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SF-qico-UC Vanguard.svg
Get the remaining Archive Codes from the Freestar Collective and House Va'ruun.
Mission Giver: President Alexandra Abello
Location(s): New Atlantis
ID: UC05
XP: 350
Credits ?: Faction Large plus Credit.png5,000 with your citizenship plus Credit.png1,000 if you are UC Native
Other Rewards: UC Citizenship
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Eyewitness The Devils You Know
The lobby of the House Va'ruun Embassy

Official Summary[edit]

"The player has been tasked with convincing the Ambassadors of the Freestar Collective and House Va'ruun to help the United Colonies gain access to the Armistice Archives. The player can gain their consent - or not - and then access the Archives to collect the Terrormorph data Hadrian has requested and hopes will be the key to stopping the Terrormorphs.\n\nOne big note - this mission comes after a major Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis (deadly aliens) and so all the scenes should be informed by that. Folks are looking to act and make things right."

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Deputy MacIntyre.
  2. Get the Freestar Collective's Archive Code.
    1. (Optional) Convince Ambassador Radcliff to give you the code.
    2. (Optional) Blackmail Ambassador Radcliff.
      1. (Optional) Convince Cameron Long to help you break into Radcliff's living quarters.
    3. (Optional) Kill Radcliff and take her biometric key.
  3. Get House Va'ruun's Archive Code.
    1. Restore power to the Va'ruun Embassy.
    2. Find Ambassador Qasrik Bal'mor.
    3. (Optional) Convince Ambassador Bal'mor to give you his Archive Code.
    4. (Optional) Steal Ambassador Bal'mor's biometric key.
    5. (Optional) Kill Ambassador Bal'mor and take his biometric key.
  4. Return to MacIntyre.
  5. Retrieve the Terrormorph data from the Armistice Archives.
  6. Talk to Hadrian.
  7. Talk to MacIntyre.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Interstellar Affairs[edit]

Following the Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis, the UC Cabinet has unanimously agreed to allow Hadrian and Doctor Walker access to the Terrormorph research data in the Armistice Archives. Unfortunately, accessing the Archives requires unanimous approval not just from the UC, but from all three major interstellar governments. The other two Archive codes are in the possession of Ambassador Evangeline Radcliff, of the Freestar Collective, and Ambassador Qasrik Bal'mor, of House Va'ruun. President Abello has personally put you in charge of obtaining these archive codes, and directs you to Elisabeth MacIntyre, Chief Diplomat Soliman Yasin's deputy, to advise you on how to proceed.

MacIntyre has nothing but bad news. Radcliff is a Colony War veteran who despises the UC. Bal'mor has occasionally approved Archive access in the past, but the Va'ruun embassy was abandoned years ago, and Bal'mor is such a recluse that the UC is no longer sure he's even alive. MacIntyre informs you that the UC has placed a listening device in Radcliff's private quarters - if you can access that, you may be able to blackmail her. To assist you in getting inside, MacIntyre gives you a data slate with a potential weakness in Freestar Embassy security, a Freestar Diplomatic Access Card and also directs you to an embittered embassy staffer, Cameron Long. She also gives you the key to a side entrance to the Va'ruun Embassy, and warns you that the alarms from the Terrormorph attack may have activated the automated security systems.

MacIntyre recommends visiting Radcliff first, but you can get the Archive Codes in either order.

The Veteran[edit]

The Freestar Collective embassy is visible from the MAST Tower, and the guards will allow you to take the elevator up to the floor with Radcliff's office. This is Freestar territory, and you will be considered trespassing if you enter any rooms except the conference room and Radcliff's office, so tread lightly. Radcliff is dressing down Long in her office - after you arrive, he will leave and head for the kitchen across the hall.

You have three options for getting Radcliff's Archive Code. The first is to convince her to give it to you willingly. This will not be easy - Radcliff is a veteran of the Colony War who had to fight UC xenoweapons, and has no intention of giving the UC access to that kind of technology again. You will need to pass a difficulty eight Speech Challenge, at which you will only have one shot. You can gain access to some special options in this challenge if Hadrian has told you that Terrormorphs can't be weaponized, if Bal'mor told you that "knowledge itself is never evil", and if you bring Sam Coe to the embassy with you. If you do succeed, Radcliff will agree to let you access the Archives, but only under a number of conditions - you must access the data yourself, you may only enter the Archives once, and Freestar monitors must oversee the research. You can return to MacIntyre to get the UC's official approval for these conditions, or you can simply agree and let Radcliff give you the code.

The second option is to blackmail Radcliff - there is a UC listening device in her living quarters with evidence implicating her in a plot to murder Elias Cartwright, the mayor of Akila City, in order to open up a seat on the Council of Governors. Unfortunately, Radcliff's living quarters are outside the parts of the embassy you're allowed to access. If you read the data slate MacIntyre gave you, it will reveal that there is an entrance to the embassy's maintenance shafts in the conference room - these shafts are unguarded and will take you straight to Radcliff's quarters, but are blocked by several Expert-level locks. Alternatively, you can attempt to turn Long against his overbearing boss. While Long hates Radcliff, he's reluctant to break the law. A Diplomat can easily convince him to help. Otherwise, you will need to either lie to him about how much support the UC is willing to offer, or give him an Credit.png8000 bribe. However you gain access, you can find the listening device concealed in a plant pot. Confront Radcliff and you will be able to blackmail her into giving you the Archive Code, as well as some credits and her unique Rattler.

Finally, if all else fails, you can take the code by force. Obtain Radcliff's biometric key, either by pickpocketing it or looting it from her corpse, and access the Archive Code Machine in the room behind her office.

The Believer[edit]

The House Va'ruun embassy is locked down and has been abandoned for years. Ambassador Bal'mor did not leave with the rest of the embassy staff, and there are life signs coming from within, but the UC has no way of knowing whether the ambassador is even still alive. You'll need to access the embassy from a side door, accessible from a corridor next to the GalBank. The side door opens up into the embassy lobby, which is dominated by a massive tree from Va'ruun'kai. Take the elevators down into the embassy proper.

Here, you will find that the embassy is overgrown with plants and the roots of the tree upstairs. The power is out, and blue spores limit your vision. You will need to restore power to the embassy by throwing three power switches. Malfunctioning intercomes throughout the embassy will try to guide you towards each switch. Besides the difficult environment, the embassy is also protected by automated security turrets and robots - many of these are powered down because of the blackout, but will reactivate once you flip a nearby switch. Others are still active. All will attack you on sight. There are hackable computer terminals placed throughout the embassy, of increasing difficulty, which will allow you to deactivate or subvert various robots and turrets.

Once power is restored, the intercoms will attempt to guide you down to the embassy basement, which is now accessible. The main room of the basement is patrolled by two robots, which you will have to destroy. Once you do, Ambassador Bal'mor will emerge from his quarters and ask to speak to you.

Bal'mor is grateful for your help in dealing with the power outage, as well as for defending the city from the Terrormorph attacks. He is willing to give you access to the Terrormorph data, but only on the condition that it be used exclusively for a good cause. If you agree to his terms, he will hand over his Archive Code. If not, you will have to take his biometric key - either by pickpocketing it or looting it from his corpse - and use the Archive Code Machine yourself.

Civis UC Sum[edit]

Once you have both Archive Codes, return to MacIntyre, who will give you the UC's Archive Code. With all three codes, you can now access the Armistice Archives. They are located next to the Freestar Embassy, across the plaza from the MAST Tower. Take the elevator down, head pass the guards, and report to the UC monitoring station. The monitors will instruct you to insert the Archive Codes. Do so, and the entrance to the vault will open. Head inside and retrieve the Terrormorph research data from vault 18, at the far end of the room. Once you return to the elevator, the entrance to the vault will be sealed behind you.

Return to MacIntyre with the data - you will find her talking to Hadrian. Hand the data over to Hadrian, who will immediately depart for Mars to set up a research lab in the Red Devils HQ with Doctor Walker. Once Hadrian has left, MacIntyre will ask you to follow her. Do so and she will lead you to the roof of the MAST Tower.

MacIntyrre will swear you in as a UC citizen. You will be awarded a Credit.png5000 disbursement, discounts at all UC stores, and the right to purchase property in New Atlantis. MacIntyre also informs you that an important UC official has asked to meet with you, by name. She refuses to tell you who this individual is, or how they know your name - their very existence is highly classified, and MacIntyre insists that you swear to secrecy. Once you do, she gives you authorization to take the MAST elevator to Subsection Seven.

Companion Affinity[edit]

  • Sarah Morgan likes it if you tell Deputy MacIntyre that you think Bal'mor can be reasoned with.
  • Sarah Morgan likes it if you assure Bal'mor that your intentions with the archive data are good.

Companion Affinity[edit]

There are multiple affinity events that can happen during this mission.

Affinity Stage Andreja Barrett Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

A member of the UC Diplomatic Corp stated "Trying to understand the motivations of House Va'ruun is how people get put on psych leave." The player disagreed, stating House Va'ruun are just people like everyone else.[affinity 1]


A member of the UC Diplomatic Corp stated "Claiming to understand how House Va'ruun members think is quick way to earn yourself to a private psych eval." The player agreed, stating House Va'ruun are madmen.[affinity 2]


The House Va'ruun ambassador has asked the player to ensure the knowledge they're collecting from the Armistice Archives - a repository of banned weapon knowledge - is used for good. The player has informed the ambassador they needn't just take the player's word - there will be independent observers ensuring good behavior.[affinity 3]


The player has assured the House Va'ruun ambassador that they will ensure the knowledge they're collecting from the Armistice Archives - a repository of banned weapon knowledge - is used for good.[affinity 4]

The player is trying to intimidate the House Va'ruun ambassador into handing over their access code to the Armistice Archives - a repository of banned weapon knowledge.[affinity 5]



  1. A member of the UC Diplomatic Corp stated "Trying to understand the motivations of House Va'ruun is how people get put on psych leave." The player disagreed, stating House Va'ruun are just people like everyone else.
  2. A member of the UC Diplomatic Corp stated "Claiming to understand how House Va'ruun members think is quick way to earn yourself to a private psych eval." The player agreed, stating House Va'ruun are madmen.
  3. The House Va'ruun ambassador has asked the player to ensure the knowledge they're collecting from the Armistice Archives - a repository of banned weapon knowledge - is used for good. The player has informed the ambassador they needn't just take the player's word - there will be independent observers ensuring good behavior.
  4. The player has assured the House Va'ruun ambassador that they will ensure the knowledge they're collecting from the Armistice Archives - a repository of banned weapon knowledge - is used for good.
  5. The player is trying to intimidate the House Va'ruun ambassador into handing over their access code to the Armistice Archives - a repository of banned weapon knowledge.

Mission Stages[edit]

Friends Like These (UC05)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(DEBUG: Jump the player to MacIntrye)
2(DEBUG: Jump the player to Amb Radcliff)
10(DEBUG: Jump the player to the Varuun Embassy)
11(DEBUG: Jump the player to the Va'ruun Ambassador)
15(DEBUG: Jump the player to MacIntyre's turn in scene)
17(DEBUG: Player returns to MacIntryre/Hadrian with the data)
20(Player pickpocketed code machine from Radcliffe)
40(Radcliffe escorts Player, remove trespass link)
100(Quest started. Throw first objective.)
President Abello has directed me to speak to Deputy MacIntyre over in Interstellar Affairs. It sounds like she's going to help me get access to the Archives.
110(P3: Kick off Hadrian's lil' intro scene.)
150(Player entered the trigger around the Deputy's intro scene. Kick that off.)
190(Get MacIntyre out of the intercom furniture)
200(Player started MacIntyre's main scene)
201(PASS 2: Player hit MacIntyre's first loop (Do you know the Archives?))
202(PASS 2: Player hit MacIntyre's second loop (Need the code pieces to access the Archives))
203(PASS 2: Player hit the "let's talk about the Ambassadors" loop in MacIntyre's scene)
205(PASS 2: Player used the [Diplomat] option in MacIntyre's Radcliff scene. Opens up some additional information for that section of the quest)
210(Player received FSE access card.)
211(PASS 2: Give the player extra dossiers (gifted if they convince Yasin in UC04 or choose the Diplomat skill in MacIntyre's Radcliff scene))
215(PASS 2: Player has read the Freestar Security update. Change objectives as appropriate.)
220(Player recieved Va'ruun Embassy access key.)
300(Player wrapped up scene with MacIntyre. Direct them to read the dossiers and speak to the Ambassadors)
I've gotten the run down from Deputy MacIntyre on both ambassadors. She's suggested I start by trying to negotiate with Ambassador Radcliff of the Freestar Collective - and dig up some dirt on her if she doesn't agree.
305(P3: Player triggered the line from the guard at the entrance of the Embassy interior. Close that off and change her package.)
307(Player entered Radcliff's office. Start her intro scene.)
310(Radcliff intro halfway done. Dismiss Cameron.)
312(PASS 2: Player hit the first loop in Long's intro scene)
313(PASS 2: Player hit second loop in Long's intro scene)
314(PASS 2: Player hit Radcliff's second dialogue loop in her main scene. Get 'em back to that point.)
315(Player hit the main loop of the Radcliff's scene. Get them back there in the future. Also used to get Radcliff out of her chair.)
316(PASS 2: Player stated they want to speech challenge the Ambassador. She informed them they'll only get one shot. Used to actually fully open up the speech challenge.)
317(PASS 2: Player left Radcliff's scene after getting to her question loop, but without succeeding in her speech challenge. Throw objectives. Set from the player leaving Radcliff's main scene without winning her speech challenge or losing the speech challenge.)
I wasn't able to convince Ambassador Radcliff to help us. Looks like I'll need to find some other way to get her to play ball. Time to access that listening device.
318(PASS 2: Player deployed Sam Coe during Radcliff's main scene, which gives an additional option in her speech challenge (conditioned on this stage))
319(PASS 2.5: Adding line variation if the player brings up only collecting the Terrormorph data in the archives. Changes a line in Radcliff's friendly and blackmail wrap up scenes.)
320(Player lost the speech challenge against Radcliff.)
321(P3: Player asked Radcliff why she won't let the player into the Archives. Unlocks a follow up option for the player.)
330(Player won the speech challenge with Radcliff.)
335(PASS 2: Player entered Radcliff's restricted area.)
340(Player heard the "drunk evening" planter. Add a new objective.)
Well, well. It seems the Ambassador had some plans to get rid of one of the members of the Freestar Council of Governors. This should help me to convince her to aid our cause. I need to confront her.
345(The player confronted Radcliff with what they uncovered. That's now the only option.)
346(PASS 2: Player told Radcliff to beg them not to rat her out. Unlocks the second part of the loop.)
347(P3: Player convinced Radcliff via their Starborn powers. Have her direct the player to follow her.)
348(PASS 2: Player has said they need to speak to MacIntyre before agreeing to Radcliff's demands. Direct them up to MacIntyre.)
Radcliff's demanded that Freestar monitors observe all research done with the Terrormorph data... but I'm not comfortable agreeing to that without MacIntyre's say-so. I need to run this by her first.
349(PASS 2: Player succeeded in their speech challenge. Shuts off the rest of Radcliff's options.)
350(Player convinced Radcliff to help them.)
I've convinced Radcliff to hand over her Archival Code. She's directed me to follow her.
351(PASS 2: Player got permission from MacIntyre to permit the research monitors. Direct them back to Radcliff.)
Deputy MacIntyre's agreed to permit the Freestar observers to monitor all research done with the Terrormorph data. Now I just need to let Radcliff know.
352(PASS 2: Blackmail path: Player extorted Radcliff of some money before getting the code piece)
353(PASS 2: Player got Radcliff to hand over their custom Loredo pistol)
354(PASS 2: Player hit last player dialogue loop in Radcliff's "okay, I'll help you scene." Used to get them back there faster.)
355(PASS 2: Player told Radcliff they're not agreeing to observers during the blackmail. Opens up a new line in MacIntyre's wrap up scene.)
360(PASS 2: Player left Radcliff's blackmail scene at extortion moment. Get them back there.)
361(PASS 2: Player hit the end of Radcliff's blackmail scene. Get them back there when they return.)
370(PASS 2: Player has convinced Long to hear them out about working with the UC.)
It seems Radcliff's assistant - Mr. Long - feels like he's being underused and I've convinced him he should work with me instead. He's agreed to hear me out and has directed me to follow him somewhere a bit more private.
371(PASS 2: Player hit second loop in Long's recruit scene)
372(PASS 2: Player hit third loop in Long's recruit scene)
373(PASS 2: Player recruited Long via the Diplomat path (opens an extra line in MacIntyre's scene))
374(PASS 2: Player recruited Long by lying to him. Opens up an extra line in MacIntyre's wrap up scene)
375(PASS 2: Player and Long entered his office trigger, setting this stage. Allow his scene to start.)
376(PASS 2: Player offered a small sum to Long to help him. This opens up more dialogue options.)
377(PASS 2: Player paid Long to recruit him)
378(PASS 2: Player dropped out of Long's scene after recruiting him, but before completing the whole scene. Get them back in the flow.)
379(PASS 2: Stage used to manage the quest target pointing to the utlity access door. Set from tage 380 and 381)
380(PASS 2: Player succesfully convinced Long to help them. Give the player the key and direct them to the maintenance route in the guard quarters.)
Cameron's given me directions on how to enter Radcliff's quarters undetected - through the utility section accessible through the main conference room - and the key to unlock the door.
381(PASS 2: Player read the Freestar Security report. Update the player's "Find the listening device" objective to direct them through the utility path.)
The report Deputy MacIntyre gave me suggests that there's a back entrance into Radcliff's quarters through a utility area in the main conference room. Should make it easier for me to enter her chambers unnoticed and access that listening device.
385(PASS 2: Player hit the utility area access trigger. Turn off the qt pointing the player towards the utility area. Also set from stage 335 (radcliff's room trigger))
390(Issue code but not yet dispensed)
395(Radcliffe activates machine)
396(Radcliffe grabs code)
440(PASS 2: The player caused an incident.)
447(PASS 2: Player killed Long. Close out his objectives and set the general "someone died" stage.)
448(PASS 2: Player killed Radcliff)
Ambassador Radcliff is dead. I'll need to find another route to acquire the Freestar Archival Code.
449(PASS 2: Player killed anyone in the Embassy. Set from death scripts on all the various character aliases.)
450(MAJ: Player got the code piece. Close out this section of the questline.)
I've now got both codes in hand. Time to speak to Deputy MacIntyre to collect the UC's Archival Code.
486(Ambush Turret 07)
487(Ambush Robot 04)
488(Robot knocking over cardboard boxes)
489(Robot stairs)
490(Prayer Circle rises)
491(Cubicle Robots Rise Up)
492(Falling robot)
493(Ambush Turret 06)
494(Ambush Turret 05)
495(P3: Player approached the back entrance to the Va'ruun embassy. Direct them inside now.)
496(Ambush Robot 01)
497(Ambush Robot 02)
498(Ambush Robot 03)
499(Ambush Turret 00)
500(Player entered the Varuun Intercom. Get the first intercom set up)
505(PASS 2: VE: Intro scene complete. Kick everything else.)
A crackling voice just beckoned me towards the nearby intercom. I should go check it out.
507(Player activated the first intercom in Va'ruun Embassy.)
I think someone's speaking to me through a broken intercom. I'm not exactly sure what they said, but it sounds like they want me to throw the nearby power switch.
510(Player hit the first power switch. Unlock the main door.)
Ah ha. There we go. The door into the embassy unlocked. The voice then suggested I continue to follow it deeper into the embassy... I think?
515(Player opened the embassy door. Get things going again.)
It sounds like the voice has moved somewhere deeper inside the embassy. I think I'm supposed to follow.
518(Disable haze on load)
519(Player hit the switch just before powerbox 02. Direct them to hit it.)
Another intercom, another power switch. Guess I should throw this one too.
520(Player hit the second power box. Get them headed towards the next one.)
Another power switch down. This time, though, it sounds like the voice has moved towards the basement. I should follow.
529(Player hit the switch just before powerbox 03)
530(Player hit the third power box.)
531(DEBUG: Throw another message box.)
538(Disable switch 2 on load if already hit once)
539(Player hit the switch just before powerbox 04)
The voice led me to yet another power switch. Sounds like I should throw this one as well.
540(Hit the third power box.)
Looks like we've got more power. The voice now seems to have moved down towards the basement. I should follow.
550(Hit the fourth (and should be final) power box.)
600(All power boxes back on. Direct the player downstairs.)
650(Player got to the basement. Head inside.)
I approached another intercom in the basement, but this one had a warning about "guardians." I guess I should be cautious as I proceed inside...
655(Player got the attention of the SHIVA. Change up the objectives.)
There are combat robots on the hunt down here! I should take them out!
695(Approach Bal'mor objective complete)
700(SHIVAs dead. Have Co'din come out.)
Both robots are dead and an old man's come out from a chamber on this floor. Could he be Ambassador Bal'mor?
701(P-Late: Set from stage 700. Used to update UC05_Codin_TravelToMarker_Stage700 so Bal'mor walks out as expected)
705(PASS 2: Bal'mor's warning scene is done. Turn off the looping sound marker.)
710(Player approached Codin. Start his intro scene.)
715(PASS 2: Player told Bal'mor they're a member of House Va'ruun. Opens other dialogue options in that scene.)
720(Have Codin head back inside.)
I found Ambassador Bal'mor, alive and kicking. He invited me to speak to him.
725(Player learned they're speaking to Co'din. Change the objective.)
730(Player refused to agree to Co'din's terms the first time.)
735(PASS 2: Player heard the line "Knowlegde can't be evil." Unlocks an extra speech challenge option in Radcliff's scene)
738(P3: Player asked Bal'mor if they're going to attack him and mentioned "The Great Serpent". Unlocks another question.)
739(PASS 2.5: Player hit the first loop in Bal'mor's scene. Get 'em back there.)
740(Player hit Co'din's later "no, I'm going to use this however I want" section.)
741(PASS 2: Player hit first loop in Bal'mor's Main Scene)
742(PASS 2: Player hit second loop in Bal'mor's Main Scene)
743(PASS 2: Player hit Bal'mor's first promise beat in his Main Scene)
744(PASS 2: Player hit Bal'mor's first threatening loop in his Main Scene)
745(PASS 2: Player hit Bal'mor's second promise beat in his Main Scene)
746(PASS 2: Player hit Bal'mor's second threat section in his Main Scene)
747(PASS 2.5:)
748(PASS 2.5: Player chose to attack Bal'mor)
749(P3: Andreja and Bal'mor chatted about the fact that the player knows Andreja's secret. Set the var to unlock conversation topics with both of them)
780(Player pickpocketd Co'din. Direct them to use it.)
I've acquired Bal'mor's biometric key. Time to collect the code for myself.
790(Player killed Co'din. Direct the player to collect Co'din's key if they haven't already.)
I killed Ambassador Bal'mor. I'll need to collect the Va'ruun Archival Code myself.
795(Activate Varuun Code Machine)
796(P3: Player convinced Bal'mor to help with the plan. Start his scene to get him over to the code machine.)
The Ambassador has agreed to help me. I should follow him.
797(PASS 2: Player agreed to Bal'mor's terms - use the data for good. Set on Bal'mor's last line in his main scene and used to unlock an extra dialogue option in Hadrian's scene)
798(PASS 2: TRAIT: Bouncer: Player threatened Balmor into handing over his key. Used to open up custom dialogue here and in UCVanguardDialogue quest)
799(Codin gives the code to the player (triggered at the end of the main scene))
800(Player received Co'din's key (whether give freely or taken from his corpse). Direct them to the Code Machine.)
I've got Bal'mor's biometric key. Now I can go collect the code piece myself.
810(MAJ: Player collected the Va'ruun Code piece. If they've already got the Freestar piece, direct them back to Deputy MacIntyre.)
I've acquired the House Va'ruun code piece. Now I should head back to the Freestar Embassy and try and convince them to hand over theirs.
900(Player has both code pieces. Direct them back to MacIntyre)
901(PASS 2: Player hit the first player response in MacIntyre's angry scene. This allows them to get back there faster.)
905(PASS 2: Player finished the "Incident" scene. Used to track dialogue later in the scene.)
910(PASS 2: Player hit the first player dialogue loop in MacIntyre's positive turn-in scene. Used to get them back to that point.)
915(P-Late: Set from Radcliff's blackmail and standard scenes prior to the player receiving the code piece.)
920(PASS 2: Player hit the first loop of MacIntyre's final wrap-up scene section. Get the player back there.)
925(Player has completed the scene with MacIntyre. Send them to the Armistice Archives.)
Deputy MacIntyre has given me the last code and directed me to the Archives - across the plaza from MAST.
930(Player entered the Archives trigger. Kick off that scene.)
935(PASS 2: Archive montior attract complete. Direct the player to the moniter herself)
The United Colonies Archival Monitor has asked me to approach her station.
940(PASS 2: Start the scene for the Archival monitor)
950(Archival instructions have been given. Direct the player to deposit the code pieces.)
I need to deposit the three codes into the code receptacles to get them verified. Only then will I be allowed inside the Archives.
952(Player deposited the UC code.)
954(Player deposited the Freestar code)
956(Player deposited the Va'ruun code)
960(All codes deposited. Direct the player inside.)
All codes verified. Time to collect the data.
965(Hadrian move emergency backup)
970(Player activated Cabinet 18. Give them the Terrormorph data)
I've now got the data in hand. Time to return to Deputy MacIntyre.
972(PASS 2: Player hit the "exit" trigger in the Archives. Relock the vault door and close it.)
975(Player hit the trigger around Hadrian and MacIntrye. Start their scene.)
979(P3: Player aggro'd folks in the Armistice Archives. Add a line from MacIntyre in the wrap-up about it.)
980(Direct the player to give the documents to Hadrian)
Deputy MacIntyre's directed me to hand the data over to Hadrian. I should speak to her.
982(PASS 2: Player gave Hadrian the Terrormorph data)
985(Hadrian walks away.)
990(Hadrian-MacIntyre scene complete. Get MacIntrye moving to her office.)
Sounds like Deputy MacIntyre has a couple things she wants to discuss - including becoming a citizen. She's asked me to follow her.
995(MacIntyre entered her office. Scene is now available.)
Time to speak to Deputy MacIntyre about becoming a UC citizen! Though it sounds like there might be something else we need to discuss as well.
996(PASS 2: Player hit the second loop in MacIntyre's wrap up scene. Get them back there.)
997(PASS 2: Player got their citizenship card.)
998(PASS 2: Player hit the final player choice loop in MacIntyre's wrap up. Get the player back there.)
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