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Help Sarah Morgan discover the fate of the crew of the UC Dauntless. (Companions)
Mission Giver: Sarah Morgan
Location(s): None
ID: COM_Quest_SarahMorgan_Q01
XP: 0
Credits ?: 0
Other Rewards: (?) Romance with Sarah
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High affinity with Sarah

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Admiral Pascual Logan at MAST Building in New Atlantis.
  2. Go to Cassiopeia I to find UC Dauntless's crew crash site.
  3. Retrieve the genetags.
  4. Convince Sona to leave OR to stay.
  5. Go back to Admiral Logan.

Mission Stages[edit]

In Memoriam (COM_Quest_SarahMorgan_Q01)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
10(Proceed to New Atlantis)
I've been asked by Sarah Morgan to help discover the fate of the crew of the UC Dauntless, a ship she commanded and was lost during the Colony War. To begin, we should speak to Admiral Logan in New Atlantis, who might have the information we need.
20(Speak to Admiral Logan)
23(--Proximity Trigger Fire Scene)
25(--Intro Logan/Sarah Scene Done - Enable Regular Scene)
30(Proceed to Cassiopeia I)
After confronting Admiral Logan, Sarah and I have discovered that her crew was lost at a specific site on Cassiopeia I. We should proceed there to begin our investigation into the fate of her crew.
40(Land Near Sarah's Campsite)
50(Speak to Sarah)
Sarah and I have landed on Cassiopeia I, near the campsite where her own shuttle crashed years ago. I should speak to her to begin investigating how to track down the second crash site, the location of her crew.
60(Proceed to Sarah's Campsite)
70(Speak to Sarah)
80(Locate an Emergency Power Cell)
The telemetry data for Sarah's crew's crash site is within her former shuttle's wreckage. I'll need to find an Emergency Power Cell to bring her old computer back online.
85(Picked up Power Cell)
90(Install the Emergency Power Cell)
100(Analyze the telemetry data)
110(Speak to Sarah)
120(Investigate the shuttle crash site)
With the power to Sarah's old shuttle partially restored, Sarah and I were able to locate the telemetry data and pinpoint her former crew's crash site. We should return to our ship and proceed there to continue the investigation.
130(Campsite Proximity Trigger)
140(Speak to the mysterious girl (trigger preamble))
While investigating the UC Dauntless's crew crash site, Sarah and I have stumbled upon a young girl wearing an old UC Navy uniform. We should talk to her to learn how she got here.
145(--Preamble done - trigger main scene)
150(Speak to Sarah)
The young girl has turned out to be Sona, the daughter of two of the UC Dauntless's crew who had her while being marooned on this world. Sona's told us that all of the crew, including her parents, died and were buried nearby.
160(Retrieve genetags from the crew's gravesite)
After a short discussion, Sarah has decided to remain with Sona while I retrieve the UC Dauntless's crew's genetags from their makeshift graves. We intend to bring the genetags back to MAST to close the book on these lost soldier's lives.
165(Spawn Boss Creature)
170(Return to Sarah)
175(--Trigger Greeting Scene)
178(--Speak to Sarah)
180(Allow Sona to Stay or Convince Sona to Leave)
Upon returning from the gravesite, I've found Sarah and Sona at an impasse. Sona wants to remain behind on her world, while Sarah wishes to bring her back to New Atlantis. I'll have to decide which option to choose.
185(--Sona is Staying)
190(--Sona is Leaving)
195(Sarah Quick Sona Ship WrapUp - Leaving)
I've decided that Sona should return back to Jemison with us. I should now speak to Sarah before we return to New Atlantis.
198(Proceed to the overlook)
200(Arrived at Overlook for Scene)
205(Speak to Sarah)
210(Return to New Atlantis)
After speaking with Sarah, we've decided to return to New Atlantis and close the chapter on the fate of the UC Dauntless's crew by speaking once again to Admiral Logan.
220(Speak to Admiral Logan)
221(Passenger Arrival Stage)
222(Passenger Destination Stage)
225(Remove Genetags)
226(Speak to Sona)
230(Speak to Sarah at the Colony War Memorial)
After speaking with Admiral Logan, Sarah's requested to visit the Colony War Memorial in New Atlantis. I should proceed with her there as soon as I can.
232(--Memorial Arrival)
235(--Memorial Talk)
240(Speak to Sarah at the Waterfall in New Atlantis)
After speaking with Sarah at the Colony War Memorial in New Atlantis, she's suggested we speak about something of a more personal nature near the waterfall in New Atlantis.
250(Waterfall Scene Triggered)
1000(Quest Completed - Romance)
Sarah and I have spoken about our relationship and agreed we both share a strong, romantic bond between us.
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