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SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svg
Infiltrate Ryujin Tower as part of Security Directive Theta.
Mission Giver: Masako Imada
Location(s): Ryujin Tower, Neon, Ebbside
ID: RI04
XP: 250
Credits ?: (?) The credit reward may be reduced per performance plus Credit.png1,000 if you are Neon SR
Other Rewards: a stealth mission reward
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Top Secrets Guilty Parties
Ryujin Executive level

Official Summary[edit]

"The player is sent to speak and meet with Dalton Fiennes, Ryujin Industries Chief Security Officer. Dalton tells the player he and Masako are enacting Security Directive Theta. This means that every single Ryujin employee is going to be fully investigated by a third party company. The only "exception" to this is Ularu Chen who requires special attention due to her own skills as an ex-operative and current Chief Operations Officer. Because Ularu would be so good at covering any tracks, Dalton has contractd out a man named Nyx, the best hacker in the Settled Systems and the only one to ever breach Ryujin Security. Nyx is going to give the player a program to run on Ularu's computer, but the catch is that no one, not even Ryujin's own security can know this investigation is going on... so the player needs to infiltrate Ryujin Tower. Dalton informs the player their keycard will not be good during this time and any guards will consider them to be trespassing. He warns against killing any of the guards and arms the player with a Disurptor, a non-lethal weapon. He also says he'll ensure all non-essential personnel have left the building, so only the security guards will be there. The player infiltrates Ryujin through a vent system and does their best to avoid the guards, running Nyx's program on Ularu's computer and potentially that of another, Camden Cho. Once complete, the player returns to Nyx who analyzes the information and puts anything pertinent on a new slate for Dalton. The player returns to Dalton at a now normal Ryujin Tower where he quickly sees the evidence points to Imogene Salzo."


In the previous mission you discovered a massive problem for Ryujin. Someone from the inside leaked information about Project Dominion and now you have to find the person responsible. After Masako gets off the intercom call with Dalton you can talk to her again to get some background information.


Then head to Dalton Fiennes. You need to go down one level, so leave the antechamber between Masako's and Ularu's office and follow the path down the stairs. At the bottom you need to go left so you pass the offices of Linden and Genevieve to the right and a board room to the left. You need to go right before Alexis' office. The security office is the first door on the left.

Dalton initiates Security Directive Theta which means a full sweep of every employee in the building. But, because Ularu Chen is chief of operations and can therefore thwart any internal investigation into her, she knows nothing about Directive Theta and the investigation into her has to be handled externally. Also, at this point Dalton doesn't know which of his security personal he can trust. His plan is to run a routine security maintenance wich requires all non-essential empoyees, including Ularu, to leave the building. You then will infiltrate Ryujin Tower while all your access will be revoked and security will consider you trespassing. You need to run a program on Ularu's computer that will be provided by an external programmer called Nyx. Dalton also issues you a disruptor, cautions you not to use deadly force while infiltrating Ryujin Tower, and recommends that you leave you follower behind for this mission. You can talk to Dalton again to get some more information.


You meet Nyx at Madame Sauvage's place in Northern Ebbside. Ride the elevator to the lobby and leave Ryujin Tower. Take the passage to Ebbside at the spaceport terminal and you will emerge in front of Madame Sauvage's. Go inside and turn left. Nyx sits at a table next to the wall.

Nyx offers you his programm for either Credit.png2,500 credits that you can negotiate down to Credit.png1,000 or for a favor. He wants you to run the program that he will give you on Camden Cho's workstation. Either way Nyx gives you Nyx's Program: Rover. You can talk to Nyx again to get some background information.


Then leave Madame Sauvage's Place. The elevator in Ryujin Tower will be closed to you now, so you need an alternative access. From Madame Sauvage's Place go left through an alley. If you have a companion with you you should let them behind at this point, because followers tend to break stealth. Here would be a good place to do that as you will come back this way later.

Enter the Tower[edit]

Follow the alley up some stairs and then climb up the winding stairs you are in front of. Follow it all the way up. At one point, almost at the top, you will have to step a little bit to the left to climb the final two stairs. When you leave the final set of stairs you will be facing east. Ryujin Tower will be to your right.

To the left of Ryujin tower you will see a crane, to the right of the tower you will see the Conduction Grid. Ahead of you is a button. Press it to rotate the crane. Now you can walk along the beams to your right through container suspended by the crane. When you come out of the container drop down to some scaffolding outside the tower. Follow the path around a corner to the right. On you right will be a vent that leads into Ryujin Industries HQ.

Enter and follow the vent. To you right is another grate that leads into a storeroom. The game reminds you that you are trespassing at this point.

The door to the south is out of order, so climb through the open hatch in the lower part of the ceiling close to the door. That hatch leads into another vent.

When you go forward a bit you will see a panel. Open it's door and power down the lights on the floor. Then proceed to the right and left until you reach another open hatch in the floor.


From there you can jump down into a supply closet in DRONE office. Leave the closet and turn left. There is a security guard ahead, so sneak between the columns and south down the office space.

Go through the big door to your left that leads into the DRONE salesroom.

There are two more guards in the shared space between DRONE and Tranquilitea. Leave DRONE to you right, away from the guards.

To your right is a door that leads into a stairwell. Follow the stairs up.

The first exit from the stairwell leads into a security office, which is were you would end up if you were arrested during this mission. Don't go in there but follow the stairs up another level.


You are now on operations level which is guarded by a couple of guards an a security mini bot.

There are two access hatches to a vent system. The first hatch is in a bathroom to you right. Climb up and go forward until you reach a crossing where you go right.

The second access hatch you can find if, from the stairwell, you pass the bathroom on you right, go through a small room, turn left, go down a couple of stairs and cross the hall into a small storageroom. The storageroom has a hatch in the ceiling. Climb up there, go east and pass the crossing ahead.

In any way you are now in the vent leading east. You will find another hatch on your left which leads into the kitchen area. If you would follow the vent to the east, then west it will lead down a level and lead to a hatch that opens into a cell in the secutity office you passed earlier. So climb down the hatch into the kitchen. Leave the kitchen to the north.

The first door on the right is Camden Cho's office. You need to reach a small seating area between Camden Cho's and April Sweeney's offices. There is a security guard patrolling there, so it may be easier not to go past Camden's office but, from the kitchen, left into the seating area, around the conference room to you right and past April Sweeney's office.

You can use April's office to hide if you need to wait for an opportune moment. Sneak into the red-lightes electrical area and go through the vent to the west. There is another hatch in the ceiling that leads into a vent.

Research & Development[edit]

Follow the vent around some corner, climb up a crate to reach the upper level, go another corner an down a hatch. You are now in a red-lighted storage room on research and development level.

There are a couple of guards and a security mini bot in this area.

Sneak down the stairs to the right and keep on the right side of the machine.

Open the vent in the wall to the west and climb in. This part of the vent is very dark, you may want to use your helmet light.

Ahead to the south is panel flashing a green light. Pick the panel's novice security level lock and turn off the lights on the floor. Pass the panel to the south and turn a corner left, then right.

Open the hatch in the ceiling and climb up. You may need you boostpack to get up. From the niche you are in now you need to go right, but there are a couple of robots patroling the area.

If you want deactivate these robots you need to leave the niche to the left and then right, past an industrial workbench on your right.

Turn left an pass a spacesuit workbench on you right.

Enter the passage ahead and go up the stairs to the left.

At the top of the stairs go left again and go ahead until you reach a computer slightly to your right. Pick the computer's novice security level lock and deactivate the robots.

Now go through the door on your left onto a balcony. Jump down.

Now go through the passage to the north. You need to go up the stairs you see in the back of the room.

Just sneak around the table, up the stairs, turn right, and behind the table.

You need to open another vent that is high up on the east side of the room. Jump up the white thing, open the vent, climb in and follow it up to executive level.

Executive level[edit]

At the end of the vent open the grate. You may be able to overhear two guards discussing taking a souvenier.

When you leave the vent you are on a small ridge. Follow the ridge to the left, jump onto the suspended beam and follow it across the room.

On the west side of the room drop down to another ridge, open another vent, sneak inside and follow it to the right.

After a turn to the right you open a vent to the left.

If you are feeling particulary athletic you can jump onto the lamp and over the railing. Otherwise just drop down and go up the stairs.

You need to sneak through the antechamber with Maeve's desk into Ularu's office on the left. There is a guard in the antechamber. He will walk around and luckily be very interested in the far side walls.

Sneak into Ularu's office, access Ularus's computer and use the rover. If you want to look at her workspace it is locked with master security level and can also be unlocked with Ularu's Keycard. You can also access Ularu's workspace later after the lockdown has ended.

Exit Ryujin Tower[edit]

There seems to be no easy way out, so you need to backtrack all the way. (Actually, you can just use the quick travel to port out)

From the antechamber either go left and jump over the lamp or go right, down the stairs and use your boostpack to reach the vent.

Back through the vent, right on the ridge, up onto the beam, across the room, left on the other side and into the next vent.

Down the vent, through R&D, right at the big plaza, straight to the engineering section, right at the corner, pass the industrial workbench to your right and straight into the storage room.

There is a way to jump onto the shelf so you can reach the grate but it is very fiddly. You may want to use you boostpack. Go along the vent, drop down into the next vent, follow it down around some corners and down into another vent until you are in the red lighted electric section on operations level.

Sneak into the kitchen, climb into the vent and follow it right. Exit it, go to the stairwell and follow it all the way down.

Sneak through DRONE's saleseroom and to the storageroom at the end of the officespace. Climb up into the vent. Again, it's possible to make the jump but you may want to use you boostpack.

Follow the vent to the right and jump down into the big storeroom. Go into the vent on the opposite wall, go left and leave the tower.

Back to Nyx[edit]

Now you need to meet Nyx at his apartment. Follow the path in the scaffolding, jump up some peaces until you can reach the container suspended from the crane, cross the container, cross the beams on the other side and go down the staircases all the way.

At the bottom of the stairs go right until you reach the square in front of Madame Sauvage's Place. Pick up your follower if you left them here.

Pass Madame Sauvage's Place and follow the alleys north. At the edge of the platform go right.

You will come to a square that has a double-staircase on the other side an an industrial workbench to your right. Go up the ladder to you right. It winds a couple of times and ends in front of Nyx's Apartment. Go inside and talk to Nyx.

Nyx takes Nyx's Program: Rover off you hand and looks at the data. Just wait for him to finish, he doesn't take long.

Talk to him again and he shares with you that the contents of the slate incriminate Imogene Salzo. He also gives you Encrypted Files. You can talk to Nyx again to get some more information.

Back to Ryujin[edit]

You need to bring the slate to Dalton at Ryujin Tower.

Leave Nyx's apartment, go down the stairs and turn left at the small square.

Take the next option left, go left of the massive fans, pass Madame Sauvage's Place on your left and go to Bayu Plaza.

Climb up the stairs, go left through Ikuchi Market into Ryujin Tower.

Imogene is in her office but she has nothing to say. So ride the elevator to the executive offices.

Go up the big staircase, then right and left. The security office is on the east wall.

Talk to Dalton and he takes Encrypted Files off your hands and looks at them.

Dalton is astonished to find that someone has been accessing Ularu's files remotely. The files inciminate Imogene Salzo. Dalton wants to question her, so he sends you to her office to escort her to him.

Companion Affinity[edit]

There are multiple affinity events that can happen during this mission.

Affinity Stage Andreja Barrett Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

Player is asked to infiltrate Ryujin and not kill anyone since they are fellow employees. The player has said they'll be careful.[affinity 1]


Player is asked to infiltrate Ryujin and not kill anyone since they are fellow employees. The player has said they can't guarantee anyone's safety and they better stay out of their way.[affinity 2]

Nyx is asking the player to get information on a co-worker named Camden Cho. The player says no problem. Just a quick stop along the way. Information is for Bayu that could be used against Cho.[affinity 3]


Nyx is asking the player to get information on a co-worker named Camden Cho. The player says no, they are here for Ryujin, not against it.[affinity 4]


When Nyx discovers that all things point to Imogene being the mole, the player's immediate reaction is to look forward to killing her.[affinity 5]

  1. Player is asked to infiltrate Ryujin and not kill anyone since they are fellow employees. The player has said they'll be careful.
  2. Player is asked to infiltrate Ryujin and not kill anyone since they are fellow employees. The player has said they can't guarantee anyone's safety and they better stay out of their way.
  3. Nyx is asking the player to get information on a co-worker named Camden Cho. The player says no problem. Just a quick stop along the way. Information is for Bayu that could be used against Cho.
  4. Nyx is asking the player to get information on a co-worker named Camden Cho. The player says no, they are here for Ryujin, not against it.
  5. When Nyx discovers that all things point to Imogene being the mole, the player's immediate reaction is to look forward to killing her.

Mission Stages[edit]

Background Checks (RI04)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(Debug - Start at Masako)
1(Debug - Talk to Dalton Fiennes)
2(Debug - Meet Nyx at Madame Sauvage's Place)
3(Debug - Run Nyx's Program)
4(Debug - Ularu Chen's PC)
5(Debug - Camden Cho's PC)
6(Debug - Meet Nyx at his apatment)
7(Debug - Talk to Nyx at his apatment - Post scene)
8(Debug - Return to Dalton)
9(Debug - Talk to Dalton - Post scene)
99(Player asked Masako about Neuroamps)
100(QO: Talk to Dalton Fiennes)
I need to find Dalton Fiennes in his office on the Executive Floor and see what I can do to help find the mole at Ryujin Industries.
101(Dalton Scene Tracking 01)
102(Dalton Scene Tracking 02)
103(Dalton Scene Tracking 03)
110(Masako Intercom scene done)
200(QO: Meet Nyx at Madame Sauvage's Place)
I need to meet a person named Nyx at Madame Sauvage's Place in Neon. He should already know that Directive Theta has been enacted.
300(QO: Talk to Nyx)
I met Nyx at Madame Sauvage's Place. I need to speak to him to find out what I need to do for Directive Theta.
301(Nyx Scene Tracking 01)
302(Nyx Scene Tracking 02)
303(Nyx Scene Tracking 03)
304(Nyx Scene Tracking 04)
305(Nyx Scene Tracking 05)
310(Nyx Speech Challenge: Pass)
320(Nyx Speech Challenge: Fail)
330(Player pays SMALL amount)
335(Player pays MEDIUM amount)
340(Player pays LARGE amount)
350(Player chose additional job)
360(Player finished speaking to Nyx)
375(QO: Find a way into Ryujin Tower)
I need to find an alternate way into Ryujin Tower since Dalton said my access to the elevators will be temporarily disabled.
380(Player used crane button)
385(Player entered crane button trigger - make sure it's set to be usable)
390(Player entered Ryujin Tower)
400(QO: Run Nyx's Program on Ularu's Computer, Equip Disruptor)
I need to enter Ryujin Industries and run the program Nyx gave me on Ularu's computer.
405(Player entered combat)
406(Player equipped the Disrupter)
410(Breadcrumb: Floor 4)
415(Breadcrumb: Floor 5)
420(Breadcrumb: Floor 6)
430(Player entered Ularu's office - clear breadcrumbs if any remain)
450(Ryujin Security Speech Challenge Pass)
460(Ryujin Security Speech Challenge Fail)
470(Player completed guard scene and PASSED the speech challenge.)
480(Set guards to Hostile)
499(Player ran program on Ularu's computer)
500(QO: Run Nyx's Program on Camden Cho's Computer)
I need to enter Ryujin Industries and run the program Nyx gave me on Ularu's and Camden's computers.
550(Player ran program on Camden's computer)
575(QO: Exit Ryujin Tower)
Now that I've finished running Nyx's program, I should leave Ryujin Tower and return to him at his apartment.
580(Player went through ceiling trigger)
590(Player exited Ryujin Tower)
600(QO: Meet Nyx at his Apartment)
Now that I've finished running Nyx's program, I need to return to him at his apartment and see what he can find.
601(Nyx Scene Tracking 01)
700(QO: Talk to Nyx)
I need to speak to Nyx at his apartment to hand back the program he gave me.
750(Remove Nyx's Program)
800(QO: Wait for Nyx)
I need to wait for Nyx to analyze the data I gave him.
810(Start monitor animations)
900(QO: Talk to Nyx)
Nyx finished analyzing the data and downloaded it onto a slate that I need to give to Dalton. I should talk to him about what he found.
901(Nyx Scene Tracking 01)
910(Add Encrypted Files)
1000(QO: Return to Dalton at Ryujin Tower)
I have the data that Dalton wanted as part of Directive Theta. I need to return to him at Ryujin Tower.
1100(QO: Talk to Dalton)
I need to speak to Dalton about the data I've brought him for Directive Theta.
1105(Player responded with collateral damage.)
1110(Remove Encrypted Files)
1200(QO: Wait for Dalton)
I need to wait for Dalton to analyze the data Nyx provided.
1300(QO: Talk to Dalton)
Dalton has finished analyzing the information. I need to speak to him to see what he's discovered.
1301(Dalton Scene Tracking 01)
1302(Dalton Scene Tracking 02)
1310(Dalton Forcegreeted)
9000(Calculate Rewards)
  • Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the Radiant Mission system, and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all entries may appear in your log; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the mission is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with missions that have multiple possible outcomes or missions where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Mission" it means the mission disappears from the Active Mission list, but you may still receive new entries for that mission.
  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage RI04 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest RI04.
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