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There are many places in the Settled Systems to see. There are over a hundred different stars that can be visited, and over a thousand planets.

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Astral Bodies[edit]


There are 120 stars in Starfield. Some systems are binary, and appear superposed on the world map, but each planet orbits just one star.

Notable stars include the United Colonies holdings of Sol, Toliman, Alpha Centauri, and Wolf, as well as the Freestar Collective's Cheyenne, Valo, Volii, and Narion.

Planets and Moons[edit]

Planets are smaller celestial bodies that orbit stars. Planets will have markers indicating major locations, such as New Atlantis. You can choose to land at these major locations, but you can also choose to land anywhere else on the planet.

Moons orbit around planets, but are otherwise very similar to them.

Fixed Points of Interest[edit]

SF-starmapicon-City Marker.svg Cities[edit]

SF-mapicon-Surface Settlement.svg Settlements[edit]

Major towns and similar important settlements - smaller than a city but larger than an outpost. These areas typically act as small quest hubs.

Other Settlements and Outposts[edit]

SF-mapicon-Farm.svg Farms[edit]

SF-mapicon-Starstation.svg Starstations[edit]

SF-mapicon-Staryard.svg Staryards[edit]

SF-mapicon-Ship.svg Ships[edit]

SF-mapicon-Landmark Fractured Earth.svg Fractured Earth Landmarks[edit]

  • SF-mapicon-NASA.svg Apollo Landing Site — A historical site marking the spot where humans first set foot on a planetary body other than Earth. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Landmark Fractured Earth.svg Cairo Landmark — A historical site marking a pyramid near where Cairo once was. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Landmark Fractured Earth.svg Dubai Landmark — A historical site marking ruined remains of the Burj Khalifa. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Landmark Fractured Earth.svg Hong Kong Landmark — A historical site marking the remains of the International Commerce Centre, once a skyscraper in a city known as Hong Kong. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Landmark Natural.svg London Landmark — A historical site marking what's left of the Shard, formerly a skyscraper in Southwark, London. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Landmark Fractured Earth.svg Los Angeles Landmark — A historical site marking the structure that once was the US Bank Tower in the area formerly known as Los Angeles, California. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Landmark Fractured Earth.svg New York Landmark — A historical site marking the location of the Empire State Building on the Earth-That-Was. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-NASA.svg Opportunity Rover — A historical site marking the last known location of one of NASA's robotic explorers. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Landmark Fractured Earth.svg Osaka Landmark — A historical site marking remains of the Abeno Harukas, once the tallest skyscraper in the old earth country of Japan. (map)
  • Pisa Landmark — An unmarked, historical site where the remains of the Leaning Tower of Pisa are located. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Landmark Fractured Earth.svg Shanghai Landmark — A historical site marking the remains of the Shanghai Tower, once the tallest building in China. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-POI.svg St. Louis Landmark — A historical site marking the still standing Gateway Arch in a region formerly known as St. Louis, Missouri. (map)
  • Face of Mars Landmark

SF-mapicon-Industrial.svg Industrial Outposts[edit]

SF-mapicon-Military Base.svg Military Bases[edit]

SF-mapicon-Mining Base.svg Mining Bases[edit]

SF-mapicon-Crashed Starship.svg Crashed Starships[edit]

SF-mapicon-Science Lab.svg Science Labs[edit]

Landing Sites[edit]

SF-mapicon-Starborn Temple.svg Temples[edit]

Randomly Placed Points of Interest[edit]

SF-mapicon-Farm.svg Agricultural Outposts[edit]

SF-mapicon-Industrial.svg Industrial Outposts[edit]

SF-mapicon-Settlement.svg Civilian Outposts[edit]

  • SF-mapicon-Settlement.svg Civilian Outpost — Is a random POI. (map): Several layouts. Usually a trader and not much else. Sometimes radiant quests (prefix RQ_Settlement)
    Two icons, depending on size, or availability of missions?
  • SF-mapicon-Settlement.svg Lone Hab (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Settlement.svg Makeshift Encampment — A small pile of storage crates occupied by inexperienced Homesteaders. (map)
  • SF-mapicon-Settlement.svg Secluded Encampment — A Civilian Point of Interest that can be randomly placed on some planets. (map)

SF-mapicon-Military Base.svg Military Bases[edit]

SF-mapicon-Science Lab.svg Science Labs[edit]

SF-mapicon-Mining Base.svg Mining Bases[edit]

Mech Graveyards[edit]


Ship Landing Sites[edit]

SF-mapicon-Crashed Starship.svg Crashed Starships[edit]

  • SF-mapicon-Crashed Starship.svg Crash Site — A crash landed ship in pieces found randomly on some planets. (map)
  • Crashed Ship Initially appears as Natural on the map until you approach the POI
  • SF-mapicon-Crashed Starship.svg Spaceship Debris — A large crash-landed ship found in a deep crevasse. (map)

SF-mapicon-Landmark.svg Planet Trait Locations[edit]

SF-mapicon-Landmark Natural.svg Natural Landmarks[edit]



These locations are unmarked, and officially unnamed.

Starship Dealers[edit]


Random Events[edit]

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