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(00005788, 00005787)
Location SF-mapicon-The Lodge.svg The Lodge (map)
Editor ID Companion_Barrett
Race Human Gender Male
SF-skill-Starship Engineering 4.png

Starship Engineering 4
Ship system repair is 20% faster.
SF-skill-Particle Beam Weapon Systems 3.png

Particle Beam Weapon Systems 3
15% increased Ship-Based Particle Beam Weapon Damage and Recharge speed.
SF-skill-Robotics 2.png

Robotics 2
25% more damage to robots.
SF-skill-Gastronomy 1.png

Gastronomy 1
The companion will occasionally give you food.
RefID 00005788 BaseID 00005787
Other Information
Faction(s) AvailableCompanionFaction, COM_PersonalCrimeFaction_Barret, ConstellationFaction, CurrentCompanionFaction, LodgeInvisibleDoorsFaction, MQ101MinerFaction, PlayerAllyFaction

Amundsen Barrett, who typically goes by Barrett, is a member of Constellation and a potential companion. He is largely responsible for setting the events of the game in motion by having unearthed multiple artifacts. On his last commissioned dig, he encounters the Player and entrusts them to rejoin Constellation.

Before joining Constellation, Barrett worked as a United Colonies physicist. To the recommendation of Sarah Morgan and former chair Aja Mamasa, he would join Constellation in 2305, where he would meet his late husband Ervin Madani. Ervin died in the Colony War. Unsatisfied with the information relayed to him, Barrett developed a long-running fixation on the circumstances of his death and would later attempt to discover the truth through various means. Two years prior to the events of the game, he discovered Artifact SIGMA in the Constellation archives and received a vision from it. He then commissioned Argos Extractors to excavate two other artifacts, one on Ka'zaal and one on Vectera. Both digs were supervised by Lin.

Barrett is an eccentric, intelligent man with a pronounced sense of humor. He is scientifically minded but approaches most situations with a laid-back if not carefree attitude. His oddity is often referenced and appreciated by other members of Constellation. Beyond his surface level antics, he frequently demonstrates a degree of grief over the loss of his husband and struggles to come to terms with his death. He is remarkably at ease with dangerous situations and familiar with risk. With few exceptions, he is rarely caught lacking for a response to what he encounters and is generally excited when discovering new things.

As the previous captain of the Frontier, he attracted the attention of the Crimson Fleet. Following the dig on Vectera, he entrusts command of the ship to the Player, providing them with their first ship and companion in the form of Vasco.

Like all members of Constellation, Barrett wears a unique version of the Constellation spacesuit with his skill patches sewn onto the left shoulder. He uses a modified Eon as his weapon but does not have any weapon-specific skills. His set of skills makes him more suited as ship crew than field operations. When asked, he will provide various food items at regular intervals.

Related Missions[edit]

Affinity changes[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

  • Into the Unknown, Barrett likes it if you, tell Matteo "Got you beat. Three artifacts to your zero." then say, "I agree with Noel and Andreja."
  • Into the Unknown, Barrett dislikes it if you, tell Matteo "Got you beat. Three artifacts to your zero." then say, "I'm at my best when someone else is trying their hardest to win."
  • Starborn, Barrett dislikes it if you say, the Starborn could be human.
  • Further Into the Unknown, Barrett likes it if you say, "Noel's Right. We can't abandon who we are now."
  • Further Into the Unknown, Barrett dislikes it if you say ay "I'm starting to wonder if this is all worth it. Myself" or "You two better stop before we all drown in seriousness."

Faction Missions[edit]

Ryujin Industries[edit]

  • Back to the Grind, Barrett likes it if you, try to persuade Tomo to stand down.
  • Back to the Grind, Barrett likes it if you, promise Tomo to not kill him when you are sent by Ryujin to kill him.
  • Top Secrets, Barrett likes it if you, tell Simon that you are not going to kill Malai for him.
  • Top Secrets, Barrett likes it if you, tell Malai that you are about to safe her life.
  • Background Checks, Barrett likes it if you, tell Dalton that he does not have to worry about casulties while you infiltrate Ryujin Tower.
  • Guilty Parties, Barrett likes it if you, indicate that you don't think Imogene is guilty, while talking to Dalton.

Wants to Talk[edit]

  • Temple conversation, Barrett likes it if you say, "It was unlike anything I've ever experienced... so strange." or "It was like old ruins. I'm not an archaeologist, I don't know."
  • Temple conversation, Barrett dislikes it if you say, "It was a religious experience. It truly was a temple."
  • Temple conversation, Barrett likes it if you say, "I got powers, I'm awesome now."

New Game Plus[edit]

Should the player opt to replay the main quest in NG+, Barrett will be found as usual in the mission Back to Vectera. If the player chooses to skip the MQ and immediately reveal they are Starborn, the mission will also be skipped and Barrett will be found waiting at the moon's Mining Outpost where he may be recruited.

Barrett's quest Worlds Apart may also be started early with a Starborn-specific dialogue option. While this quest guarantees access to an extra tier of the power Parallel Self, Temple Sigma may also be part of the NG+ rotation and can be found naturally or by asking Vlad for temple locations. As such, it is optional to fulfill Barrett's quest to level up this particular power in NG+.


  • "You know what I hate about these pirates? Completely resistant to my otherwise irresistible charm." --Barrett's remark hints at his ongoing conflict with the pirates, although it falls short of escalating to the point where they engage in immediate hostilities. His statement implies that he typically relies on his charismatic nature to navigate such encounters, making him surprised by the unexpected resistance shown by the pirates. It underscores his confidence in interpersonal skills while expressing his bewilderment at the pirates' uncharacteristic response.


  • Barrett is voiced by Barry Wiggins.
  • Barrett mentions that Sarah Morgan convinced him to join Constellation but precedes her own membership by 15 years.
  • He likes to buy chocolate at Jemison Mercantile, although Vasco has repeatedly informed him that it is a significant factor to his overweight.
  • The patches on Barrett's uniform are incorrect, showing Aneutronic Fusion instead of Starship Engineer. Vasco is the companion with Aneutronic Fusion as a major skill.
Editor ID LC165_Lodge_Barrett
Race Human Gender Male
RefID N/A BaseID 0010A3D6
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