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Establish contact with the occupants of a mysterious ship.
Location(s): Paradiso, ECS Constant
ID: MS06
Rewards (Supply a grav drive to the ECS Constant or negotiate the colonists into indentured servitude with Paradiso)
XP: 300
Credits ?: 0
Other Rewards: Various leveled items.
Rewards (Overload the ECS Constant's reactor and try to blackmail Oliver Campbell)
XP: 200
Rewards (Overload the ECS Constant's reactor)
XP: 200
Credits ?: Side Wow
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Debt Forgiveness or Escape from the Endless Voyage

A mysterious ship has entered the orbit of Porrima II. Jiro Sugiyama sends out a distress call requesting you speak with him on Paradiso regarding the ship.

Official Summary[edit]

"The ECS Constant is a colony ship that left earth before grav drives were invented, and humanity has sort of leap-frogged over them. During their nearly 200 year journey, generations were born, lived, and died on the ship, and strangely, their course took them nowhere near any other civilization, so they were never discovered, and long forgotten. Now, they face a problem: the planet they set out for is inhabited by a settlement called Paradiso, a fancy resort. There's a communication issue, so the player needs to go between the two parties and negotiate . Unfortunately, no solution is perfectly ideal, so the player must make a difficult choice in how to help resolve the situation."

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  • Go to Porrima II
  • (Optional) Speak to Jiro Sugiyama
  • (Optional) Hail the mysterious ship
  • Board the ship
  • Speak to Captain Brackenridge and accept her offer to become their negotiator
  • Go to Paradiso and meet with Oliver Campbell
  • Listen while the board members outline your first two options.
  • Option A) Convince the Colonists to settle on Paradiso as indentured employees of the company.
  • Return to the ECS Constant and tell the Captain about the deal you negotiated.
  • Gather the necessary resources to help relocate the colonists.
  • (optional) Convince Daisuke Levitz to give you most of the resources.
  • Return to the Captain, and begin ferrying the colonists on your ship.
  • Speak to Brackenridge to finish the mission. After some time passes the mission Debt Forgiveness will become available. Speak to Janet Yang.
  • Option B) Purchase a grav drive so the colonists can find a new system to settle.
  • Talk to Bennu St. James on Polvo about purchasing a grav drive.
  • (Optional) Persuade him to discount the price from 40,000 credits to 25,000.
  • Help Amin Kazemi install the new grav drive.
  • Speak to the Brackenridge to finish the mission. A new Misc quest will soon appear in your Mission Journal showing the current location of the ECS Constant as it wanders from star to star. Visiting it again and speaking to Janet Yang will start Escape from the Endless Voyage.
  • Option C) Destroy the ECS Constant
  • Ask Oliver what he means about making the problem go away. He will mention the reactor could "hypothetically" meltdown.
  • Return to the ECS Constant and find Amin Kazemi in the engineering room. Obtain the key from him, preferably via pickpocketing.
  • Go to the reactor computer, it is on your far left when you entered the room. Open the computer and set the reactor to emergency overload.


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  • Help Amin Kazemi install the new grav drive.
    Amin is in engineering on the Constant's command level. After talking to him you need to perform three steps:
  1. Reroute power from the port turbopump to the auxiliary cryogenic radiator.
    Access Engineering Control Computer Alpha, select 'Turbopump - Port', select 'Cryogenic Readiator - Auxiliary'.
  2. Turn the plama run-off inhibitor to 5%.
    Access Engineering Control Computer Beta, select 'Plasma Run-Off Inhibitor', select '5%'.
  3. Decouple the magnetic flange pipe enclosures from the auxiliary module assembly.
    Access Engineering Control Computer Gamma, select 'Magnetic Flange Pipe Enclosures', select 'Decouple', select 'Auxiliary Module Assembly'.


Companion Affinity[edit]

There are multiple affinity events that can happen during this mission.

Affinity Stage Andreja Barrett Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

I'll convince them to take the settlement deal.[affinity 1]


I'll buy the Grav Drive and convince them to settle elsewhere.[affinity 2]

Hypothetically, what could make a ship like that fo away?[affinity 3]


  1. The player has just told Oliver Campbell that he is going to help resettle the ECS Constant colonists to Paradiso, but this is going to effectively turn them into indentured servants, forced to stay until they work off their debts. While this does solve the problem, it's not ideal. There is no perfectly ideal solution here, though, given the alternatives: Buying the Constant a grav drive, but relegating them to searching for a new home, or blowing up the ship. The companion probably has an opinion about the player's choice, or they might just say "Well, at least you're not blowing them up..." (which is still technically an option).
  2. The player has just told Oliver Campbell that he is going to help outfit the ECS Constant with a grav drive at their own expense. While this does solve the problem, it's not ideal because the Constant has to give up on their home and go searching endlessly through space for a new one. There is no perfectly ideal solution here, though, given the alternatives: resettling the Colonists on Paradiso but turning them into indentured servants, or blowing up the ship. The companion probably has an opinion about the player's choice. Maybe they think it's generous. Maybe they see the actual problem with it, or they might just say "Well, at least you're not blowing them up..." (which is still technically an option).
  3. The player discreetly asked Oliver how they could go about making the ECS Constant disappear (blow up). The companion likely has an opinion on this, since it's kind of sociopathic for the player to even consider as an option.

Mission Stages[edit]

First Contact (MS06)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(Debug stage)
1(DEBUG Stage: Choice)
2(DEBUG: Give resources)
3(DEBUG: Give credits)
10(DEBUG: Move the ECS Cosntant landing party to Paradiso, and set the proper stages. Used if natural progression with ships breaks)
100(Player needs to speak with the Chief Security Officer on Paradiso)
I received a message from Paradiso Chief Security Officer, Jiro Sugiyama. There's a sensitive matter he wishes to discuss. I should meet him in Paradiso.
101(Jiro asked the player to be discreet)
102(Jiro explained the situation)
105(Player told Jiro they already tried communicating with the Constant)
106(Player used the Starborn perk with Jiro)
200(Approach the ship and attempt to hail it)
There's an ominous ship in orbit above Paradiso. I should attempt to communicate with it.
300(Dock with the ship and enter)
Communications with the ship have failed. Even though it could be dangerous, I should see if I can complete a docking procedure with it and go on board.
301(Player docked with the ship without hailing first.)
400(Speak with the ship's captain)
There are people on board. I should speak with the ship's captain.
500(Follow Captain Brackenridge)
Captain Brackenridge has briefly explained the situation and welcomed me on board. I should follow her to the bridge to discuss the matter in more detail.
600(Speak with Captain Brackenridge)
Captain Brackenridge is waiting to discuss her ship's situation with me.
601(Diana asked the player to be a diplomat.)
602(Diana asked the player to negotiate with Paradiso)
603(The player agreed to help)
605(Set the next stage, depending on who the player spoke to first.)
607(The player asked Captain Brackenridge about finding a new home)
610(Player left the ECS Constant after agreeing to help)
650(Speak with Jiro. Only if the player boarded the Constant without going to Paradiso first.)
After discussing the ECS Constant situation with Captain Brackenridge, I should venture down to Paradiso and speak with their Chief Security Officer, Jiro Sugiyama, who contacted my ship when I entered orbit.
651(Jiro asked the player to be discreet)
652(Jiro explained the situation)
653(The player is going to explain more)
690(Player must speak with Keavy to enter the room)
691(Player spoke to Keavy, who let them into the board room)
700(Negotiate Settlement Rights with Oliver Campbell)
Jiro pointed me to Paradiso Group CEO, Oliver Campbell. Since he and the other board directors have the authority to make decisions, I should speak with him regarding the ECS Constant.
701(Oliver asked the player about Marketing.)
702(Oliver wants the player to explain more about the ship.)
703(The Paradiso board presented options)
704(The player needs to choose an option)
707(Oliver mentioned the Centaurus Proclamation)
710(Player proposed settling the Constant at Paradiso.)
720(Player proposed getting the ship to find somewhere else.)
730(Player proposed blowing up the ship)
731(The companion commented on the player's suggestion about blowing up the Constant)
999(Inform Captain Brackenridge of the plan)
I need to go speak with Captain Brackenridge regarding the deal I worked out with Paradiso.
1000(Option A: Help settle the Colonists on Paradiso. Gather resources)
Before I can help the ECS Constant colonists settle in Paradiso, Oliver wanted me to gather resources to help improve their facilities so they can better accommodate the new arrivals.
1001(Option A: The player told Diana that Paradiso will allow them to settle, but the Constant will owe a debt)
1010(MS06_999_Diana_PlanAScene Speech Challenge Success)
1020(MS06_999_Diana_PlanAScene Speech Challenge Failure)
1050((optional) Talk to Daisuke to get stuff)
I need to gather the resources Oliver asked me for before I can help the colonists settle. Captain Brackenridge told me I can get some of the ECS Constant's resources from Daisuke on board the ship.
1060(Player got supplies from Daisuke.)
1070(Player got some stuff to sell from Daisuke)
1500(Speak with Captain Brackenridge)
I have enough resources now. I should return to Captain Brackenridge and let her know we're ready to send people down to Paradiso.
1501(The player told Diana they're ready to go to Paradiso)
1502(Diana asked the player if they would help ferry her down to Paradiso)
1600(Remove the Resources)
Now that we have the resources Oliver Campbell asked for, it's time to ferry Captain Brackenridge and some of her crew down to Paradiso.
1601(Player arrived on their ship after agreeing to ferry the colonists.)
1605(Player's ship arrives at Paradiso. Colonists disembark. Player needs to follow them)
1610(Player arrives in Paradiso. Begin Scene.)
1700(Speak with Captain Brackenridge)
I brought the colonists down to Paradiso. I should speak with Captain Brackenridge to make sure she doesn't need anything else.
1710(Option A End)
I helped the colonists of ECS Constant by negotiating an agreement with Oliver Campbell to allow them to settle within Paradiso under the condition they would owe the Paradiso Group a debt that must be repaid by working for the resort.
1711(Option A: Quest Stop)
2000(Option B: Outfit the Constant with a Grav Drive. Go to HopeTech.)
I've decided to help the ECS Constant by purchasing a grav drive for their ship. Oliver Campbell referred me to Bennu St. James at HopeTech, who has some experience with working on specialized ship modifications.
2001(Option B: The player told Diana about the grav drive)
2002(Option B: Diana asked if the player needs anything else)
2010(MS06_999_Diana_PlanBScene Speech Challenge Success)
2020(MS06_999_Diana_PlanBScene Speech Challenge Failure)
2100(Order the custom Grav Drive)
2101(Bennu agreed to do the job, and laid out the price for the player.)
2110(Grav Drive Speech Challenge Success)
2111(Remove Credits (Speech Challenge Success))
2120(Grav Drive Speech Challenge Failure)
2121(Remove Credits (Speech Challenge Failure))
2200(Speak to Amin about installing the Grav Drive)
Now that we have a compatible grav drive for the ECS Constant, I need to speak with their Engineering Officer, Amin Kazemi to figure out what we need to do to prepare the ship for its installation.
2201(Amin asks the player for help with the grav drive.)
2300(Prepare to retrofit the ship with the Grav Drive. Player must complete 3 interactions in the ship's engineering bay)
Amin has asked me to handle three preparations: reroute power from the port turbopump to the auxiliary cryogenic radiator, turn the plasma run-off inhibitor to 5%, and decouple the magnetic flange pipe enclosures from the auxiliary module assembly.
2310(Player Completed the first Retrofit task)
2320(Player Completed the second Retrofit task)
2330(Player Completed the third Retrofit task)
2400(Speak with Captain Brackenridge)
The Grav Drive is all set to be installed, which should allow the ECS Constant to travel and find a new home. I should speak with Captain Brackenridge to make sure she doesn't need anything else.
2410(Option B End)
I helped the colonists of the ECS Constant by outfitting their ship with a Grav Drive. They are now free to find a new homeworld, but I get the impression that Captain Brackenridge will never be satisfied with anything less than Porrima II.
2411(Option B: Quest Stop)
3100(Option C: Overload the main reactor)
3150(Confirm the reactor override)
I've set the ECS Constant's reactor to overload, but it requires confirmation from the Captain's computer on the bridge. I might want to access it when she's not around.
3200(Remove the crew as passengers in case the player decides to blow up the ship after agreeing to ferry them.)
The ECS Constant is set to blow up! I need to make my escape back to my ship quickly!
3250(ECS Constant explodes)
3300(Report back to Oliver)
I destroyed the ECS Constant. Now it's no one's problem.
3310(Option C end)
I helped the Paradiso Group by destroying the ECS Constant from the inside by overloading their reactor. The skies are clear around Paradiso once again. Well, except for the space debris.
3311(Option C: Quest Stop)
3320(Option C end. Threatened Oliver. No reward.)
3321(Option C (Threatened Oliver): Quest Stop)
3330(Option C End. Player somehow overloaded the reactor before speaking with Oliver)
3331(Option C (Prematrure Overload): Quest Stop)
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