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(RefID: 00005788)
Editor ID Companion_Barrett
Race Human Gender Male
RefID 00005788 BaseID 00005787
Other Information
Faction(s) AvailableCompanionFaction, COM_PersonalCrimeFaction_Barret, ConstellationFaction, CurrentCompanionFaction, LodgeInvisibleDoorsFaction, MQ101MinerFaction, PlayerAllyFaction

Barrett is a member of Constellation and a potential companion.

Prior to joining Constellation, Barrett would serve on Ka'zaal alongside Supervisor Lin.


  • "You know what I hate about these pirates? Completely resistant to my otherwise irresistible charm." --Barrett's remark hints at his ongoing conflict with the pirates, although it falls short of escalating to the point where they engage in immediate hostilities. His statement implies that he typically relies on his charismatic nature to navigate such encounters, making him surprised by the unexpected resistance shown by the pirates. It underscores his confidence in interpersonal skills while expressing his bewilderment at the pirates' uncharacteristic response.


  • Barrett is voiced by Barry Wiggins.
  • Barrett's weapon is a Modified Eon that take 7.77 Caseless ammo
Editor ID LC165_Lodge_Barrett
Race Human Gender Male
RefID N/A BaseID 0010A3D6
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