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Samson Cebrail
Editor ID UC_NA_SamsonCebrail
Race Human Gender Male
RefID N/A BaseID 00113D6F
Other Information
Faction(s) CrimeFactionUC, NewAtlantisFaction
Samson Cebrail
Samson Cebrail, full body

Samson Cebrail is an art dealer that can be found inside Jemison Mercantile next to the Viewport in New Atlantis. You can find him walking around the store floor, admiring the clothing on display. His work includes moving stolen artworks for the Trade Authority, a task that he will slyly recruit you for.

You can find him by looking for the bald, middle-aged man with a goatee wearing Frontier Attire. He carries a medium amount of Credits on his person. Additionally, he has a leveled handgun with ammunition for it.

When you approach him or engage him in conversation, he will greet you with a few different lines:

"Dealing in art is more... exciting than one would think."
"It's amazing what passes as "art" nowadays..."
"If you're in the market for artwork, I'm sure I can find something to suit your needs."
"Selling art is a bit of an art itself, you know."
"It takes a strong mind and a good eye to sell art."

You can ask him if he works around here and about himself, which will hint at him being shadier than he directly states. Asking him if he is an art dealer will have him off you a job.

Do you work around here?
"In a sense. My trade doesn't necessarily need me to be tied down in one location. Because of that, I travel all over the Settled Systems. I'm here now for an opportunity, but before this, I was in Akila. Before that, Neon. In my line of work, I can't afford to stay in one place for very long."
Can you tell me about yourself?
"Other than being an art dealer, there's not much to say. I grew up in Neon, and I knew I had to get out of that place somehow. I did a few odd jobs, some... deliveries. And it eventually led me onto this path I'm on now. I never thought that I'd do what I do, but I suppose life can be surprising."

Related Missions[edit]

Mission-Related Events[edit]

If you ask him about art dealing, he will have you act as a middleman between him and the Trade Authority.

So you're an art dealer?
"Indeed I am. I've been an art dealer for most of my life, plying my trade all across the Settled Systems. That's actually why I'm here in New Atlantis today. I'll be delivering a piece of art to a very particular client later. However, I don't yet have the art in my possession. Actually, would you like to pick up the artwork and bring it back to me? I'll reward you for your effort of course."

Beyond agreeing to the job or declining it, you can also ask him for more information:

Why not do it yourself?
"I'm... Well, I'm not very familiar with the streets of New Atlantis. I'm not from here you see. I'd rather just avoid any trouble, and have someone more capable do the exchange for me."
What exactly does my "help" entail?
"You simply need to go pick up some artwork. The exchange has already been arranged, and you won't have to show any credits. It's just a matter of picking something up, and bringing it back to me. There's really no need to worry, it's all very simple."

Turning down the job will have him respond in one of three ways:

I wish I could, but I'm busy at the moment.
  • "I see. If you change your mind, return to me."
  • "Very well. Come back if that changes."
  • "Ah. Well, if your time permits you, return to me."

Agreeing will continue into the mission proper:

I'll do it.
"Excellent. You'll be picking up the art from Zoe Kaminski at the Trade Authority. Tell her you're there for Samson Cebrail's art. She'll understand. Return the artwork to me and you will be compensated."

You can choose to question the involvement of the Trade Authority, which he will deflect.

I didn't know the Trade Authority handles artwork.
"Well of course they do, why wouldn't they? I've heard tell that you can get some very... impressive items at the Trade Authority. But for now, let's settle for the artwork that I've procured."

While at the Trade Authority, Zoe Kaminski will all but outright confirm the painting is stolen, and you are aiding in this crime. When you return to Samson, he will also drop any acts of legitimacy:

I've got your art.
"Shhhhhhh! Are you crazy? Keep your damn voice down."

You can choose a few different reactions to this situation, but before doing so you can also question him about his intentions with the stolen work:

So what are you going to do with the art?
"Buy low, sell high. I'm sure there's a wealthy banker in New Atlantis that will greatly appreciate what you just delivered to me."

Your various possible reactions, and his responses are:

You tricked me.
"Oh get off your high horse. I didn't trick you, you're just not very observant. What do you have to complain about? You're getting paid, everything went smoothly, no one got hurt."
That was... exciting.
"I must say that's not the reaction I was expecting. But you're right, the world of art is quite exciting. Well, if you go about it my way, that is. Just hurry up and take it.
Yes, yes. Just hand it over.
"You've held up your end of the bargain. Our transaction is complete, so I'll be on my way. Take care, and let's not talk about this again."

Regardless of your choice, he will then say:

"It's all part of the game, my friend. It pays to get your hands a little bit dirty. It pays very very well. But I digress. Thank you for your... discretion. Now that our little transaction is complete, I should be on my way. Take care, and let's not talk about this again."

You will have a final new dialogue option with him, which he will brush off and tell you to stop speaking to him:

So, how long are you going to be working in New Atlantis?
"That's of no concern to you. I told you at the end of our business that we will not speak about it. Do not mention my work again."


Markieff Sutherland may confront him about the less than legitimate ways he obtains his art:

Markieff Sutherland: "Samson, I need to have a word with you regarding that art piece I purchased."
Samson Cebrail: "I'm a bit busy. Maybe later."
Markieff Sutherland: "This is urgent. I have questions about its origins."
Samson Cebrail: "And I don't have your answers. Not right now, anyway. We'll speak on it later."

He may also converse with Royce Elgin:

Samson Cebrail: "I heard this place was pricey. I see it lives up to its reputation." or "Anything you recommend?
Royce Elgin: "Satisfaction is guaranteed, sir. Every item is sure to delight. " or "We sell some of the finest cuisine in New Atlantis. Everything on the menu will be sure to satisfy you."


  • At some point in development, he may have been named "Solomon". The internal names of the conversations he can take part in refer to him as "Solomon Cebrail". His name was likely changed to avoid confusion with Solomon Coe.