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Ships are the primary mode of transportation in the Settled Systems. Ships are used to traverse the harsh conditions of outer space, carry cargo and crew, land on planets and moons, and to defend yourself against other hostile ships. Ships are fully customizable. Ships also have multiple different systems and stats to consider. These include:

  • Weapon Stats
  • Laser
  • Ballistic
  • Missiles
  • Hull level
  • Shield
  • Cargo
  • Crew
  • Jump Range (in light years)
  • Mobility
  • Top Speed
  • Mass

Ships also have reactors which provide power to all systems that need it. Managing power distribution is one of the tasks of successfully customizing a ship. While designing a ship you will have to ensure your ship is viable. The game will issue Warnings for designs that will likely have issues, and Errors and designs missing critical modules. When customizing a ship the game will display the money the vendor has, and your own money. It is unclear if you can work on ship's without vendors at this point.

Locations on a ship are described via nautical terms. "Forward" and "Aft" are used to describe if something is towards the front or back of a ship. "Port" and "Starboard" refer to the left and right sides, respectively. These are in relation to the ship itself, and never change with the observer.

Ships also have names. Although it is not clear if you can modify them at this time, you can either change the name or possess more than one ship based on the different names being displayed.

Your current location is displayed alongside with the ship's name.

A faction indicator is in the bottom-left corner. It is unknown if individual ships can be associated with different factions at this time.

Color Customization[edit]

Color Options

Modules can be customized. A module will have a number of color choices, likely related to the main color, secondary color, and trim of the module. You will be able to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of a color. Recently used colors will be saved, to allow you to match the colors of different modules easier.

Known Ship Modules[edit]

Magellan C2 Cockpit[edit]

White Dwarf 1000 Engine[edit]

  • Manufacturer: Reladyne
  • Class: A
  • Engine Thrust: 1,550
  • Maneuvering Thrust: 815
  • Engine Health: 48
  • Health: 100
  • Cost: 14,000
  • Mass: 100
  • Required Skills: Ship Design

Nova Galactic Hab 1x1x1[edit]

Mauler 104L Cannon[edit]

Nova Cowl[edit]

Dragon 221P MW pulse laser[edit]

DS10.1 Phobos Cockpit[edit]

  • Manufacturer: Deimos
  • Cargo: 50
  • Health: 5
  • Crew Slots: 5
  • Cost: 13,000
  • Mass: 5

Fuel Tanks[edit]

Spaceship fuel tanks store Helium-3, which is used by the grav drive to perform a jump. Increased fuel capacity means you can jump further or more often before refueling.

Titan 350 He3 Tank[edit]

  • Manufacturer: Nautilus
  • Grav Jump Fuel: 75
  • Health: 30
  • Cost: 12,000
  • Mass: 12



Spaceship landers come equipped with auto-deploying landing gear, to help pilots land on even the toughest of terrain.

NG-15 Lander - Port Fore[edit]

NG-20 Lander[edit]

NG-20 Lander - Wide[edit]

Accu-lander 11[edit]

Accu-lander 21[edit]

Pinpoint 3G Lander Aft[edit]

  • Cost: 5,200
  • Mass: 1

Pinpoint 3G Lander Fore[edit]

  • Cost: 5,200
  • Mass: 1

Pinpoint 3G Lander Mid[edit]

  • Cost: 5,200
  • Mass: 1

Pinpoint 4G Lander Center[edit]

  • Cost: 5,500
  • Mass: 3

Taiyo Lander Supplemental[edit]

  • Cost: 5,500
  • Mass: 3

Pinpoint 4G Lander Aft[edit]

  • Cost: 5,500
  • Mass: 3

Pinpoint 5G Lander[edit]


Spaceship reactors provide power to all of your ship's systems.

Ion Beam H-1010 reactor[edit]

  • Manufacturer:Xiang
  • Class: B
  • Power Generated: 16
  • Repair Rate: 2
  • Reactor Health: 52
  • Health: 31
  • Crew Rating: 2
  • Cost: 78,000
  • Mass: 52
  • Required Skills: Ship Design

Tokamak X-250 reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 73,000
  • Power Generated: 26

Tokamak X-300 reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 102,000
  • Power Generated: 29

Z-Machine 1000 reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 42,000
  • Power Generated: 14

Z-Machine 2000 reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 60,000
  • Power Generated: 21

Z-Machine 3000 reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 82,000
  • Power Generated: 28

DC301 Fast Ignition reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 102,000
  • Power Generated: 18

DC302 Fast Ignition reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 102,000
  • Power Generated: 27

101DS Mag Inertial reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 102,000
  • Power Generated: 16

102DS Mag Inertial reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 102,000
  • Power Generated: 24

103DS Mag Inertial reactor[edit]

  • Cost: 102,000
  • Power Generated: 31