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Donna Rain
Editor ID UC_NA_DonnaRain
Race Human Gender Female
RefID N/A BaseID 00113905
Other Information
Faction(s) CrimeFactionUC, NewAtlantisFaction
Donna Rain

Donna Rain is a janitor living in New Atlantis with her boyfriend Tony. She can be met at the NAT station in the MAST district. During dialoge, if you mention her looking tired, she asks you to fetch a TerraBrew Cappuccino, which will start the activity Coffee Run. After delivering the Cappuccino, which can be bought at any TerraBrew outlet, she will give you a low-value food item or a two-figure amount of credits.

Her greetings include:

"Another day, another credit!"
"I wonder if I'll miss New Atlantis when Tony and I leave... No, probably not."
"I have a feeling today's going to be a great day. Don't you agree?"
"I'm so excited to see Tony after work."
"One day I'm gonna leave New Atlantis for good."

If you stop speaking mid-conversation, she will try to get you talking again:

"Would it help if I turned around?"
"If you're shy, it's okay! We can just stare awkwardly at each other."
"Are you okay? Do you need me to go get help or something?"

When saying goodbye, she will say:

"Don't be a stranger."
"Take care!"
"See you around."
"Take care of yourself."

You can engage her in small talk, where she will have several possible responses:

How's it going?
"I can't complain! My boss told me yesterday that I'm one of the best janitors she's ever hired. It feels great to be appreciated!"
"I cleaned up a kid's vomit today. Fourth time this week!"
"Not too bad! I found a box of pens the other day."
"You'd be amazed at what people leave lying around."
"Sometimes I wonder if me and my boyfriend spend too much money on TerraBrew."
"But somebody's gotta drink it, right?"
"Well, you know... it's one of those days where all I can think about is food."
"I wonder if my boyfriend will take me to Chunks later..."
"Oh, hi there! I'm doing great, how about you?"

Related Missions[edit]


You can ask her boyfriend Tony Cowl about her:

Will you tell me more about your girlfriend?
"Yeah, sure. Her name's Donna. She works at the NAT station near MAST. Boy, is she a catch! She's passionate, beautiful, friendly...I really lucked out. We met a couple years ago, and we've been going steady since then. I'm actually thinking about asking her to marry me pretty soon! Uh...keep that between us, okay? I don't want her finding out before I pop the question."

She will greet Curtis Julien when visiting his business:

Donna Rain: "Hi CJ! Good to see you today."


Donna Rain: "Hey there, CJ. How are you?"
Curtis Julien: "Hey there, Donna. You're always welcome."


Curtis Julien: "Donna! My favorite customer. Good to see you. "
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