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Development concept art of The Lodge within The Eye.

Constellation is a group of space explorers formed by Sebastian Banks. They are committed to discovering the answers to the universe's biggest mysteries.

Constellation was founded 50 years ago before the game start with the mission of seeking out the unknown. Typically operating in small teams of two explorers, membership is intentionally limited and small. The Starborn upon choosing the join Constellation becomes the tenth active member.

Referred to as "the last group of space explorers",[1] the player is given an invitation to join the organization at The Lodge, their headquarters in New Atlantis, after interacting with an unknown alien artifact. The group is dedicated to answering the question of "What's out there?"[2] In their exploration, the group encountered and excavated pieces of a spheroid alien artifact, and are in the process of finding and collecting the remaining pieces to fully assemble the artifact.[3]
In 2283 Constellation nearly disbanded following the disappearance of founder and then chair Sebastian Banks. A vote among the remaining members was decided in favor of continuing the group when Chloe Bao changed her vote at the last possible moment.

Constellation owns The Eye, a deep space scanner space station.

At the start of the game constellation has two artifacts in their posession. The first one was discovered by Barrett in Constellation's archives abount two years ago where it had been sitting for about sixteen years. The second one was found on Ka'zaal, buried in a cave like artifact ETA on Vectera.


  1. Sebastian Banks
  2. Chloe Bao
  3. (?)
  4. Malcolm Livingston
  5. (?)
  6. Aja Mamasa
  7. Sarah Morgan


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  2. Starfield - Full Gameplay Reveal Overview at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 (6:37) Sarah Morgan: "We're all here because we're committed to the biggest question of all: What's out there?" These artifacts could be everything we've been looking for. As to what they are, what they're building... you'll be part of solving that puzzle now."
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