Starfield:The Showdown

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Location(s): None
ID: City_Neon_Gang03
XP: 0
Credits ?: 0
Other Rewards: (?)

Mission StagesEdit

The Showdown (City_Neon_Gang03)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(STAGE 0)
2(DEBUG: Finale)
100(Received the quest from Briggs)
The Ebbside Strikers are finally going to hit the Disciples back. To learn the details, I should speak to Vogal.
200(Arranged Armor for the Strikers)
210(Convinced Newill)
220(SC Success: Discount on Armor)
230(SC Fail: No discount)
300(Talked with Vogal)
The Ebbside Strikers are finally going to hit the Disciples back. I need to clear out three hangouts of the Disciples to buy time for Vogal to secure a weapons cache. Briggs also asked me to buy some armor from Newill - he claims he'll pay me back.
400(Hangout 1 Dealt with)
405(Disciple 1 Leader Talks)
410(Disciple: Speech Success)
420(Disciple: Speech Failure)
430(Hangout 1 attacks)
500(Hangout 2 Dealt with)
505(Holt speaks to player)
510(Holt Attacks)
520(PC Agrees to Betray Strikers)
I made a deal with the Disciples to betray the Strikers. They've offered me a lot more credits than the Strikers will pay. All I have to do is take out the Strikers and they'll wire payment. It's not too late for me to help the Strikers.
600(Hangout 3 Dealt with)
650(Got near Hangout 3 - they go hostile)
700(Hangouts cleared)
I dealt with all the Disciple hangouts. Now I need to regroup with the Strikers for the final assault on one of the Disciples bases.
800(Spoke to Andrea)
It's show time. Time to hit the Disciples back where it hurts.
810(Strikers go with player)
820(Strikers Port In)
825(Striker Move Done)
850(Betrayed the Strikers)
875(Killed one of the Strikers)
900(Defeated all the Disciples)
After defeating the Disciples, I heard a commotion downstairs. I should investigate.
1000(Spoke to Owen Dexler)
Neon Security has offered to hire the Strikers to continue to keep the Disciples in check - except officially. Owen Dexler has asked me to make sure Briggs makes the right decision.
1100((Complete) Spoke to Briggs)
The Strikers are no more. Owen Dexler offered them a job working for Neon Security with the mandate to keep the Disciples in check. It's as happy an ending as you see on Neon.
1200((Complete) Killed all the Strikers)
After a lot of credits changing hands, I put down the Strikers for the Disciples. Ebbside's not going to get any better (probably worse) - but I got paid a mint.
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