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Location(s): None
ID: MS03_Juno
XP: 0
Credits ?: 0
Other Rewards: (?)

Mission Stages[edit]

Juno's Gambit (MS03_Juno)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(quest start)
10(Player told to kill the Ecliptic)
I was hailed by members of Ryujin aboard a mysterious ship asking for help dealing with a hostile Ecliptic ship.
100(Ecliptic Destroyedl; player told to board Juno's ship)
I should dock with the Mysterious Ship and see what's going on. Something's not right here.
101(DEBUG 100)
110(Player boarded Juno ship; told to investigate voices)
I hear people talking, I should investigate.
111(DEBUG 110)
112(turn juno's screens on)
200(Player told to talk to Ryujin)
There's two Ryujin Operatives standing near a dead body. I should talk to them to find out what is going on.
201(DEBUG 200)
300(Player gets control board)
The Ryujin Operatives have given me a Control Board to attach to the AI. The AI wants to talk to me further.
301(DEBUG 300)
350(Player told to talk to Juno)
351(DEBUG 350)
355(Player told to deal with Operatives)
The Ryujin Operatives have given me a Control Board to attach to the AI. The AI wants to deal with the Ryujin Operatives. I could try talking or violence.
356(DEBUG 355)
360(Speech FAILURE: didn't convince Ops to leave Juno be)
370(Speech SUCCESS: convinced Ops to leave Juno be)
400(Player convinced Ryujin to give up; player told to talk to Juno)
I convinced the Ryujin Operatives to leave the AI alone. I should follow up with Juno.
401(DEBUG 400)
409(player started combat with Ryujin operatives)
410(player killed first Ryujin)
420(player kills second Ryujin)
490(player killed both Ryujin)
I killed both of the Ryujin Operatives. I should follow up with Juno.
491(DEBUG 490)
500(Player installs board; player told to talk to operatives)
I've attached the Control Board to the AI. I should follow up with the Ryujin Operatives.
501(DEBUG 500)
550(player dealt with operatives; told to talk to Juno)
600(player told to return to their ship)
I've dealt with the situation on board Juno's ship. I should return to my own.
601(DEBUG 600)
700(player returned to their ship; told to undock)
800(player undocked; told to observe juno)
Juno seems to be powering back up, I should observe the ship to see what happens.
900(Juno jumps away)
I attached the Ryujin Control Board, but that doesn't seem to have completely worked. The AI has jumped away to who knows where, to do who knows what.
950(player lands at passenger desitination)
Thanks to me, Juno remains free to roam the universe, and the Ryujin Operatives have been returned to Neon.
1000(Quest Completed (not nessassarily shut down))
1100(dummy stage for passengers to use their packages (just so the package won't force a shutdown of the quest))
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  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage MS03_Juno stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest MS03_Juno.
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