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New Atlantis
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On the planet Jemison, in the Alpha Centauri System.
  • Arrival at this Destination will result in immediate Contraband Scanning.
Bars and Restaurants
Shops and Services
Religious Organizations
A view of the MAST district and MAST tower in New Atlantis

New Atlantis is the capital city of the United Colonies, located on the planet Jemison, in the Alpha Centauri System.

The city itself is a melting pot of every race, creed, and ethnicity of humanity.[1]

The city is divided into five main districts: the Spaceport, The Well, the Commercial District, the MAST District, and the Residential District. Each district, except the Well, feature the New Atlantis Transit which acts as transport for the players to move in between districts.

To learn more of New Atlantis and their history, see the lore article.


Apex Electronics
Henrik Zuran
Vicente Salinas
Aphelion Realty
Zora Sangweni
Apollo Tower
Argos Extractors
Orora Sabine
Armistice Archives
Nilesh Sherazi
Athena Tower
Hugo Fournier
Centaurian Arsenal
Anya Griffon
Chunks Employee
Curtis Julien
Dawn's Roost
Royce Elgin
Markieff Sutherland
EIT Clothiers
Farad Kallob
Warner Connell
Freestar Collective Embassy
Evie Martinez
Freestar Diplomat
Landry Hollifeld
Muria Siarkiewicz
House of The Enlightened
Andy Singh
Infinity LTD
Dezi Zhang
Altagracia Gonzalez
Rick Duran
Jemison Mercantile
Amoli Bava
Samson Cebrail
Kay's House
Kay Mason
Brodie Jiang
Theresa Mason
MAST Tower
Commander John Tuala
President Alexandra Abello
Commander Mitchell
Security Chief Jeremiah Sarkin
General Xiao
Admiral Pascual Logan
Administrator Rookes
Ricardo Bosch
Agent Plato
Deputy Elisabeth MacIntyre
Talia O'Shea
Louisa Reyez
Mercury Tower
Orion Tower
Tahir Vala
Kelton Frush
Donna Rain
Tony Cowl
Ship Services Technician
Cornelius Townard
Pioneer Tower
Reliant Medical
Dr. Alexei Lebedev
Sanctum Universum
Keeper Aquilus
Marcus Lestari
SSNN Building
Nadia Muffaz
David Barron
Storage Lockup
Emin Macar
TerraBrew Coffee (Commercial)
George Saint-George
TerraBrew Coffee (Spaceport)
Guillaume DeGarmo
The Lodge
Sarah Morgan
Sam Coe
Matteo Khatri
Walter Stroud
The Viewport
Nyssa Marcano
Simeon Bankowski
Gideon Aker
Marika Boros
The Hunter
Trade Authority
Zoe Kaminski
UC Distribution Center
Wen Tseng
UC Security Office
Sergeant Yumi
UC Security
Karson Endler
UC Surplus
Antonio Bianchi
Va'Ruun Embasssy
Alara Katrango

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The generic population of New Atlantis has numerous comments they may make.


  • The city put out a bulletin - they want everyone in town on the lookout for Leeches. Spread the word.
  • Gotta run soon. I'm late to a meeting.
  • Wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
  • Nothing good comes from the Well.
  • Dawn's Roost has the best food in the Settled Systems!
  • Hope you're not agoraphobic.
  • New Atlantis sure is... shiny.
  • This place always surprises me.
  • Always wondered what the inside of the Lodge looks like...
  • Word of advice: Steer clear of the Well.
  • Hope New Atlantis has been treating you well.

Under Attack[edit]

  • Are we under attack? What's going on?
  • Did you hear that commotion? I hope nobody is hurt...
  • Maybe... maybe UC Security's just... doing a training exercise. That must be it.
  • Was there... some kind of accident or something? No one's willing to talk.
  • Had to cancel my meeting at the spaceport. Wonder what's going on.
  • Did you hear that explosion earlier? Hope every one's all right.


  • "This is a colony war memorial." --As you approach an enigmatic eternal flame, a robot resembling the Type-A bipedal chassis developed by Lunar Robotics shares this poignant detail. The presence of such a memorial implies the occurrence of a significant and impactful conflict on New Atlantis, underscoring the importance of the battle that took place.


  • Design Director Emil Pagliarulo described the city as "in a lot of ways... a true reflection of the future of our world".