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Planets are smaller celestial bodies that orbit stars. Planets will have markers indicating major locations, such as New Atlantis. You can choose to land at these major locations, but you can also choose to land anywhere else on the planet.

There are 1,897 planets and 123 moons in the Settled Systems. You can also use our interactive Starfield map at to search for planets and view basic planet data.

Planet Properties[edit]

Planets and moons have different properties. Some properties are known as soon as the player enters the Star Systems where the planet is located.

Known immediately Learned from orbital scan Learned from surface scan
  • Orbital position
  • Type
  • Gravity
  • Temperature
  • Atmosphere
  • Fauna abundance
  • Flora abundance
  • Water
  • Magnetosphere
  • Mineral resources
  • Flora
  • Fauna
  • Traits

Known planet types include Asteroid, Barren, Gas giant, Ice, and Rock. Gas giants can't be landed on, but often have moons.

Gravity impacts the height of jumps.


Planets can have the following traits:

  • SF-planet trait-Active Faulting.svg Active Faulting
  • SF-planet trait-Aeriform Life.svg Aeriform Life
  • SF-planet trait-Amphibious Foothold.svg Amphibious Foothold
  • SF-planet trait-Boiled Seas.svg Boiled Seas
  • SF-planet trait-Bolide Bombardment.svg Bolide Bombardment
  • SF-planet trait-Charred Ecosystem.svg Charred Ecosystem
  • SF-planet trait-Continual Conductor.svg Continual Conductor
  • SF-planet trait-Coralline Landmass.svg Coralline Landmass
  • SF-planet trait-Crystalline Crust.svg Crystalline Crust
  • SF-planet trait-Diseased Biosphere.svg Diseased Biosphere
  • SF-planet trait-Ecological Consortium.svg Ecological Consortium
  • SF-planet trait-Emerging Tectonics.svg Emerging Tectonics
  • SF-planet trait-Energetic Rifting.svg Energetic Rifting
  • SF-planet trait-Extinction Event.svg Extinction Event
  • SF-planet trait-Frozen Ecosystem.svg Frozen Ecosystem
  • SF-planet trait-Gaseous Font.svg Gaseous Font
  • SF-planet trait-Global Glacial Recession.svg Global Glacial Recession
  • SF-planet trait-Gravitational Anomaly.svg Gravitational Anomaly
  • SF-planet trait-Pelted Fields.svg Pelted Fields
  • SF-planet trait-Primed For Life.svg Primed For Life
  • SF-planet trait-Primordial Network.svg Primordial Network
  • SF-planet trait-Prismatic Plumes.svg Prismatic Plumes
  • SF-planet trait-Psychotropic Biota.svg Psychotropic Biota
  • SF-planet trait-Sentient Microbial Colonies.svg Sentient Microbial Colonies
  • SF-planet trait-Slushy Subsurface Seas.svg Slushy Subsurface Seas
  • SF-planet trait-Solar Storm Seasons.svg Solar Storm Seasons
  • SF-planet trait-Sonorous Lithosphere.svg Sonorous Lithosphere


Moons orbit around planets, and tend to be smaller than planets. There are no gas giant moons.

List of Planets[edit]

A list of planets is available at Category:Starfield-Planets, and a list of moons at Category:Starfield-Moons.