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(002B17C4, 0029C17F)
Location SF-mapicon-Military Base.svg Red Devils HQ — An abandoned military base on Mars, near Cydonia. Name changes from Red Devils HQ to TMD Headquarters after completion of UC quest line. (map)
Editor ID Crew_Elite_Hadrian
Race Human Gender Female
SF-skill-Pain Tolerance 2.png

Pain Tolerance 2
Physical damage is reduced by 20%.
SF-skill-Energy Weapon Dissipation 1.png

Energy Weapon Dissipation 1
Energy damage is reduced by 10%
SF-skill-Xenosociology 1.png

Xenosociology 1
Decreases damage taken from alien creatures by 35% for that follower.
RefID 002B17C4 BaseID 0029C17F
Other Information
Faction(s) AvailableCrewFaction, ConstellationFaction, CrewElite_PersonalCrimeFaction_Hadrian, CurrentCrewFaction, PlayerAllyFaction, PotentialCrewFaction, RedDevilsHQUniqueNPCFaction, UC08_FB441FriendFaction

Hadrian Sanon is a xenobiologist, former UC Marines major, former member of the Red Devils, veteran of the Colony War, and clone of Vae Victis. She is a woman of French-African ancestry with black cornrows and eyes turned red by prolonged exposure to Martian dust.


Hadrian was created prior to the Colony War, at a time when Francois Sanon was widely respect and considered the most brilliant strategic mind in UC history. Concerned at the prospect of eventually losing their most critical strategic asset, UC scientists cloned Vae Victis and entrusted the resulting child to a typical New Atlantis family. Hadrian was raised aware of her origins but with little to no contact with her "father".

As an adult, Hadrian joined the Marines. She spent some time working the mines of Cydonia, where exposure to dust characterized the distinctive red eyes of a Martian miner, and was then assigned to the Red Devils as a xenowarfare researcher. Hadrian and her team focused on studying aliens for weaponization, including a brief attempt at weaponizing Terrormorphs that ended in disaster.

After the end of the Colony War, xenowarfare was outlawed, and the Red Devils were disbanded. Hadrian was discharged from the military and left to work as an independent xenobiologist.


Hadrian is an intelligent and compassionate woman who is loyal to both the United Colonies and her former comrades-in-arms. She has nothing but contempt for her "father", seeing him as a war criminal whose execution was entirely justified.


Hadrian can be recruited as a companion following the completion of the UC Vanguard questline.

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