Starfield:War Relics

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Scour an old battleground for a military robot.
Mission Giver: Vae Victis
Location(s): Red Devils HQ, 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage
ID: UC07
XP: 250
Credits ?: Faction Medium plus Credit.png1,000 if you are UC Native
Other Rewards: None
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The Devils You Know Hostile Intelligence

Official SummaryEdit

"The player has finished their work with Vae Victis, learning the location of one of Hadrian's old team members - Kaiser - as well as the fact that Hadrian is both a clone of Vae Victis, and the fact that the old Admiral is still alive.\n\nThe player can tell Hadrian what they've discovered, and she'll request the player head to Niira to recover Kaiser.\n\nThere, the player meets Gel, prioreitor of the only business on Niira - 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage - which makes their money chopping up mechs and selling off the parts.\n\nHe can help the player find Kaiser, who has run out of power stalking a dangerous Xenoweapon known as Unit 99. Once the player restores Kaiser (either by purchasing a battery from Gel or making one themselves), they'll help Kaiser "disarm" Unit 99, by either killing the alien or wiping its mind control interface. \n\nOnce Unit 99 has been dealt with, Kaiser and the player return to Mars, where they'll learn their next destination - Londinion."

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Vae Victis.
  2. Talk to Hadrian.
  3. Talk to Gel.
  4. Find Kaiser.
  5. Clear the Heatleeches from Kaiser.
  6. Find a MicroCell.
    1. (Optional) Buy a MicroCell from Gel.
    2. (Optional) Construct a MicroCell.
  7. Return to Kaiser.
  8. Neutralize Unit 99.
    1. (Optional) Kill Unit 99.
    2. (Optional) Disable Unit 99's control interface.
  9. Return to Hadrian.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Return to MarsEdit

With Reginald Orlase dealt with, Vae Victis has agreed to get the old UC Xenowarfare team back together to find a way to deal with the Terrormorph threat. He has the contacts to assemble most of the team, but one key member is still missing - a Model A named Kaiser. Vae Victis gives you Kaiser's command password, "Nos Belli Machinis", and sends you to Hadrian for further information.

Hadrian and Dr. Walker are settling into the old Red Devils HQ on Mars - you will now be able to land directly at the site, and take the elevator down from the surface. Besides them, the facility is now also staffed with UC researchers, Freestar Collective observers (if you agreed to allow them in Friends Like These) and Lieutenant Gualter Azevedo, a Red Devils veteran who will sell you UC Navy and UC Marines spacesuits. You can find Hadrian in a lab on the lower floor.

Hadrian is glad to hear that her old team is being assembled, but is suspicious about who could have pulled it off. You have the option of telling her that her father is still alive, or of keeping that information secret. If you do tell her, she's furious that the Red Devils were disbanded while Vae Victis escaped execution, but remains committed to the mission nonetheless. Hadrian will tell you that Kaiser was last seen on Niira, in the Narion System. Niira was never a particularly pleasant planet, but during the Colony War, it was the site of one of the fiercest battles, between the Red Devils and the Freestar Militia's First Cavalry. The planet is now crawling with UC xenoweapons. She directs you to a salvage operation, 1-Of-A-Kind, where she thinks that Gel, the proprietor, might be able to help you track down Kaiser.

Searching the ScrapyardEdit

Travel to Niira and land at 1-Of-A-Kind. You will immediately discover that Niira is a deeply unpleasant place, as you are welcomed by storms of acid rain and an automated turret gunning down a Heatleech. Gel is in the airlocked hab to your right as you descend from the landing pad.

Gel can tell you quite a bit about the Battle of Niira and the wreckage left over from it. When you bring up the subject of Kaiser, he'll say that he doesn't know any robots by that name, but that there is an independent robot out in the battlefield, searching for a particular Siren, which the salvagers have taken to calling "Captain Ahab". You can either choose to search the battlefield for Kaiser yourself, or purchase a clue from Gel for  1000. With a successful difficulty 4 Speech Challenge, you can bargain him down to  675.

Either way, you will need to head out into the old battlefield, north of the salvage yard. The battlefield is a maze of mech husks, piles of junk, and artillery craters, at the bottom of which lie pools of acid that will eat through your health in seconds. The battlefield is also patrolled by Ecliptic mercenaries, who have a small base at the western edge, and Sirens, the descendants of xenoweapons left behind after the war. Sirens are dangerous melee combatants, with a large health pool and extremely painful melee attacks, but they lack any sort of ranged option. They travel in small groups of two or three, and will retreat if heavily injured.

You will find Kaiser in the wreck of the UC Syracuse, on the north edge of the battlefield, covered in heatleeches. Kill the heatleeches, talk to Kaiser, and use the password to unlock its voice controls. Unfortunately, the heatleeches have almost completely drained its battery, so you will need to find a MicroCell to power it back up. It suggests purchasing one from Gel.

Gel does indeed have a MicroCell in stock, but it's quite expensive (over  12000). If you can cover the costs, you can simply buy the MicroCell, but Gel also suggests that you might be able to put one together at an Industrial Workbench using parts salvaged from mech husks. He's willing to give you directions to three sites with the parts you'll need, on the condition that you sell any extra salvage to him - something you were probably going to do anyway, and which is not enforced. If you do not want to travel all the way back to the salvage yard after recovering the MicroCell parts, there is a small shack with an Industrial Workbench near the middle of the battlefield. Either way, once you have the MicroCell, return to Kaiser and power it up.

Call Me IshmaelEdit

After powering up Kaiser, it will insist that it cannot depart for Mars until it has finished its current mission - "disarming" the last xenoweapon on Niira, Unit 99. If you have already killed Unit 99, Kaiser will agree to travel to Mars immediately. Otherwise, it will not even consider leaving until its mission is complete. You will have to assist it in finishing its mission.

Kaiser will track Unit 99 to a surprising location - the Ecliptic compound on the western edge of the battlefield. You have the option of either joining Kaiser in a direct assault on the compound, or of choosing to scout it out yourself. You can also discuss potential alternative means of neutralizing Unit 99 - in particular, if you do not want to kill it, it may be possible for Kaiser to disable its control interface.

The compound is a small, walled base built under the cover of a large ridge, with a gate at the far end. In the center is a large cage containing Unit 99. To the right of the cage is a small, two-storey hab, with sleeping quarters on the bottom floor and a control room on the top floor. The control room contains a computer that controls the cage - it can be used to release Unit 99, or to seal the cage shut. The compound is defended by Ecliptic mercenaries, including a boss, and may come under attack from feral Sirens and Swarming Stalker Scorpions. If the boss detects you, they will order Unit 99 to be released. If the cage has not been sealed, it will immediately begin assisting Ecliptic.

Once the Ecliptic are dead, if Unit 99 is still in its cage, Kaiser will be able to disable its control interface. Otherwise, it will need to be put down. Afterwards, Kaiser will agree to come with you to Mars.

Return to the Red Devils HQ. Kaiser will enter ahead of you, and greet Hadrian and Dr. Walker. Hadrian will then ask you to follow her, immediately starting Hostile Intelligence.

Companion AffinityEdit

  • Sarah Morgan likes it if you tell Hadrian that it feels good to be a UC citizen.
  • Sarah Morgan likes it if you tell Kaiser to proceed with a frontal assault on the Ecliptic compound.
  • Sarah Morgan dislikes it if you declare to Hadrian that you prefer the aceles solution.

Companion AffinityEdit

There are multiple affinity events that can happen during this mission.

Affinity Stage Andreja Barrett Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

Hadrian just asked the player how they feel about becoming a UC citizen. The player said "Feels good" and Hadrian responded "it should. You earned it."[affinity 1]



Hadrian just asked the player how they feel about becoming a UC citizen. The player said they're not thrilled about being associated with a group like the UC. Hadrian acknowledged the UC's got some skeletons in its closet.[affinity 2]


Player and Kaiser are deciding on approaches to deal with Unit 99, who is in the hands of the hostile merc group Ecliptic, who may be planning to use the creature as a weapon. The player has decided to go in guns blazing and kill everyone - Unit 99 (the xenoweapon) and the Ecliptic mercenaries (jerks).[affinity 3]

Player and Kaiser are deciding on approaches to deal with Unit 99, who is in the hands of the hostile merc group Ecliptic, who may be planning to use the creature as a weapon. The player has requested Kaiser attempt to wipe Unit 99's control interface without killing the creature. Kaiser agreed.[affinity 4]




  1. Hadrian just asked the player how they feel about becoming a UC citizen. The player said "Feels good" and Hadrian responded "it should. You earned it."
  2. Hadrian just asked the player how they feel about becoming a UC citizen. The player said they're not thrilled about being associated with a group like the UC. Hadrian acknowledged the UC's got some skeletons in its closet.
  3. Player and Kaiser are deciding on approaches to deal with Unit 99, who is in the hands of the hostile merc group Ecliptic, who may be planning to use the creature as a weapon. The player has decided to go in guns blazing and kill everyone - Unit 99 (the xenoweapon) and the Ecliptic mercenaries (jerks).
  4. Player and Kaiser are deciding on approaches to deal with Unit 99, who is in the hands of the hostile merc group Ecliptic, who may be planning to use the creature as a weapon. The player has requested Kaiser attempt to wipe Unit 99's control interface without killing the creature. Kaiser agreed.

Mission StagesEdit

War Relics (UC07)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(DEBUG: Get the player to Mars)
2(DEBUG: Off to Niira!)
3(DEBUG: Direct the player to go find Kaiser)
4(DEBUG: Jump the player to Kaiser)
5(DEBUG: Talk to Gel about the Positron batteries)
6(DEBUG: Battery collected. Direct the player back to Kaiser)
7(DEBUG: Jump the player and Kaiser to the Ridge)
8(DEBUG: Start the assault on the Ecliptic base.)
9(DEBUG: Get the player and Kaiser back to Mars)
10(DEBUG: Give the player all the required items for Kaiser's battery)
19(DEBUG: This stage gets set by all the other Debug stages to get the player the items they need an)
100(P1: OBJ: Quest started!)
Vae Victis has given me the location of Kaiser, but expects I'll need some additional information to bring him home. He suggested I check in with Hadrian first.
105(P2: Battery component distribution is all set. Turn on the container changed events in UC07_BatteryMaterialsCollScript)
110(P1: HAD ATTRACT: Player hit Hadrian's trigger. Kick off her attract.)
121(P2: DIA: HAD INT: Get back to 1st player dialogue choices)
122(P2: DIA: HAD INT: Get back to 2nd player dialogue choice set)
123(P2: DIA: HAD INT: Get back to 3rd player dialogue choice set)
150(P1: DIAL HAD INTRO: Player told Hadrian Kaiser's on Niira. Changes up dialogue in scene 210.)
200(P1: OBJ: HAD INTRO: Player finished intro scene. Direct them to Niira.)
Hadrian has something she thinks I'll need to recover Kaiser. I should follow her.
210(P1: HAD WALK: Hadrian finished rummaging in the box and is ready to hand over Kaiser's schematics.)
211(P2: DIA: HAD SCHEM: Get back to 1st player dialogue choice set)
212(P2: DIA: HAD SCHEM: Get back to 2nd player dialogue choice set)
220(P1: ITM: HAD SCHEM: Have Hadrian give the player the schematics.)
221(P1: DIA: HAD SCHEM: Player found out Kaiser's a robot. If they didn't know that previously, set stage 222 and open up an extra dialogue line.)
222(P1: DIA: HAD SCHEM: Player didn't know Kaiser was a robot until Hadrian told them. Unlocks an extra dialogue option in the Schematic scene)
223(P1: DIA: HAD SCHEM: Player heard the Stage 222 line. Open up the follow up question.)
225(P2: DIA: HAD SCHEMATICS: Player finished Clone Scene with Hadrian. Close that off.)
226(P2: DIA: HAD SCHEMATICS: Player chose to anger Hadrian rather than support her.)
227(P3: HAD INT: Player told Hadrian they know she's a clone)
300(P1: OBJ: HAD SCHEM: Scene complete. Direct the player to Niira.)
I've now got Kaiser's schematic catalogue and the password for his voice controls: "Nos Belli Machinis." Next stop: 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage on Niira.
301(P2: DIA: GEL MAIN: Get player back to Gel's first dialogue loop)
302(P-Late: GEN-514505: Adding a new prereq stage for the script that watches for the cage opening. Set from stage 300. All this does is allow that lock event to be tracked)
305(P2: OBJ: GEL MAIN: Gel made his pitch - find Kaiser on your own or pay me)
Gel's given me two options - wander around Niira's dangerous mech fields in the hopes I stumble upon Kaiser, or pay him for the information.
309(P1: DIA: GEL MAIN: Player stated they'll try and find Kaiser on their own. Turn on the obj directing them to the fields (obj 305))
310(P2: SPEE: GEL MAIN: Player won speech challenge in Gel's main scene.)
311(P2: SPEE: GEL MAIN: Player LOST speech challenge in Gel's main scene.)
315(P2: DIA: GEL MAIN: Player told Gel they're Freestar. Give a discount.)
316(P2: DIA: GEL MAIN: Player told Gel about the Terrormorph attacks. Unlocks companion line to negotiate down Gel's price.)
317(P2: DIA: GEL MAIN: Azami shamed Gel into giving a discount)
320(P2: KAISER: Player entered the fields. Turn off the objective marker pointing them to the area.)
350(P1: DIA: GEL MAIN: Player paid Gel's fee)
398(P3: Player learned Kaiser's location from Gel. Direct them out there.)
399(P3: Player found Kaiser's location from a slate. Set the appropriate stage (but don't let Gel's dialogue update))
400(P1: OBJ: GEL MAIN: Player got Kaiser's location. Get them headed in that direction.)
I know how to find Kaiser! Looks like I'm headed towards a nearby crashed spaceship - The Syracuse.
407(P4.5: Player approached Kaiser. Have him trigger his "kill these things" scene)
410(P1: OBJ: KAISER POWER-UP: Player hit the trigger (meaning they're in range of Kaiser's beacon). Direct them to him.)
I hear the beacon! Kaiser can't be far now!
415(P3.5: Player gave Kaiser his password. Turn off his beacon.)
420(P1: KAISER POWER-UP: Player hit Kaiser's inner trigger. Change objectives. This is also used as a gate for earlier quest logs.)
430(P1: OBJ: KAISER POWER-UP: Kaiser's scene complete. Direct player to remove the Leeches.)
It looks like Kaiser's been infested with Heatleeches. I'll need to remove them... carefully.
440(P1: KAISER POWER-UP: Player cleared off the Leeches. Let the player speak to Kaiser)
I found Kaiser! Now I just need to give him the password - "Nos Belli Machinis" - to unlock his voice controls.
450(P1: OBJ: KAISER POWER-UP: Player heard Kaiser's request for a Positron Battery. Direct them back to the 1-of-a-kind)
The Heatleeches have completely drained Kaiser's battery. He'll need a new one. He suggested I ask at the salvage yard if they have one.
455(P3: Player heard Gel mention Heatleeches. Let the player ask about them,)
460(P1: OBJ: GEL TL: Player learned they can make or buy Positron Batteries from Gel. Unlock those objectives.)
Gel stated he's got a MicroCell for sale... but also that they have the facilities to make them here. I should ask about that.
461(P1: DIA: GEL TL: Player hit the loop of Gel's offer to buy Positron Batteries off them. Get them back here if they decline.)
470(P1: OBJ: GEL TL: Player agreed to work with Gel. Direct them to the containers and the workbench)
It sounds like I can either buy a MicroCell from Gel or manufacture my own. I should read the schematics catalogue Hadrian gave me. Hopefully it's got the plans for a MicroCell.
475(P2: OBJ: BATTERY: Player read Kaiser's schematics. Used to figure out which objective to show the player once they've asked about making batteries)
I've got the plans to make a MicroCell. So I can either go collect the components from the sites Gel suggested or just buy one from him.
480(P3: Stage set when the player knows what the three components needed to make a MicroCell are. Set from 470/475, depending on if the player's read Kaiser's schematics.)
481(P3: Player collected a conductor array. Mark that objective complete and check the rest)
482(P3: Player collected MicroCell Power Source. Complete that objective and check to see if the rest are done)
483(P3: Player collected MicroCell shielding. Complete that objective and check to see if the rest are done.)
485(P3: Player has all the parts for a MicroCell. Direct them back to the bench.)
495(P4.5: Player crafted a Microcell. Used to update objectives in stage 500)
500(P1: OBJ: BATTERY: Player acquired a Positron battery via any means. Direct them back to Kaiser)
MicroCell acquired. Now I just need to hand it over to Kaiser.
510(P1: OBJ: KAISER HELP: Player handed over battery to Kaiser.)
Kaiser's back at full operational capacity! Time to get him back to Mars!
511(P2: DIA: KAISER POWER-UP: Get player back to the first player dialogue loop)
512(P2: DIA: KAISER POWER-UP: Get player back to the second player dialogue loop)
513(P2: DIA: KAISER POWER-UP: Get player back to the third player dialogue loop)
514(P2: DIA: KAISER POWER-UP: Player told Kaiser their current mission is fighting Terrormorphs. Used to change up Kaiser's dialogue in the "Wrap-Up" scene)
515(P2: DIA: KAISER POWER-UP: Player told Kaiser Hadrian wants him back. Used to change up Kaiser's dialogue in the "Wrap-Up" scene)
540(P1: KAISER HELP: Player told Kaiser they'd think about helping him.)
544(P2: DIA: KAISER HELP: Player asked about killing Unit 99)
545(P2: DIA: KAISER HELP: Kaiser mentioned that there are other options besides killing Kaiser. Changes up dialogue when you approach the overlook)
546(P2: DIA: KAISER HELP: Player expressed they don't want to kill Unit 99. Changed up dialogue in Pre-attack scene.)
550(P1: OBJ: KAISER HELP: Player agreed to help Kaiser.)
Kaiser won't leave the planet unless I help him finish his current mission - eliminating the planet's final Xenoweapon, Unit 99 - so that's where we're headed.
551(P3: Player asked in the initial mission scene if we could avoid violence. Don't need to reopen that in the second one.)
552(P3: Player used the "I killed Unit 99 already" line in Kaiser's mission brief. Used to turn off that scene.)
553(P4.5: Player told Kaiser they'd think about helping him. Turns off his"It's hostile to organics" line in his travel scene if the player chooses that option.)
555(P1: OBJ: KAISER HELP: Player agreed to help Kaiser.)
557(P4: Kaiser entered the trigger at the top of Angel Redoubt. Pull him out of his patrol package and drop him into his travel package.)
560(P1: OBJ: KAISER PREATTACK: Player and Kaiser arrived at their destination and he said his warning line. Unlock his new scene.)
Kaiser's got a bead on Unit 99, but there's a problem. I should speak to him.
561(P2: DIA: KAISER PRE-ATTACK: Get player back to loop)
562(P2: DIA: KAISER PRE-ATTACK: Player had not asked about "Are there other methods of disarmament" before Unit 99 was scanned. Changes up dialogue in Kaiser's final question loop. Set from the action where Kaiser scans Unit 99.)
563(P2: DIA: KAISER PRE-ATTACK: Player heard the variant of the "Can we not kill Unit 99" line at the end of pre-attack (triggered via 562), which opens another variant line for "I want to not kill Unit 99" player choice)
598(P2: KAISER PRE-ATTACK: Player stated they wanted to try and not kill Unit 99. When they progress the scene, throw an extra objective to help them do that.)
599(P1: KAISER PREATTACK: Player chose to go scout things out themselves. Give them a qt, but don't have Kaiser come along.)
It seems Unit 99 has been captured by Ecliptic mercenaries. I'm going to head down to the outpost alone and see what's going on.
600(P1: KAISER PREATTACK: Player and Kaiser are moving out to attack the Ecliptic base.)
Kaiser and I are going to put down Unit 99! Time to head in and raise hell!
604(P2: BASE ATTACK: Player triggered Ecliptic boss scene)
605(P2: BASE ATTACK: Ecliptic boss completed his scene. End it and let him get back to patrolling)
610(P1: BASE ATTACK: Enemies detected player or Kaiser. Play their scene have let Unit 99 loose.)
615(P4+: BASE ATTACK: Player sealed Unit 99's cage. Close out that objective if it hasn't been released)
620(P2: BASE ATTACK: Release Unit 99! (Triggered via the cage door opening, whether via the player or the terminal))
625(P2: BASE ATTACK: Get Unit 99 fighting alongside Ecliptic! Set from either stage 610)
630(P2: BASE ATTACK: Get Unit 99 attacking everyone! Set from stage 620)
640(P1: BASE ATTACK: Player hit the right number of Ecliptic left in their group. Draw QTs on them (set from the Ecliptic ref coll))
650(P1: BASE ATTACK: Ecliptic eliminated. Check to see if Unit 99's still alive, and if so, direct the player to kill it.)
I took care of Ecliptic. Time to speak to Kaiser about how to proceed.
660(P1: BASE ATTACK: Direct the player to kill Unit 99.)
700(P1: BASE ATTACK: Unit 99 is dead. Start Kaiser's eulogy scene.)
701(P2: BASE ATTACK: Player told Kaiser to wipe Unit 99's control interface. Get him moving to the right spot.)
Kaiser's agreed to help disable Unit 99's control interface, so we don't need to kill the creature. I should cover him as we head back to the outpost.
702(P2: BASE ATTACK: Kaiser arrived at Unit 99 for the interface wipe (set in the arrival scene). Turns off the hellos for the march.)
705(P1: KAISER POST-ATTACK: Ecliptic and Unit 99 are dead. Start Kaiser's eulogy scene)
Unit 99 and the Ecliptic forces have been dealt with, but it seems Kaiser still has some business to take care of. I should stay close.
707(P4.5: Play Kaiser's "transmitting" sound)
710(P1: KAISER POST-ATTACK: Kaiser's eulogy scene is complete)
Kaiser's mission is now complete. I should talk to him about getting off this rock.
711(P2: DIA: KAISER POST-ATTACK: Player got to the first player dia loop. Get them back there.)
712(P2: DIA: KAISER POST-ATTACK: Player told Kaiser the threat they're facing. Used to change up lines in the final scene.)
715(P2: DIA: KAISER POST-ATTACK: Kaiser post-attack scene started. This turns off Kaiser's forcegreet and moves him into a stay at self package.)
800(P1: OBJ: KAISER POST-ATTACK: Kaiser is ready to return home. Get him marching to the player's ship.)
Kaiser has agreed to accompany me back to Mars. He says he'll meet me back at my ship.
810(P1: KAISER POST-ATTACK: Player entered their ship. Have Kaiser disable and wait for the player's arrival at the RDHQ.)
815(P2: BACK TO MARS: Player sat in their ship seat (triggered from script on player alias). Player Kaiser's "I'm locked in" scene.)
817(P-Late: Player went to any planet that's not Niira. If Unit 99 is still alive, unlock the gate and disable him. Set from a change location event on the player's ship.)
820(P1: BACK TO MARS: Player returned to Red Devils HQ. Play the scene from Kaiser. Set from a script on the player ship alias OR the player alias.)
We've touched down at the Red Devils base. Kaiser said he'll meet me inside.
825(P4.5: Player loaded into RDHQ interior after stage 820. Get Kaiser walking towards his destination for the scene (set from a trigger in RDHQ))
850(P1: BACK TO MARS: Player entered trigger with Kaiser, Jakob, Hadrian. Kick off their wrap-up scene.)
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