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Track down a missing construction worker
Location(s): The Eleos Retreat
ID: City_ER_Dead
XP: 75
Credits ?: Misc Medium
Other Rewards: None
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Ghost Hunt

Mission Pointer[edit]

The activity Ask about the missing worker leads into this mission. You acquire it when you listen to the dispute at the entrance to The Eleos Retreat.

Companion Affinity[edit]

Sarah Morgan loves it if you pick the empath dialogue option when you find Levent Kilman.

Companion Affinity[edit]

There are multiple affinity events that can happen during this mission.

Affinity Stage Andreja Barrett Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

If you are extremely empathic towards Kilman.[affinity 1]


If you are compassionate towards Kilman.[affinity 2]

If you are not terribly sympathetic towards Kilman.[affinity 3]



  1. The player has found Kilman - a kidnapped construction worker from the Eleos Retreat - and was extremely empathic towards him (should get better results from kind-hearted companions).
  2. The player has found Kilman - a kidnapped construction worker from the Eleos Retreat - and was compassionate towards how shaken up the young man is.
  3. The player has found Kilman - a kidnapped construction worker from the Eleos Retreat - and was forward and confident about telling Kilman to follow them, but not terribly sympathetic.

Mission Stages[edit]

Dead Stop (City_ER_Dead)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(DEBUG: Kick off quest.)
2(DEBUG: Jump to Kilman)
3(DEBUG: Jump back to the Retreat)
4(DEBUG: Get all the NPCs in place for the final scene)
5(DEBUG: Give the player all the perks required for this quest)
100(P1: Player started up the quest (triggered from Sloan's "missing worker" scene in DialogueEleos))
I've agreed to help the Eleos Retreat find their missing construction worker - one Mr. Kilman. Retreat leader Sloan has suggested I speak to Greg D'Angelo, their security chief, who was wounded trying to find Kilman.
110(P2: Player told Greg what they wanted. Have the scene proceed automatically if they leave an come back.)
200(P1: Scene with Greg complete. Direct the player to the cave system.)
I've spoken to Greg. He lost Kilman's trail near a cave system outside the Retreat's territory. That seems like it'd be the best place to start looking.
205(P2: Kilman spotted the player. Get him in the his furniture. Triggered from a distance event on the NPC)
207(P2: Player spoke to Kilman. Get him out of his cower anim)
210(P1: Player asked Kilman if he's all right, which helps him trust the player (and unlocks a different player option))
300(P1: Player rescued Kilman. Get him in the right package to follow the player and get everyone set up for his return scene.)
I found Kilman. He's alive, but it sounds like he was kidnapped. I need to get us both back to the Retreat ASAP.
390(P2: Kick off "He's back" scene with Kilman.)
400(P1: Player kicked off the "Kilman's back" scene (set from a trigger around the exterior of the location))
Bringing back Kilman appears to have caused quite the stir. I should listen in to what's happening.
405(P2: Kilman's in place in his scene. Have Sloan and Monika run in.)
500(P1: Scene complete. Direct the player to speak to Sloan.)
The construction foreman - Halftown - still seems pretty upset with the leaders of the Retreat. I should speak to Sloan to collect my reward... and see if there's anything else I can help with.
501(P2: Player hit Sloan's 1st player choice. Get 'em back there.)
502(P2: Player hit Sloan's 2nd player choice. Get 'em back there.)
505(P2: Give the player their caps.)
510(P3: Player negotiated a better reward with Sloan. Give them more credits in Ghost Hunt)
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