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(RefID: 000057BE)
Editor ID Crew_Elite_Vasco
Race ModelARace Gender Male
RefID 000057BE BaseID 000057BB
Other Information
Faction(s) AvailableCrewFaction
Editor ID LC165_Lodge_Vasco
Race ModelARace Gender Male
RefID N/A BaseID 0010A3D3

Vasco is Constellation's expeditionary robot. His design is based on a Type-A bipedal chassis built by Lunar Robotics, and was refurbished to meet the requirements of Constellation's mission. Vasco is capable of traversing rough terrain, and has all the survival gear needed for extended overland journeys. His primary role is peaceful but he does have the defensive capabilities in case the need arises. Vasco wears the white and red livery of Constellation, though many years in the field has worn the paint down and dented a few panels. Regardless of the many years in use, he is still the reliable companion an explorer can depend on.[1]

He is capable of saying the player's name in conversation.[2]

Vasco in a ship


  • "Welcome back, Captain Howard." --A demonstration of his ability to say the player name for the Starfield Direct
  • "Hello, Captain. How may I be of assistance? " --Player approaches VASCO
  • "Please avoid getting shot. You might die." --While in combat
  • "The Frontier is fueled and ready, Captain." --While your ship is ready to go underway


  • Vasco is voiced by Jake Green.
  • Vasco is named after Vasco de Gama.



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