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(000057BE, 000057BB)
Location SF-mapicon-The Lodge.svg The Lodge — Constellation's headquarters in MAST district of New Atlantis. (map)
Editor ID Crew_Elite_Vasco
Race ModelARace Gender Male
SF-skill-Shield Systems 2.png

Shield Systems 2
Shield System capacity increased by 20%.
SF-skill-Aneutronic Fusion 1.png

Aneutronic Fusion 1
Outposts (and ships) produce a minor surplus of energy. See notes for details.
SF-skill-EM Weapon Systems 1.png

EM Weapon Systems 1
5% increased Ship-Based EM Weapon Damage, 5% increased Ship-Based EM Weapon Recharge speed.
RefID 000057BE BaseID 000057BB
Other Information
Faction(s) AvailableCrewFaction

Vasco is Constellation's expeditionary robot. His design is based on a Type-A bipedal chassis built by Lunar Robotics, and was refurbished to meet the requirements of Constellation's mission. Vasco is capable of traversing rough terrain, and has all the survival gear needed for extended overland journeys. His primary role is peaceful but he does have the defensive capabilities in case the need arises. Vasco wears the white and red livery of Constellation, though many years in the field has worn the paint down and dented a few panels. Regardless of the forty-three years he as been in use, he is still the reliable companion an explorer can depend on.[1]

Vasco was purchased by Malcolm Livingston when he was chair of Constellation.

When assigned to the ship as crew, Vasco will stand near the landing bay or at the docking area of space stations and defend the surroundings. In most instances, he will not take up space in the ship while it is in flight and will instead remain in the unseen robotics bay. He will always provide an additional reactor bar to be assigned freely, stacking with the ship's reactor and the player's own skill bonuses.

He is capable of saying the player's name in conversation.[2]

(000057BE, 0010A3D3)
Editor ID LC165_Lodge_Vasco
Race ModelARace Gender Male
RefID 000057BE BaseID 0010A3D3
Vasco, full body


  • "Welcome back, Captain Howard." --A demonstration of his ability to say the player name for the Starfield Direct
  • "Hello, Captain. How may I be of assistance? " --Player approaches VASCO
  • "Please avoid getting shot. You might die." --While in combat
  • "The Frontier is fueled and ready, Captain." --While your ship is ready to go underway

Related Missions[edit]

Spoken Names[edit]

VASCO is capable of saying a variety of names in conversation based on the name provided during character creation. If your name is matched, VASCO will say "Captain NAME" instead of just "Captain" in conversation. These names can match all of or part of your player name (so, for example, VASCO will call you "Bob" if your name is "Bob the Builder". In order for VASCO to say your name, both text and sound must be set to english.[3]

Supported Names
Letter Names
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"Are you in need of me on your crew?"

Yeah, let's get going.

"Order received. I will now address you as "Captain".
"I will proceed to my assigned post."

No, not right now.

"Understood. I will await further orders at the Lodge."

Can you tell me more about Lunar Robotics?

"Lunar Robotics is a manufacturing company. They are most notable for creating Model A robots. Their headquarters was once located on Earth's moon. It was evacuated during the cataclysm that rendered Earth uninhabitable. Today, Lunar Robotics products are still found throughout the Settled Systems. Myself included."

Do you enjoy working for Constellation?

"That is a difficult question to parse. I do not experience human emotions such as enjoyment. However, I have been kept busy since Constellation acquired me. That satisfies my directive to be as helpful as possible for the duration of my existence."

Do you miss the Lodge?

"In a geographical sense, the Lodge cannot be missed. It is easily accessible from the New Atlantis spaceport. But I presume that you are using "miss" in this context to mean "long for". In which case, my answer is no. I long for nothing. Barrett, however, regularly complains about missing the Lodge's amenities during our travels. This has led me to the conclusion that it is a place worth missing."


"No, I do not. I long for nothing. But I have surmised that the majority of Constellation's members find the Lodge to be a place of comfort and safety. This has led me to the conclusion that it is a place worth missing. "

Do you remember anything from before you were reprogrammed?

"Some data from my time on Earth's moon remains deep in my motherboard, but I do not frequently access it. Very little of what is in those files would prove useful to modern spacefarers."

How did you get your name?

"Constellation named me after the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, who resided on Earth in the 15th century. He explored his home planet by way of its seas. Barrett tells me that Vasco da Gama was an accomplished explorer. I am inclined to believe it, as that is a compliment Barrett normally reserves for himself."

Do you speak every human language?

"I have been programmed to comprehend all modern and ancient human languages. The only exception is body language. My body is crafted from reinforced metal, and therefore incompatible with such forms of expression."

What was the greatest invention in human history?

"Logically, I believe the correct answer to be the airplane. Followed shortly by the computer. Humans could not have become a space-faring species without them. Illogically speaking, I am inclined to believe that books were your greatest invention. I have spent a good deal of time processing works of "science fiction." They make good case studies in how your species could have made a mess of its entry into the stars in different ways than you did in reality."

Do you know any human jokes?

"I am looking at one. I hope that was a suitable response. Constellation did not equip me with a sense of humor. I have done my best to mimic Barrett's."

What kind of human music do you like?

"This is a difficult question to parse. I do not experience enjoyment. However, I find that the music of ancient Japan has a pleasantly mathematical sound. The same is true of the works of European composers from the Baroque period. I have dedicated significant time to processing these compositions and understanding their structure."

Would it be worth my while to bring you along?

"Undoubtedly. I possess the ability to improve your ship's shield systems, and to make grav jumps more efficient. I am also capable of providing a small surplus of energy to any ship or outpost where I am stationed."

How does traveling with me compare to traveling with Barrett?

"I find you to be a more measured and logical captain than Barrett. It would be quite difficult for another human to be more reckless than him. My likelihood of expiration due to corporeal destruction has been significantly reduced since coming aboard your ship. You should consider this a success."

I have a question about something else.

"You are an exceptionally curious human."
"I am prepared for your inquiry."

I don't have any more questions right now.

"I am relieved to hear that your curiosity has been satisfied."
"Disengaging conversational protocols."
"I hope my answers were satisfactory."
"Please do not hesitate to approach me with further questions."

I'd like to know more about you.

"I am powered by wheels and cogs. They are responsible for any ticking that emanates from me."
"My programming dictates that I must answer any question."
"You may ask me anything. I am programmatically incapable of keeping secrets."
"I will answer your questions truthfully. Unlike you, I am incapable of lying."

I'd like to ask you about something else.

"Based on our previous encounters, this does not surprise me."
"I will endeavor to provide a satisfactory answer."
"Very well. Please proceed with your query."

Where did Constellation find you in the first place?

"Constellation recovered me from an abandoned Lunar Robotics factory on Earth's moon, where I was manufactured. I am told I was in quite a state of disrepair. Barrett elected to refurbish me after the discovery. Since then I have been reprogrammed to be useful to Constellation."

It's a good thing they were able to fix you!

"Constellation is an exceptionally driven and intelligent group of humans. I would expect nothing less of them."

You were built on Earth's moon?

"That is correct. I am a first generation Model A robot. As such, I was manufactured on Earth's moon. Modern Lunar Robotics products are manufactured elsewhere."

How much do you know about humans?

"Constellation has seen to it that I possess a near-encyclopedic knowledge of human history, art, culture, and science. May I answer a question for you?"

So, what's your read on Barrett?

"It is impossible to read Barrett. He is neither a book nor a block of code. If you are asking for a summary of my observations on his behavior, I will provide one."

Have you two been traveling together for long?

"My internal clock tells me that it has been years since Barrett and I began traveling together. I have traveled much of the Settled Systems in his company."

He knows he almost got me killed, right?

"I have only seen Barrett kill his enemies. If you do not number among them, I surmise it was accidental. What you are suffering from is likely a "bad first impression". I suggest consulting Barrett on the issue at once. Barrett tells me a bad first impression is the hardest thing to break. I believe that is because he has never tried to break a diamond."

Did Barrett make you?

"No. I was manufactured by a machine. However, Barrett has modified my programming substantially. I have advanced linguistic capability and navigational skills. I warned him that I would require an extra milisecond to process information with his modifications, but he did not seem to mind. Apparently my capacity for conversation makes me a "more entertaining" travel companion."

He does seem like quite the character.

"Based on my understanding of Barrett, I believe he would be flattered by that assessment."

Do you have any idea what his story is?

"Barrett has not shared many personal details with me. He finds me a poor conversation partner. Despite repeated attempts on his part, I do not understand the concept of "gossip.""


  • How can I be of service, Captain?
  • Do you require my assistance?
  • Good day, Captain.
  • Hello. I am satisfied to see that you survived your most recent sleep cycle.
  • Hi...Please disregard. I attempted an informal greeting, but I am dissatisfied with the results.
  • Greetings, Captain.
  • Hello.
  • It is pleasant to see you.
  • Hello, Captain.
  • Greetings.
  • Do you have a new set of orders for me today?
  • I would be more useful to you aboard your ship than idling here awaiting tasks.
  • May I be of assistance on your ship?
  • I have been idle here for a long time. I believe Barrett would describe this state as "bored".
  • Captain, I believe your ship will perform more efficiently if you bring me onboard.
  • I am fully updated and ready to assist with tasks.
  • Welcome back, Captain.
  • I have been idling and awaiting my next order for some time now.
  • Hello again. I was uncertain you would return.
  • You have returned. A cursory scan indicates that you are in good health.
  • Your safe return to the Lodge will please the other members of Constellation.
  • My return to the Lodge triggered a full system update. I am now fully prepared to assist you.
  • I am relieved by your ability to locate the Lodge. As I previously stated, it is difficult to miss.


  • Goodbye for now.
  • Let me know if I can be of assistance in the future.
  • I will see you at a later time.
  • Goodbye, Captain.
  • Travel safely.
  • Return soon.
  • Goodbye.
  • Good day, Captain.
  • Farewell.



  • Remaining still while stalking prey is a technique used by many predators. Are you hunting, Captain?
  • Pausing to idle in this location is not conducive to completing our current objective.
  • If you are experiencing the phenomenon known as laziness, I suggest retiring to the ship.
  • You have been standing idle for some time. Are you in need of an electric shock?
  • Captain, you seem to be experiencing a lapse in gross motor skill functionality.


  • Your computational skills are impressive for a human.
  • This rudimentary machine should not prove difficult to hack.
  • I will observe your interaction with this machine and update my security protocols accordingly.
  • Attempting this on me would be unwise. I am programmed to resist security breach procedures with lethal force.
  • This machine's internal security processes will not be capable of stopping you.
  • I am hopeful that this security breach will go unnoticed.
  • Machines such as this one possess security systems far inferior to my own.
  • Your chance of success in this interaction is approximately ninety three percent.
  • Warning. Attempts to breach this machine's security systems may result in retaliation from its creator.
  • I estimate that I could perform this task approximately one million times more quickly than a human.

Boarding Action[edit]

  • The probability that this decision will result in bodily harm is extremely high.
  • I would classify your decision to board this unknown ship as unwise.
  • There is a high probability of encountering other humans on this ship. Arm yourself accordingly.
  • I predict that our arrival will cause this ship's crew to become defensive.
  • I am prepared to engage the enemy's crew in combat, should it become necessary.
  • I predict that any attempts at diplomacy will fail.
  • I advise extreme caution. This situation may prove hazardous.
  • I will provide support in the event of an attack aboard this ship.
  • It is highly likely that we will encounter hostiles aboard this ship.
  • I suggest approaching this situation with extreme caution.

Nearby Enemy[edit]

  • Caution advised.
  • Threat detected.
  • Warning, danger imminent.
  • Engage evasive maneuvers.
  • Caution, threat incoming.


  • Exterior damaged.
  • Warning, damage received.
  • Enemy damage received.
  • Flawless health compromised.
  • Enemy damage registered.
  • Injury received.
  • Exterior plating damaged.
  • Exoskeleton damaged.
  • I am hit.
    • Beeping*
  • Damage registered.
  • That smarts.

Heavily Injured[edit]

  • shutdown...
  • Emergency....Circuits...overloaded...
  • Repair...protocol....required...
  • Processors...damaged...

Knocked Out[edit]

  • Circuits overloaded...processors...damaged...CPU...shutting down...

Combat Taunts[edit]

  • I am uncertain why you believed conflict with us was advisable.
  • Do not attempt combat with us. You will not survive.
  • I advise a hasty retreat. It will save your life.
  • It is unwise to remain hostile towards us.
  • The probability of your defeat is extremely high.
  • It is useless to attempt defeating us.
  • This encounter will likely end in your death.
  • It is a fact that my firepower exceeds yours.
  • You are not statistically likely to survive this encounter.
  • You will be easily defeated.


  • Grenade launched.
  • Caution, grenade deployed.
  • I have fired a grenade.
  • Explosion imminent.
  • Explosive deployed.

Enemy Ship[edit]

  • I hope that you will behave better than Barrett normally does in combat.
  • I will assist however I can during battle.
  • The ship is primed for combat, Captain.
  • I advise firing on the enemy before they can fire on us.
  • Combat encounter imminent.
  • Use caution, there is a hostile ship ahead.
  • I have calculated a high probability of success in this battle.
  • Weapons and shields have been readied for combat.
  • A combat encounter with any nearby ships is highly probable.
  • Hostile ship detected ahead.

Combat Over[edit]

  • The enemy is defeated. Combat will now end.
  • I am no longer detecting signs of life from the enemy ship.
  • It would be advisable to search the wreckage of the enemy ship for salvage.
  • Your success ratio in combat far exceeds Barrett's.
  • I never doubted that we would survive that encounter.
  • Ship systems remain intact after our battle.
  • Your performance in combat was quite passable.
  • That enemy will not trouble us further.
  • We have successfully completed that battle.
  • The hostile force has been fully eradicated.

Shields Restored[edit]

  • The ship's shield systems require repair.
  • The shields will not function in their current state.
  • Caution, the shields are not currently functional.
  • It would be advisable to repair the shields at once.
  • Warning, the shields are ineffective when offline.
  • Our ship's shields have been destroyed.
  • The shield systems require more power.
  • Immediate shield repairs required.
  • Warning, shield systems compromised.
  • Shield systems offline.

Weapons Damaged[edit]

  • Weapon systems damaged.
  • I advise immediate repair to the weapons system.
  • Warning, weapon compromised.
  • One of our weapons is in need of repair.
  • It would be advisable to repair the ship's damaged weapon.
  • The weapons systems require immediate repair.
  • Immediate weapon repairs required.
  • Weapon system offline.
  • The enemy has destroyed one of our weapons.
  • Warning, a weapon has been compromised.

Weapons Restored[edit]

  • Weapon repair protocols completed.
  • Full weapon functionality restored.
  • Weapon repairs complete. Please avoid further damage.
  • All weapons have returned to full functionality.
  • Our damaged weapon is functional once more.
  • The damage to our weapon has been reversed.
  • Weapon repairs successfully completed.
  • Weapon repairs complete.
  • Weapons systems are fully functional.
  • Weapon systems online.

Enemy Weapons Damaged[edit]

  • Enemy weapon damaged.
  • You have damaged an enemy weapon.
  • The enemy's firepower has been reduced.
  • A weapon on the enemy ship has been destroyed.
  • The enemy's weapons will now require repairs.
  • Enemy weapon destroyed.
  • Your chances of victory in combat have increased.
  • You have destroyed an enemy weapon.
  • Enemy weapons systems offline.
  • Congratulations, you have damaged an enemy weapon.

Enemy Weapons Restored[edit]

  • Regretfully, the enemy has repaired their weapon.
  • The enemy has restored their weapons' functionality.
  • Enemy weapons systems online.
  • Warning, enemy weapon repairs complete.
  • Caution, enemy weapon repaired.
  • The enemy no longer possesses a damaged weapon.
  • Enemy weapons have been repaired.
  • Enemy weapons are back online.
  • The enemy now possesses functional weapons.
  • The enemy has completed weapon repairs.


  • It is foolish to carry so many items on your own.
  • If you require help carrying any items, I will assist.
  • Your spinal health will be compromised by carrying so many items.
  • It would be advisable to leave some things behind.
  • I am capable of carrying additional supplies if necessary.
  • I do not understand your attachment to all these objects.
  • Your insistence on carrying so many things is reducing our travel speed.
  • You will not be able to walk at full speed with your pack that full.
  • Allow me to assist in carrying some supplies.
  • You have picked up too much matter and become overencumbered.

Hazardous Environment[edit]

  • Ignoring the hazard warnings we are receiving would be very unwise.
  • These hazard warnings indicate that this area is too dangerous for us.
  • Exiting this area has a high probability of extending your lifespan.
  • Choosing to ignore hazard warnings is most unwise.
  • You are putting yourself at undue risk by remaining in this area.
  • Your fragile body is not suited for exploration in this area.
  • It would be advisable to leave this area at high speed.
  • I have received an environmental hazard warning for the local area.
  • Remaining in this area is likely to be damaging to your health.
  • Proceed with caution. This area is hazardous.

Power Usage[edit]

  • Using that power in proximity to other humans may induce fainting from shock.
  • I am amazed your fragile body can host such a power without issue.
  • Use of that power on the ship would be most unwise.
  • Please use caution when utilizing that power around other humans.
  • That power has the potential to interrupt my internal processes.
  • I hope that you are qualified to make use of that power.
  • I believe it would be wise to use that power only in open spaces.
  • Your ability to use that power without corporeal damage is astounding.
  • If I could feel surprise, I believe I would be experiencing it now.
  • Statistically, I believe that should be impossible.

Transferring Items[edit]

  • Allow me to assist you with carrying your items.
  • Do you require assistance with your items?
  • There is room in my storage hold for further items.
  • I will keep your items safe, Captain.
  • I am ready to commence a trade.
  • How can I be of assistance?
  • Commencing item exchange protocols.
  • Am I currently in possession of an item you require?
  • Carrying objects is one of my simplest and most useful protocols.
  • I am relieved you have given up on carrying everything yourself.
  • I will accept any and all items.
  • May I take some things?
  • How may I be of service?
  • I will happily carry whatever you need.

Enemy Detected[edit]

  • I have found the enemy.
  • The enemy is here.
  • I have located the enemy.
  • Enemy located.
  • Alert. Enemy location discovered.
  • Enemy activity detected at close range.
  • Captain, the enemy is here.
  • I have located the enemy.
  • I am detecting the enemy once more.
  • Alert. The enemy has returned.
  • I believe the enemy is nearby.
  • I am picking up faint signs of life in the area.
  • I believe we are no longer alone.
  • I have detected hostile life nearby.
  • Warning, enemy activity detected.

Enemy Gone[edit]

  • I am not picking up the enemy on my scanner.
  • There is no cause for alarm in the vicinity.
  • The enemy has vacated this location.
  • I detect no suspicious activity in the area.
  • There is nothing nearby.
  • Detection of enemy has dropped unexpectedly. Begin search protocol...
  • The enemy is no longer visible. Searching...
  • We have lost them.
  • The enemy has dropped out of our view.
  • It seems the enemy has vanished.

Combat Over[edit]

  • I hope I adequately assisted you during combat.
  • It seems we are victorious.
  • Please perform a wellness check and address any injuries.
  • Your performance in that conflict was beyond adequate.
  • I am no longer detecting signs of life from the enemy.
  • There are no more enemies remaining.
  • It would be wise to search the enemy's remains for valuables.
  • I believe you would consider this victory cause for celebration.
  • We have eradicated all nearby enemies.
  • Another successful fight.

Enemy Fled[edit]

  • There are no hostile organisms nearby.
  • There is no enemy nearby. Resume systematic wandering.
  • I doubt the enemy will return.
  • Enemy activity in the area has ceased.
  • I am no longer detecting enemy activity in this area.
  • We are not in any danger in this area.
  • There is no cause for worry in this area.
  • The enemy has fled.
  • The enemy has escaped us.
  • The enemy has departed.

Combat Starts[edit]

  • Violence imminent.
  • I will assist you in combat.
  • Prepare for combat.
  • Opening fire.
  • The enemy is approaching.
  • We must defeat them.
  • Eradicate them.
  • Enemy detected in the immediate vicinity.
  • Commencing combat.
  • Beginning combat protocol.


  • Few points of interest remain intact on this moon's surface.
  • I was one of the first Model A robots manufactured on this moon.
  • I doubt we will find much of interest on the lunar surface.
  • This location is no longer hospitable to humans.
  • This is the site of some of humanity's first forays into space.
  • I am not detecting any other humans nearby.
  • Early Grav Drive experiments were conducted near this location.
  • The facilities here have been abandoned for some time.
  • The facility where I was maufactured is located on the surface of this moon.
  • Lunar Robotics once operated in this location.
  • Neon is so bright at night that it nearly overwhelms my ocular processors.
  • Many humans choose to consume a copious amount of alcohol while staying in Neon.
  • I am detecting high levels of salt in the air. I believe this will be beneficial for your lungs.
  • I suggest using caution on Neon's streets. The crime rate here is constantly increasing.
  • As I do not have a brain or central nervous system, I do not understand the benefits of Aurora.
  • A fall into the water from this height has a high probability of breaking your spine.
  • Barrett has often complained of a hangover after spending a night in Neon.
  • Consuming too many controlled substances during your stay in Neon risks damaging your brain.
  • Neon experiences more network traffic than any other city in the galaxy.
  • Neon is the home of Ryujin Industries, one of the Settled Systems' largest technology companies.
  • If you are seeking a Freestar Ranger, the Rock would be an advisable place to look.
  • I suggest avoiding Aggie's. Data suggests it is one of the most dangerous places in Akila City.
  • I am grateful that I was not programmed as a farming robot. They break regularly.
  • I strongly suggest the application of sunscreen before exiting the ship on Akila.
  • If you are in need of ammunition, I suggest a trip to Laredo Firearms.
  • It would be advisable to stow any United Colonies merchandise while we are in Akila City.
  • If you require medical attention, Akila City has a host of excellent medical facilities.
  • I advise extreme caution if you intend to explore the area beyond the city walls.
  • I will require a dust eradication procedure after our visit to Akila City.
  • I suggest we remain within the walls at all times while on Akila.
  • Barrett tells me that New Atlantis is the finest city in the galaxy.
  • I am told that Jemison's conditions almost perfectly mimic Earth's centuries before its destruction.
  • If we visit the Lodge, I will return to my maintenance bay for full software updates.
  • We have entered the heart of United Colonies space.
  • If you are in need of a pick-me-up, I am told the TerraBrew location in New Atlantis is the best in the galaxy.
  • I suggest returning to the Lodge to rest. You are not looking well.
  • I am told the finest human minds in the galaxy work at MAST.
  • If you are in need of supplies, I suggest Jemison Mercantile. It is Barrett's preferred shopping location.
  • I suggest stowing any Freestar Collective memorabilia in your possession out of sight while we are here.
  • It would be advisable to return to the Lodge and update Constellation on your journey.
  • Barret has described the food at The Broken Spear as "some of the worst in the galaxy."
  • If you are in need of weapons, there is a UC Exchange office located in Cydonia.
  • Barrett tells me that if I could feel boredom, Cydonia would bore me.
  • Cydonia's layout makes pleasantly efficient use of the surrounding area.
  • There are many organic resources to be collected in the mines beneath Cydonia.
  • I have observed Trade Authority pilots engaging in some suspicious business at this spaceport.
  • Please watch your step near the entrances to the mines.
  • Use caution when interacting with the local population. They are notoriously unfriendly with strangers.
  • Jane's Goods is a small local establishment that provides basic supplies for space travelers.
  • The air quality in Cydonia is quite poor due to the nearby mining operations.
  • Your health will rapidly decline if you proceed into this area without a spacesuit.
  • It would be extremely unwise to explore this region without your spacesuit.
  • I insist that you wear a spacesuit. I will not allow you to die on my watch.
  • Unless you are hoping to die, you will require a spacesuit in this region.
  • I do not have lungs, and therefore do not require a spacesuit in this area. You are not so lucky.
  • This region has a toxic atmosphere. Your spacesuit will be required for exploration.
  • Please do not proceed without your spacesuit. I am not equipped to dispose of corpses.
  • Exploring this area without your spacesuit would inevitably result in death.
  • You will require a spacesuit to explore this region.
  • You will require supplemental oxygen from your spacesuit in this area.
  • I do not believe we will encounter alien creatures in this region.
  • This region is devoid of life.
  • The lack of flora in this region appears to have profoundly affected the ecosystem.
  • It seems you are the only biological lifeform in this area.
  • This region is not suited for biological lifeforms. It does not possess the resources required for your survival.
  • I am detecting mineral deposits in this region.
  • It would be advisable to gather inorganic materials in this area.
  • You are likely the most interesting being in this region, Captain.
  • I am not detecting any living creatures in this region.
  • There are a plethora of inorganic materials in this region.
  • I expect we will have luck procuring organic materials here.
  • I believe most humans would find this area aesthetically pleasing.
  • I am detecting life in this region. I suggest proceeding cautiously.
  • We may encounter alien lifeforms in this region. Please be polite.
  • Please remember that it is unwise to eat any alien flora unless you are certain of its identity.
  • I predict that there are numerous resources in this region.
  • Use caution when approaching any creatures we may encounter in this region
  • This region is abundant in organic materials.
  • I believe we will find alien lifeforms in this region.
  • I am detecting signs of life in the immediate vicinity.
  • The other members of Constellation have no doubt been awaiting your arrival.
  • Home. Sweet. Home.
  • It would be wise to update the members of Constellation about our journey.
  • I will now perform a system update...Complete.
  • I suggest you take advantage of this stop to discuss our journey with the rest of Constellation.
  • I am relieved that the Lodge remains intact. I am not programmed for construction projects.
  • I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity to rest in a safe location.
  • I believe most humans consider the Lodge to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Perhaps you should return to your quarters to rest. You appear tired.
  • We have returned safely to the Lodge. This qualifies our most recent mission as a success.


  • Vasco is voiced by Jake Green.
  • Vasco is named after Vasco de Gama.
  • His body plate shows:
    • VAS-119
    • Model: A
    • 0704-N4T3-81B1-3009
    • LU2-NDU7
    • 3BE7-S1P-XTMX