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Starfield is full of diverse and varied factions. Some of these factions can be joined in-game, while others exist to enrich the lore and setting. Almost every NPC and fauna belongs to one or more factions. These faction memberships control various things, such as the combat reaction of all NPCs and creatures, both towards you and towards one another.

Factions functions as a catch-all terms for all includes political factions, sovereign nations, administrative entities, private companies, bandit groups, etc. An organization does not need to be joinable to be considered a faction.

Major Factions[edit]


Faction Divisions

SF-logo-United Colonies.png United Colonies: The first interstellar government to have formed in the Settled Systems.

SF-logo-Freestar Collective.png Freestar Collective: The second interstellar government to have formed in the Settled Systems.

SF-logo-House Va'ruun.png House Va'ruun: The third interstellar government to have formed in the Settled Systems.

Starship Builders[edit]




  • SF-logo-Constellation.png Constellation: a group of space explorers based out of New Atlantis.
  • LIST: an organization that helps colonists who decide to settle in independent space.
  • SF-logo-NASA.svg NASA (Defunct): the space exploration organization that invented the Grav Drive.

Other Significant Factions[edit]

These are factions which are either relevant in missions, or have other significant relevance to lore, plot, or gameplay.

Minor Factions[edit]

Weapon Manufacturers[edit]

Starship Module Manufacturers[edit]


Other Manufacturing[edit]