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There are many Places in the Settled Systems to see. There are over a hundred different Stars that can be visited, and over a thousand Planets.

Star Systems[edit]

Stars have a Catalogue ID that appears to be based on their real-world scientific designations. For example, one of Alpha Centauri catalogue designations is Gliese 559, while in-game it has the Catalogue ID GL 559A.

Known Star Systems:


Planets are smaller celestial bodies that orbit stars. Planets will have markers indicating major locations, such as New Atlantis. You can choose to land at these major locations, but you can also choose to land anywhere else on the planet.

Planets have a survey level, although it is unknown what this indicates at this time. There is also an option to Scan planets from orbit. Planets can also have Traits, which you appear to need to uncover, but there is no more information about them at this time.

Known Planets:


Moons orbit around planets.

Known Moons: