Starfield:UC Vanguard

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UC Vanguard
Supra et Ultra
A Division of SF-icon-UC Navy.svg UC Navy
MAST Tower in New Atlantis
Notable Members
UC Vanguard Commander John Tuala.

The UC Vanguard is the civilian volunteer arm of the UC Navy. The player can join this faction by speaking to Commander John Tuala at the MAST Tower in New Atlantis.

Unlike the Navy proper, members of the Vanguard provide their own ships and equipment, and are expected to operate somewhat independently of central command. The primary reward for service with the Vanguard is guaranteed United Colonies citizenship. The Vanguard is headquartered in the MAST Tower in New Atlantis, but it also operates out of Cydonia, the Den, and Gagarin Landing.

The Vanguard was founded in 2315, shortly after the end of the Colony War. It was inspired by the Freestar Militia's successful use of civilian volunteers at the Battle of Cheyenne.


New Vanguard enlistees are required to have no active criminal record, to pass a simulated space combat exam, and to complete a probationary mission before they attain full Vanguard status. Ownership of a starship is not technically required, but is highly encouraged. Upon completion of the exam, new recruits are sworn in in front of the MAST Tower, under the open sky.

As commanders of their starships, all Vanguard members technically hold the rank of "captain", and are addressed as such. The Vanguard's formal hierarchy is very flat - Vanguard captains operate largely independently and most report directly to Commander Tuala.


Newly recruited Vanguard captains are issued a UC Vanguard Spacesuit, UC Vanguard Pilot Pack, and UC Vanguard Space Helmet.

For ship equipment, see UC Vanguard Ship Modules.


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In the UC Vanguard questline, the player character joins the UC Vanguard, and on their first mission discovers a horrifying threat to all of humanity - a wave of unprecedented Terrormorph attacks.

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