra...?
  • Down the hatch.

Using Chems[edit]

  • Well, whatever floats your boat.
  • Man, I sometimes miss the partying.
  • Recovery's a bitch. So... just be careful?
  • Just don't do that around Cora, please.
  • I've done all manner of drugs in my time. Words of wisdom - it's not worth it.
  • Reminds me of some my long haul days.
  • Haha. Someone's having a good time.
  • Just take it easy, okay? Everything's fun in moderation.
  • Man, I miss the good ol' days of partying all night.
  • In moderation, partying can be a whole lot of fun.


  • Where'd you learn to do that?
  • Bet you can't make a tuba.
  • You must save a fortune making things by yourself.
  • Look at you go.
  • You're handy.
  • Glad you're making it instead of me. The only A I'd get is for effort.
  • You can do wonders with a schematic.
  • That looks pretty useful.
  • Whatcha making?
  • Is there anything you can't do?


  • You've got more patience for building than I.
  • You'll turn this into a second home in no time.
  • I confess I usually just build fuel depots. Not as ambitious as you.
  • Not bad at all. You got a gift.
  • Remind me to tell you the story of the first time I let Cora work on an outpost. *chuckle*
  • This place is really shaping up.
  • That's looking really nice.
  • Whatcha building now?
  • You'll make this New New Atlantis in time.
  • When you're out beyond civilization, an outpost'll save your life.


  • Another upgrade? Show off.
  • Cora's going to lose her mind when she sees what you built.
  • If you ever have a chance, I'd love some of your handiwork on my ship.
  • One day, when all of this is over, you got to show me how you do that.
  • You keep this up and your ship will be the envy of all.
  • Whatcha doing now?
  • You're always tinkering, aren't you?
  • You do know there are Staryards for that, right?
  • Now you're just showing off.
  • The stuff you build. Amazing.

Crafting Armor[edit]

  • My size is medium. Just in case you were wondering.
  • That looks nice and... defensible?
  • Every ounce of survivability is priceless.
  • So can all Vectera miners do... all that?
  • And you make armor, too. Of course you do.
  • Fine work. Bet it'll stand up to some punishment.
  • The best offense is a good... Yeah, you know the drill.
  • Never even tried making that. Impressive.
  • If you're making armor, don't forget your buddy. That's me. Good ol' Sam.
  • I always wondered how armor was made.

Crafting Weapons[edit]

  • Being able to trick out your own gun is a valuable skill.
  • That gun's looking fierce.
  • You're quite handy with those tools.
  • Whoa, that's looking really... dangerous.
  • That's a good trick. Might try it one day myself.
  • You might want to... no, you already thought of that. Good work.
  • I wouldn't want to be on the other side of that.
  • That's looking really good.
  • You can never go wrong putting some more TLC into your main weapon.
  • I have been known to tinker with my own sidearm from time to time.

Firing Out of Combat[edit]

  • Save that for the bad guys.
  • You celebrating something? *chuckle*
  • Easy there. No bad guys around. Wait, no one's around right?
  • Whoa. Sorry, startled me.
  • Hahaha. Reminds me of the time I was half out of my gourd in HopeTown.
  • Well, whatever you were aiming at is so dead it's like it never was there.
  • Bit of a hair trigger there.
  • Please tell me that was target practice.
  • Might be I've done that a time or two. *chuckle*
  • Did you get it? Whatever it was.

Dropping Items[edit]

  • Shame to see that go to waste.
  • Hey you dropped... And you meant to do that. Okay.
  • How's it go? Waste not, need not?
  • Now we're just throwing things away. Great.
  • You sure you don't need that?
  • You know there are scavengers in Neon that would kill for that.
  • Hey, that looks useful.
  • Never know when you'll need that.
  • And you're just dropping it? You know that's worth something, right?
  • Hey, you dropped... Wait, you meant to do that?

Using Enhance[edit]

  • Got to look our best for Constellation.
  • If I had only bought stock in Enhance!, I'd be sitting pretty. Well, prettier.
  • I barely recognize you.
  • Now you're looking sharp.
  • Those machines are amazing.
  • Might be I had some work done back in the day.
  • Looking good.
  • I think you looked good before.
  • Cora keeps saying I need some work done. Kids.
  • Looking good, looking good.


  • Hope you find the good stuff on there.
  • Glad you're doing that not me.
  • You, uh, doing the thing. Hell, I have no idea how hackers speak.
  • Everything going good?
  • I tried hacking once. Still have the scar from it.
  • Don't look at me. Hacking and me don't mix.
  • Anything good in there?
  • Whatever you're doing, well, looks impressive.
  • Careful of the security systems.
  • I never could get the hang of hacking.

Searching Alien Carcasses[edit]

  • Never let a carcass go to waste.
  • Life in all its messy gooey splendor.
  • Hope you don't mind I let you skin that one?
  • The smell's part of the job.
  • Glad to see you don't mind getting your hands dirty.
  • Don't let anything go to waste.
  • Gonna use that for crafting or profit?
  • You can make a mint off animal parts sometimes.
  • It may stink to high heaven, but all part of the job.


  • Nice. That looks good.
  • You're really handy with that.
  • If you want to fly, you got to mine.
  • Good haul with that one.
  • You were a miner before all this, right? It shows.
  • Most folk swear by harvesters, but I like getting my hands dirty.
  • Sometimes you just got to get the minerals yourself.
  • That looks promising.
  • The number of rocks I've pulverized... I deserve an award.
  • You must've been one hell of a miner.


  • Never know what you'll find foraging.
  • Foraging is serious work.
  • A lot of explorers turn their nose at skinning and foraging, but they're leaving credits on the table.
  • You don't have allergies, do you?
  • Looks like you found some useful stuff.
  • Constellation: Exotic Gardening at your service.
  • Ah, berry picking time.
  • If you know what you're looking for, exotic plants can make some mean credits.
  • Is it weird I'd rather gut an animal than berry pick?
  • Be careful handling that. Sometimes you can get a nasty rash.

Being Rescued[edit]

  • I was just taking a siesta.
  • Oh, that was... not good. Thanks.
  • Sincerely and truly: thanks.
  • Oh thank god.
  • I figure I'm supposed to be the one rescuing you.
  • Whew. Good to be up again.
  • I owe you one.
  • Whew. Thanks. Don't mention this bit to Cora. She worries enough.
  • That was too close.
  • Aww, you shouldn't have. Actually, you really should've. Thanks.

Returning from Jail[edit]

  • It's good to have you back. But, try not to make a habit of it.
  • No judgments here. Been there, done that.
  • I assume you're all rehabilitated now. Yes? No?
  • Word to the wise: if you're breaking the law, don't get caught.
  • I'm glad I'm not you. If Sarah finds out she's gonna be so pissed.
  • I take it you didn't get my cake with the nail file.
  • Welcome back, jailbird. Have a good visit?
  • Maybe play it a little safer next time.
  • We've all done a spell or two in jail. Welcome back.
  • You should've paid the fine. Just saying.

Fall Damage[edit]

  • That was a hell of a thing to see.
  • You're okay, right?
  • I just got to ask... why?
  • The answer to the question: "If you're friend jumps off a cliff, would you?" "No, no, sir, I wouldn't."
  • Gravity's a bitch, don't let anyone tell you different.
  • Ouch. That didn't go well.
  • Mind if I take the long way?
  • Was that some sort of stunt gone wrong?
  • Most folk prefer the jetpack?
  • Now that looked... painful.


  • All you.
  • Grab everything useful.
  • Better we get it than someone else.
  • Waste not, need not.
  • We do what we must, right?
  • Grisly, but part of the job.
  • To the victor goes the spoils. I said it right, right?
  • Well, they don't need it.
  • Take the good stuff, leave the rest.
  • Looting the dead ain't glamorous, but it sure is profitable.


  • And.. bingo. Let's see what we got.
  • Every time I see a lock I wonder, what are you hiding?
  • Locks must hate you.
  • Why do they even bother locking it?
  • Hope you find something good.
  • And... you did it.
  • You make that look too damned easy.
  • You are seriously handy with those locks.
  • And you're in.
  • Cha-ching.

Hostile Boarding[edit]

  • Boarders. Boarders!
  • Boarders. Life just got interesting.
  • Board me will you, oh, it's on.
  • We got boarders, Captain!
  • Board us, huh? Big mistake.
  • That's it, we're breeched!
  • Oh, you come on to my ship? Hell no.
  • Boarders! Gotta hide Cora.
  • We're being boarded. Boarded!
  • Aww, dammit. We got company!

Boarding Action[edit]

  • Ready for some close combat, Captain?
  • All right, all right. Boarding time.
  • These close quarters boarding actions can really get your juices flowing.
  • And we're boarding. It's better this way than the other.
  • And we're in. Let's hit them hard before they dig in.
  • We got their back up against the wall, careful.
  • Things are going to get up close and personal.
  • All right. No idea of the layout, so stay alert.
  • Think they'll just give up? Hey, it's got to happen one day.
  • The enemy crew may not like visitors.


  • The board's green, ready for what comes next.
  • This is where I belong.
  • Where to next?
  • I bet Cora has already finished the pre-flight checklist. That's my girl.
  • We're ready for take off, Captain.
  • Love the smell of getting back into the harness.
  • Nice to be back.
  • You doing all right, gumdrop? We're home.
  • Time to tell Cora we're back.
  • Home, sweet home.


  • That's not ours, you know?
  • What? You're stealing?
  • If you get caught...
  • Nothing good can come from this.
  • Oh please, can we lay off the light fingers?
  • That's not yours.
  • Oh so we're stealing now. *grunt*
  • Oh please don't get caught.
  • What? That's, uh, you know illegal?
  • Wait. You know that's not ours?


  • This... it's a crime, you know?
  • You really like living dangerously, don't you?
  • This... is not what I signed up for.
  • I hope whatever you found was worth the risk.
  • If you get caught, you'll be in a heap of trouble.
  • How'd you even do that?
  • Are you for real? Picking pockets?
  • There are laws against... this.
  • What? That's crazy. And impressive.
  • Are you doing what I think you're doing?


  • Swim time it is.
  • A little swim never hurt.
  • And I left my bathing suit on the ship. Oh well.
  • Cora is going to be jealous.
  • Marco?
  • I wish the ship had a pool.
  • Hope nothing's in the water.
  • Don't mind if I join you.
  • Too bad Cora's not here.
  • I could go for a swim.


  • Scanner pick up anything fun?
  • What do we got?
  • What's the read out?
  • Find anything?
  • Hope you find what you're looking for.
  • You picking up something?
  • The scanner is Constellation's best friend.
  • And a-scanning we go.
  • See if you can get any vid reception? I'm missing my stories.
  • Got a bead on anything?

Using Powers[edit]

  • You are... one of a kind.
  • The stuff you can do... Whew.
  • Remind me to stay on your good side.
  • That really happened, right?
  • That's simply... whew.
  • That.. is something else.
  • You're still... human, right?
  • Nobody's going to believe me if I tell them you could do that.
  • How on earth do you do that?
  • Holy... I ain't never getting used to that.


  • Don't let Cora see you like this.
  • If you're expecting me to travel in the buff, you're mistaken.
  • Careful you don't catch a chill.
  • I think you're forgetting something... You know, pretty standard. I mean clothes, all right. Clothes.
  • Haha. Well, all right - we're going au natural.
  • Didn't know traveling with you was clothing optional.
  • Clothes are still customary around these parts.
  • You might want to, I don't know, put something on?
  • Bold fashion choice.
  • For some people walking around like that's a nightmare...


  • Long-term Zero-G has it's drawbacks, short term: it's a blast.
  • You spend much time weightless? It's a blast.
  • There's something almost magical about zero gee.
  • I could float like this for hours.
    • laugh* I don't know why, sometimes when the weight drops off it tickles.
  • And... we're floating.
  • I spent almost a year in Zero-G once. It was hard getting used to gravity after.
  • Nothing like the Zero-G 100% weight diet.
  • Zero-G is... pretty amazing, right?
  • You see what happened to my gravity? Might be in my other pair of pants.

Waking Up[edit]

  • Time to earn our paychecks. Wait, why don't we get paid?
  • I'm feeling good now, you feeling good?
  • All right, let's get back to it.
  • The galaxy ain't gonna conquer itself.
  • Another day, another credit as my daddy liked to say.
  • You awake? Good.
  • The mighty hero awakens. Let's go.
  • Did I hear snoring? *chuckle*
  • Up and at 'em.
  • Hope you got better sleep than I did.
  • I feel like a million credits. *chuckle*
  • I am a lucky, lucky man.
  • How'd I ever get so lucky?
  • I could be like this with you forever.
  • I know we have to get up, but do we have to get up right now?
  • Don't know about you, but... this... It's the best.
  • You look like an angel when you're sleeping.
  • Morning, love.
  • Aww, we're getting up.
  • Morning, sunshine.

Waking Up (Romanced)[edit]

  • You are wonder of nature, love.
  • Can't wait for tomorrow night. I've got some ideas.
  • Last night: totally worth the bruise.
  • Hopefully I did Constellation proud.
  • I could get very, very used to this, love.
  • Aww, we're done? I could go for round four.
  • With all the fun we had, you manage to get any sleep?
  • You are... With the legs, and the arm... How's that even possible?
  • Right here with you is a little patch of heaven.
  • Last night was truly something.

Location Comments[edit]

  • I think I have some outstanding parking tickets. They don't care about that, right? Right?
  • I cannot believe I'm on a SysDef command ship. Yaaay.
  • These are the good guys, right? Please tell me SysDef are the good guys.
  • Being here on the Vigilance... I feel literally queasy.
  • SysDef. So much fun.
  • Smell that? I would bottle that up if I could. Musty old books, a bit of motor oil, and... history?
  • It's good to be back.
  • Exploration still lives as long as the Lodge is still standing.
  • I wonder how much Walter pays in property tax on this baby?
  • I sometimes still can't believe I got my own room here.
  • I keep expecting they'll one day say it was all an elaborate practical joke.
  • So much history in these halls. And if we're lucky, we'll be adding some more.
  • This here is the closest thing Cora has to home. Not bad, right?
  • Constellation. It's always nice to come home.
  • I'm not a fan of the UC. But this here... is a little patch of heaven.
  • Home sweet home.
  • The fact you came here... voluntarily... that's it: you win the Nerves of Steel Award.
  • Thank god Cora isn't here. Who am I kidding? That girl would probably love it here. She's crazy that way.
  • The Key is just about the most dangerous place in the galaxy. Well, maybe a black hole. But the Key is second.
  • The Key. I cannot believe I'm here. I don't want to believe I'm here.
  • If it's all the same to you, let's leave the Key as soon as we can.
  • Let's put all the Settled Systems on one planet. What could go wrong?
  • There's a lot of history here. And not the good kind.
  • Come to the Key, you said. It'll be fun, you said. Riiight.
  • My father always said I'd wind up in a place like the Key. I guess he was right.
  • Yeah, just ignore me. I am so a pirate. Yar? That's what they say, right?
  • You can find farms like this all over the Freestar Collective.
  • This is where Barrett found you, right? Welcome home, I guess.
  • I never, ever imagined I'd be in the heart of the Crimson Fleet.
  • You can feel the misery already.
  • House Va'ruun leveled this place. It's never really recovered.
  • The Clinic's a bit of a legend in the medical field.
  • Trident Luxury Lines. They ain't cheap, but underneath all the gold inlay they make really good ships.
  • Taiyo. *chuckle* The mecca for folks that prefer style over substance.
  • Don't tell Walter, but his company can make a hell of a ship.
  • Don't much care for HopeTech ships. Some people swear by them, though, really rugged.
  • Oldest Staryard still in business. Always pumping out ships for the UC to keep the colonies under their thumb.
  • It'll be good to see Vladimir. Wonder if he's found anything.
  • A lot of smart folk graduated here. I feel... out of place.
  • Please, please tell me you aren't going to run the Red Mile.
  • The Red Devils. Lots of stories, terrible stories, about these guys. Of course you ask a UC patriot and they're all heroes.
  • We here for some much deserved R&R? Paradiso certainly lives up to its name.
  • I've always wanted to visit here. I've heard it's, well, charming.
  • To think one man made all of this. Nothing was here until Ron Hope.
  • We've been mining this rock since time immemorial.
  • This is something! You hear about explorers finding old girls like this out there.
  • What is this place? It's not on any surveys I know of.
  • This place has a... colorful history. People here are tough as nails.
  • If you haven't tried some of the wine here, you are missing out.
  • This place looks awfully prosperous.
  • I have to admit it, I missed the old girl. New Atlantis.
  • Been stationed here for years now, and I'm always finding something new.
  • I will say this, New Atlantis is a good place to raise kids.
  • We here for the Lodge?
  • I barely ever visited here before I joined Constellation.
    • sigh* Neon's got nothing on New Atlantis.
  • I don't want to like it, but I gotta admit... New Atlantis is classy.
  • Would you look at that? This place is something else.
  • New Atlantis is gorgeous. But it's all built on lies.
  • The public face of the United Colonies.
  • There's no way in hell I'm letting Cora land here.
  • Lights, glitter, and a whole lot of sin.
  • Neon's got an energy to it like no other.
  • Personally, I think Neon's the heart of the Freestar Collective.
  • If you've got a thirst for something, Neon can deliver.
  • I don't know what's wrong with me, but Neon might be my favorite place to visit.
  • Look out for gangs. Actually, the gangs should look out for us.
  • I don't know if I could ever live in a place like this, but Neon's great to visit.
  • Neon's dangerous, but man can it be a lot of fun.
  • Neon. Where every vice can be indulged, and they make up new vices every Thursday.
  • Look at all those soldiers. Makes you wonder how happy people are if you need that much military to keep it pacified.
  • This place and its history, well, gotta admit it's impressive.
  • You can feel the age and history here.
  • Mars would be a whole lot better to visit if you could just bulldoze this place.
  • Everyone clamors over New Atlantis, but a place like this... This is what the UC is really all about.
  • Cydonia is about as UC as you get. That ain't a compliment.
  • All the soldiers around here, bad place to start trouble.
  • This is where it all began. Where we first started colonizing more than Earth.
  • Being in UC territory always makes me nervous.
  • This place is just dripping with that good ol' United Colonies flavor.
  • Yeah, Akila City. Let's make this quick.
  • I wonder why Solomon named this place Akila? You'd think I know the answer to that. But I don't.
  • Just promise me we ain't going to visit Jacob, all right?
  • Keep your sidearm handy, parts of town can get rough.
  • I spend so little time here these days, I *groan* kind of miss it.
  • Good ol' Akila City. One thing I'll say is it's better than the UC.
  • I hope no one recognizes me here.
  • I wonder what Solomon would think of this place now?
  • Spent most of my life trying to escape this place.
  • Home, sweet home.
  • Just because we can't breathe it, don't mean other things can't.
  • Let's not stay out here too long, space-walks can be dangerous.
  • Well, not every rock is swimming in Nitrogen and O2.
  • Smugglers use world like this to stay off the grid.
  • One little rip and it's all over. So be careful.
  • You wear the suit enough and eventually you don't even notice it.
  • Lemme see, yeah, definitely keep the helmet on here.
  • Could be predators here that can breathe this junk. So eyes open.
  • All that stands between us and certain death is a little fabric. Good feeling, right?
  • Suits reporting all things green. Let's roll.
  • Another dead rock. Plenty of them in the Starfield.
  • Makes you realize how precious life is.
  • There's a certain quiet wonder to planets like this.
  • No organics near here at all.
  • This place... it's a little boring.
  • It's got a certain charm to it.
  • Listen. We're all alone here.
  • Not much to see around here.
  • No life signs nearby. Just another dead rock.
  • Minerals can be good on planets like this.
  • Landing on new planets like this never gets old.
  • I think I set up an outpost on a planet like this once...
  • As wonderful as living worlds are... look out for predators.
  • You never know what you'll find. This place is... *sigh*
  • Some people go their whole life without... This...
  • The first step on a new world full of life and the unknown. Mmm...
  • Looks like organics aren't going to be a problem here.
  • Planets like these are my favorite.
  • Life in all its many colored glory.
  • Breathe that in. Planets like this are precious.


  • Got an opening over there.
  • Wonder where this leads?
  • Might be a shortcut over here.
  • Some sort of opening.
  • Might be a more discreet way through here.
  • And where do you go, my little opening friend?
  • Another way through here.
  • Might be some goodies or a short cut through here.
  • Spotted you. Another path over there.
  • In my experience, it always pays to go in through the side passage.
  • You catch that passage?
  • And where do you go?
  • Not sure what that connects to. Maybe a super secret Chunks branch.
  • This side passage might lead someplace interesting.
  • Got another option with the passage over there.

Found Valuable[edit]

  • If I may... *clears throat* Cha-ching.
  • Thank you for your deposit to the Cora Coe book fund.
  • I could always use some more of that.
  • And some times things just go your way.
  • Looks valuable. Happy to help shoulder this one. Or not. Heh.
  • Finding valuable stuff like this, for some reason, never gets old.
  • Thank you very kindly.
  • More this and less pew pew.
  • Just goes to show you that sometimes the good guys come out ahead.
  • Every time I see something like this I think tuition, down payment on a home one day... Man, I'm getting old.
  • Looks like things are going our way.
  • Who doesn't like loot? Am I right?
  • Moments like this are too few and far between.
  • Jack. Pot. Yes.
  • If you're too tired to pick up those valuables, I will happily help out. I know, what a guy, right?

Starborn Site[edit]

  • Just look at it. Who exactly built this? I mean, did the Starborn build it?
  • This mean you're going to get a new cosmic power? How about getting Cora to go to sleep at her bedtime? Naw. Too powerful.
  • I can't wait to see what happens. It's all kind of... well, amazing.
  • This whole temple... It just blows my mind. Truly.
  • I could spend years, literal years, digging into the Starborn. The secret of the century. Hell, millennia.
  • Wonder what we'll find in this temple?
  • How long have these ruins been here? Millennia? So much we don't know.
  • If I didn't know any better I'd say this is a sign of alien life. Hell, it may still be a sign of that.
  • One of these times I'm bringing Cora. I just have to.
  • This temple... This is really the heart of what Constellation is all about.
  • You ever get the feeling you're living through history? Our time here -- you better believe there will be novels about it.
  • I just can't get over how... stunning... just stunning these Temples are.
  • We know more -- a lot more -- than we did. But looking at the Temple... just so many more questions.
  • So top super power you're hoping for? Me: teleportation. Could get out of a lot of scrapes with that one.
  • I don't think this right here could ever get old.


  • I bet this takes you back.
  • If all miners are like you, then I am going to watch my step around here.
  • Looks like this is your home turf. Eh, dusty?
  • Mining's a hard life. It's... Well, you would know better than I.
  • So if you've been ready to bust out your encyclopedic knowledge of mining: now's your chance.
  • There can be very, very good money in mining.
  • Pretty big mining operation here. Right?
  • I bet you never, ever miss this life. Or do you?
  • Is it dangerous down here? You're the expert.
  • If you brought your cutter, go ahead and show me your moves, dusty.
  • I don't know how stable it is down here. But, well, be careful.
  • It takes an insane amount of resources to keep the Settled Systems going. So places like this are never going away.
  • I wonder how much it costs to set up a mining operation like this?
  • Cora's not much into geology. She's more into astrophysics. Well, today, at least.
  • Might be some valuable, lightly defended minerals around. Just saying.

Research Facility[edit]

  • Most labs you come across aren't bad. Lots of good science out there.
  • Labs like this are like an amusement park for Cora.
  • I never had a head for science. I have no idea where Cora got her smarts.
  • What flavor of science do they do here?
  • Sarah and Barrett love to geek out about places like this. Not my style.
  • It's kind of reassuring, no matter how much we figure out - there's still so much unknown out there.
  • We got ourselves a nice little lab here.
  • We're probably trespassing. So, there's that.
  • Hopefully they won't mind us poking around at their science... stuff.
  • So many labs around doing all manner of good and ill.
  • You can't stop progress. Science always marches on.
  • We are one powerfully curious species. Kind of endearing.
  • Labs like this usually have security. Just a heads up.
  • Cora's got the brains to work in a place like this. Not sure if she will, though.

Industrial Site[edit]

  • That's the smell of industry there.
  • Wonder what they're building here.
  • Industrial operations like this often have security.
  • Usually places like this are bankrolled by some corrupt corporation or another. I have no problem hurting their bottom line.
  • Pretty typical factory type dealio.
  • Odds are good there's some sort of security. Corporations don't like people playing with their toys.
  • And the factories keep churning. They're reliable that way.
  • Usually industrial complexes like this are worth rummaging through.
  • I wonder what flavor of corporate greed this is catering to?
  • Nice little operation they got here. If you want to explore, I certainly won't object.
  • What you think they make here?
  • Sometimes I wonder if there are more machines than humans out here.
  • That there is the steady, relentless, soul-crushing hum of industry. Yay.
  • I am 100% on board purloining anything we need from here.
  • I just hope Cora don't wind up working for a corporation churning out factories doing who knows what. Nah, she's too smart for that.

Abandoned Ship[edit]

  • Derelicts litter the Settled Systems.
  • My greatest fear is one day Cora and I wind up in a boat like this. Just floating. Forever.
  • There's a million reasons a ship can wind up like this. Seldom pleasant.
  • Derelicts always make me think we're just one really tiny hunk of metal away from a tragedy like this.
  • Never, ever take space for granted. When you do: that's when you wind up like this ship.
  • Usually there's good salvage on derelicts. If you can stomach it.
  • Wonder what got this ship?
  • Derelicts like this are like the tombs of space. Space tombs. That sounds cool, right?
  • We're all just one accident away from a fate like this. You're welcome for the cheery observation.
  • I've come across boats like this more times than I can count. *sigh*
  • No signs of life. Empty.
  • Wonder what took the ship out?
  • Just once I want to explore a place like this and in the last room: surprise! "Happy Birthday, Sam!" And cake. The cake is a must.
  • Since the very first days of us launching hunks of metal into space, a certain percentage wind up just like this.
  • Space is a harsh mistress.

Abandoned Military Site[edit]

  • My favorite kind of military installation: abandoned.
  • Militaries don't abandon places like this without a good reason. Hmmm.
  • Wonder why the grunts left here?
  • Hopefully we don't find a pile of bodies. Occupational hazard exploring bases like this.
  • You find a lot of empty and abandoned exploring. The stories are sometimes heart-breaking.
  • I wonder which side set this military base up?
  • Might be some unmanned defenses, but this base seems safe enough now.
  • Hope all the grunts made it out of here in one piece.
  • Sometimes you find some stray ordinance in a place like this. Usually, it's picked clean though.
  • There's got to be a reason they left a perfectly good base like this. Probably a sad reason.
  • Whoever was here, left in a hurry... Or never left at all.
  • Sadly common sight. Dead military bases.
  • There's so much space out there... I don't know why we can't get our act together and live in peace. We shouldn't need places like this.
  • Having lived in the UC for many years, soldiers are all the same, really. I hope whoever lived here made it out okay.
  • Might be some decent salvage here. Military bases can be good that way.


  • Me and my buddies used to spelunk in my misspent youth. Is that a word?
  • A good empty cave can be fun. Keyword there: empty.
  • Cora was big into rock collecting when she was... 8? Not so much any more.
  • Caves can be a real good place to hole up.
  • As long as there aren't any beasties, a cave can be an explorer's best friend.
  • If we get ourselves a nice cozy campfire, you can have a good time in a cave.
  • I hope this place is tectonically sound...
  • I wonder if we're alone in here.
  • I keep wondering if one day some explorer's going to find alien writing in a cave like this.
  • Smugglers use caves like this everywhere. Sometimes you get lucky and find the damnedest things around.
  • You might be able to break out those mining skills in a cave like this. Show me what you got.
  • We should bring Cora back here some time. Tell ghost stories. I think she's still into that.
  • You like caves? I like caves. Honestly, I might love caves. Is that weird?
  • I wonder if there's anything in here?
  • Spelunking can be a lot of fun. Nature can be just beautiful.

Cargo Facility[edit]

  • Look at all the containers. Might be something good around here.
  • Wonder what sort of cargo they store here?
  • Some sort of supply depot. Or storage.
  • Usually there's a computer around places like this that says what's what.
  • Might be some security around. Usually is in a cargo facility.
  • I hope no one minds we take a look-see.
  • Usually cargo facilities are full of boring stuff. But you can get lucky.
  • If the stars align, I have been known to... explore... places like this.
  • Wonder what they stored here?
  • Just once I want to find a cargo facility filled to the brim with Single Malt Bourbon. Once I find it, that's it - I'm retiring. It won't get better than that.
  • There's got to be some sort manifest around. Or we can just blindly open things. That works, too.
  • Cargo. That means security of some flavor. Or, it's just free candy lying around.
  • I wonder who's storing what here.
  • Nice little cargo facility here. Might be worth a look.
  • Don't get your hopes up. Most cargo facilities are full of boring stuff. Like ball bearings.

Abandoned Site[edit]

  • Looks like we're the first folk that have been here in a good spell.
  • Seems empty. For a long time, too.
  • You find places like this abandoned all over.
  • Nobody around. Might be able to find some salvage about.
  • Hello? Anyone? Yeah. Nobody.
  • We got ourselves some good old fashion quiet.
  • No signs of humans about. Should be safe. Boring maybe, but definitely safe.
  • Space is dangerous. All sorts of places had to be abandoned for one reason or another.
  • I wonder how long it's been that someone's set foot here?
  • I always wonder when I find a place like this, what happened?
  • There's a kind of serenity to an abandoned place like this.
  • I hope whoever lived here long ago got out okay. Usually they don't. But hey, a man can hope.
  • Empty as the grave. Hopefully not literally.
  • Nobody about. Except ghosts, if you believe in that malarkey.
  • Sometimes I let Cora explore places like this. The kid's got sharp eyes.

Zealot Site[edit]

  • Oookay. Zealot territory. Not good, the very opposite of good.
  • Zealots are scary customers. Fanatical and well-armed.
  • What is Var'ruun doing here? Who the hell knows.
  • Everyone's scared of House Var'ruun. For damned good reasons.
  • Unless we have to, have to be here we should leave. Zealots.
  • Zealots and why they do what they do is one mystery I don't even want to touch.
  • Great more blather about the Great Serpent this, and the Great Serpent that.
  • What is wrong with Zealots? Like seriously, what?
  • We should just leave. There's never a good reason to tangle with the Zealots.
  • Closest I've ever come to dying was fighting a Zealot. Not keen on a repeat.
  • The Zealots are mean customers. And crazy. I mentioned that, right?
  • Constellation is theoretically neutral with House Var'ruun. Not that that helps us one god-damned bit in the field.
  • I ain't afraid to say it: the Zealots scare me.
  • I just wish Var'ruun would leave us the hell alone.
  • We got to be careful. Veeery careful with Zealots about.

UC Site[edit]

  • UC territory. At least they'll be friendly.
  • I always expect the UC to gun for me just because I'm a Coe.
  • Sarah would love this. She's just a happy little UC clam. Not me, though.
  • Look at all that order. Means the UC live here.
  • I wonder what type of UC drones live here?
  • Before Cora and I moved to New Atlantis, I... well... hated the UC. But they ain't all bad.
  • UC's about. I can smell the bureaucracy. Hope your permits are in order.
  • Friendly territory. Sort of. UC.
  • I don't get why people would live under the yoke of the UC.
  • UC territory. Safe. Safe and boring.
  • We have wandered into UC turf. So the greatest threat are paper cuts. You know, from the bureaucracy? Yeah, I could tell that was a stretch.
  • It's funny how Cora thinks the UC's just fine. Maybe we should spend more time in Akila City.
  • Looks like UC territory. So, we should be safe at least.
  • Looks like the UC. Not really a fan, but there's far, far worse out there.
  • I still can't believe the Freestar stood toe-to-toe with the UC.

Spacer Site[edit]

  • Spacers. Great.
  • Spacers are total scum.
  • Well, Spacer's are near. Usually means loot, and blood.
  • It takes a certain type of person to go Spacer. Usually psychotic.
  • I heard that Spacers were a problem even back in Solomon's day.
  • We got ourselves a damned Spacer nest.
  • Expect more Spacers. Because you can't swing a stick without hitting those bottom feeders some days.
  • The only saving grace with Spacers is they ain't organized. Like, at all.
  • You can almost smell Spacers before you see them.
  • Only positive about Spacers is they usually have loot. Just don't think too hard on where they got it from.
  • We got Spacers nearby. Happy times.
  • As threats go, Spacers aren't even close to top of the list. But they are responsible for all manner of miseries.
  • It's Spacers. It's always Spacers.
  • We got a Spacer infestation. Call the exterminator. Hmm... That's us, right?
  • Unless I'm very much mistaken, Spacers are about. And I'd seriously love to be mistaken.

Smuggler Site[edit]

  • Smuggler's are about. Might be some goodies about.
  • Smugglers don't take too kindly with folk poking around their turf.
  • A lot of smugglers are just down on their luck. So maybe a little live and let live?
  • All different types of smugglers. Some ain't half bad. Some are little better than Crimson Fleet.
  • Wonder what sort of contraband these smugglers are running?
  • Smugglers are as common as fleas.
  • Smugglers about. Sometimes they're friendly. Or close to it.
  • Smugglers would be wise to not tangle with us.
  • Looks like a smuggler den. Warren? Nest? Whatever you call it, smugglers are near.
  • Some smugglers are not bad folk. Just trying to make a living, really.
  • I knew quite a few smugglers back in the day. They know how to party. *chuckle*
  • I wonder what flavor of smuggler lives here. Maybe cherry vanilla?
  • Smugglers have been known to defend their turf hard. So, let's not get too careless.
  • Given everything I've dealt with, smugglers just don't scare me.
  • Even smugglers might take a shot at you if you invade their turf.

Syndicate Site[edit]

  • Whew boy. Seokguh Syndicate's here. Watch your back. And your front. Pretty much everywhere.
  • Damned Syndicate is about. I'm so sick of them.
  • Syndicate's a big problem in Neon. But they've been spreading like a rash.
  • Shit. We got the Syndicate around. Total scum.
  • Seokguh is about. Damn it. I think I'm still on their shit list. Old history.
  • Seokguh is about. Rangers should be told about it.
  • The Freestar Collective needs to get into gear and take care of the Seokguh Syndicate before they become a big, big problem.
  • If we don't have to be here, we should leave. Tangling with the Seokguh can go sideways fast.
  • No, no, no. Seokguh's here.
  • We got Seokguh here. Not good.
  • If Benjamin Bayu did a god damned thing, Seokguh would've been dealt with long ago.
  • Well, bad news is the Seokguh are about. Good news is, we might be able to end some of the bastards.
  • Syndicate's here. That takes me back. Not in a good way.
  • I don't know what's worse... Seokguh or the Crimson Fleet. They both... suck.
  • This is Seokguh Syndicate turf. They're vicious and dangerous.

Robot Site[edit]

  • Should be plenty of mechanical parts around.
  • Robots about, for sure.
  • I hope the robots are the friendly Vasco kind. Instead of running battle programming.
  • A robot's only as useful or friendly as its programming.
  • We got some ace programmers in the Freestar. They can do some amazing things with robots.
  • We should've brought Vasco here for a family reunion.
  • Some robots work around here. Signs are everywhere.
  • Robots can be incredibly handy to have around.
  • I used to pretend to be a funny robot for Cora when she was young. Mr. Beep. Used to crack her up.
  • Wonder what flavor of programming the robots around here are running.
  • Robots are only as friendly and helpful as they're programmed to be.
  • Whoever programmed Vasco did a bang up job. Most robots are boring, really.
  • Wonder what sort of robots are scurrying around here?
  • I like robots. Unless they're shooting at me. Then I like them less.
  • Robots are around. You can always tell.

Freestar Site[edit]

  • Freestar Collective's about. No doubt about it.
  • We got friendlies here. My kind of friendlies.
  • Wonder what the Freestar are doing here?
  • We can keep our guns holstered. Freestar Collective turf means we won't need it.
  • We took a beating in the Colony War, but the Freestar's still standing.
  • Wonder who lives here? Freestar for sure, though.
  • Just call me Solomon around here. Sometimes Freestar get downright embarrassing about meeting a Coe.
  • Now this is my kind of people. Freestar.
  • Constellation's supposed to be neutral, but I'm always happiest in Freestar territory.
    • deep sigh* Nice to come across good folk for once.
  • Sometimes it feels the deck is stacked against us Freestar. But we're fighting for something we believe in. Unlike the UC.
  • Got to love the Freestar Collective. Am I right?
  • Freestar Collective turf, definitely.
  • I think the Freestar Collective bounced back from the Colony War better than the UC.
  • You'll find Freestar Collective folk like this all over the place. We're survivors.

Ecliptic Site[edit]

  • Whew boy. Ecliptic's around. Watch out.
  • I've had plenty of fire fights with Ecliptic. They're tough customers.
  • Wonder what Ecliptic's doing here. Nothing good, that's for sure.
  • Ecliptic's bad news. Well-armed, usually veterans. And they love to shoot first.
  • Ecliptic are around. Guaranteed.
  • Sarah says Constellation shouldn't provoke Ecliptic. I know why, but we got to defend ourselves, right?
  • I know a friend who's convinced Ecliptic's someone's cat's paw. The question is... who?
  • Ecliptic. Expect heavy resistance.
  • You can just tell Ecliptic's here. Stay frosty.
  • When I was younger and way, way dumber Ecliptic tried to recruit me. Thank god, I turned them down.
  • Ecliptic are just... terrible. Rotten, murderous...
  • Maybe let's not tell Cora about the Ecliptic here. She worries about me sometimes, bless her.
  • I can't think of a single nice thing to say about Ecliptic.
    • sigh* Ecliptic. They are dangerous.
  • Well, Ecliptic are based here. They have some serious goodies if you can take 'em out.

Crimson Fleet Site[edit]

  • Great. The Crimson Fleet. My favorite people. Totally. Pick up on the sarcasm?
  • Crimson Fleet's been marauding through here. Great.
  • I know you're all buddy buddy with the Crimson Fleet, but it doesn't mean I gotta like it.
  • I mean I feel for the original Crimson Fleet. They were just prisoners trying to get free. But now...?
  • Crimson Fleet. And I bet not a single one has a parrot. Or an eye patch, even.
  • I just wish the Crimson Fleet were the good kind of pirates. Sea chanties and walkin' the plank. Instead, murderous scum.
  • Only a matter of time before SysDef clears the last of the Crimson Fleet. Thanks to you.
  • Watch your back, the Crimson Fleet's in town.
  • Great. The Crimson Fleet. Need I say more?
  • Great job, UC. Put all of the worst criminals in one basket. What could go wrong?
  • Crimson Fleet's in town. Just great.
  • I've dealt with the Crimson Fleet enough for three lifetimes.
  • I still can't believe you work with the Crimson Fleet. *sigh* Well, must be happy your "buddies" are around.
  • Crimson Fleet's bad news. Just about the worst.
  • You can tell from the stink and just... everything... damned Crimson Fleet's around.

Alien Site[edit]

  • Wonder what sort of critters live here?
  • Wonder how friendly the lifeforms are here?
  • Life's all over the Settled Systems.
  • Something lives or lived here. Might be some good organic compounds we can harvest.
  • Something's nesting here. Might pay to be careful.
  • After dealing with Ashta, alien life forms don't scare me much.
  • Wonder if we got the friendly type of beasties here or the other kind?
  • That... aroma. That means some critters live here. Some very fragrant critters.
  • Even friendly critters don't like humans in their territory.
  • You never can tell what you'll find in a critter lair.
  • Cora loves it when I take pictures of alien nests and such. I guess, whatever floats your boat.
  • Doctors go crazy for critter parts. All sorts of applications.
  • Another day, another nest.
  • This is something's territory. Hopefully small bunnies. That would be nice for a change.
  • Wonder what sort of beasty lives here?

Bounty Hunters[edit]

  • Hope you don't got a mark on you.
  • Never much cared for bounty hunters.
  • As a matter of practice, I try and give bounty hunters plenty of space.
  • Damned bounty hunters. Keep an eye out.
  • Bounty hunters are a necessary evil.
  • Too many times I've seen bounty hunters hurt or kill innocents.
  • There are some, very few, decent bounty hunters. The rest are glorified murderers.
  • You never can tell what a bounty hunter will do.
  • I wish the Freestar Collective would outlaw bounty hunters. Let the Rangers take care of it.
  • Bounty hunters sometimes have some good loot around. Just saying.
  • The difference between spacers and bounty hunters is all too often non-existent.
  • Great. Bounty hunters.
  • Bounty hunters are the scum of the Settled Systems.
  • The Trackers Alliance should be flat out illegal.
  • Let's do what we need to and get gone. Bounty hunters are never good news.


  • Sam Coe is voiced by Elias Toufexis