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Get a job at Ryujin Industries, prove yourself and get your first promotion.
Mission Giver: Ryujin Industries kiosk
Location(s): Neon, Ryujin Tower
ID: RI01
XP: 250
Credits ?: Faction Medium plus Credit.png1,000 if you are Neon SR
Other Rewards: a stealth mission reward
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One Step Ahead

Official Summary[edit]

"This is the intro quest to the Ryujin Industries faction. The player hears an ad playing in either New Atlantis or Neon which starts the quest to apply for a job. After filling out the application at a computer kiosk, the player gets an interview with Imogene Salzo, attends the interview, and then gets their first task as an administrative assistant: go pick up a coffee order at the nearby TerraBrew.\n\nHowever, while picking up coffee, the player is held at gunpoint by a freshly fired employee. The employee believes it's just a matter of time before Ryujin sends the player after him, so he's trying to get a jump on things and take out the player before the player takes out him. The player can try to talk him down, or outright attack. Either way, the player resolves the situation, picks up the coffee order, delivers it, and then reports back to Imogene. Imogene, having heard of what the player did at TerraBrew, now sees greater potential in the player as more than just an administrative assistant which will launch the player into their new role in the next quest."

Mission Pointer[edit]

The activity Apply for a job at a Ryujin Industries Kiosk leads into this mission. You acquire it if you pass a Ryujin Industries kiosk playing its job advertisement. There are Ryujin Industries kiosks at major settlements like New Atlantis and Neon.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  • Apply for a job at a Ryujin Industries kiosk.
  • Go to Ryujin Tower, ride the elevator to operations, talk to Imogene Salzo.
  • Fetch the coffee order from TerraBrew and deal with Tomo.
  • Return to Imogene and deliver the coffee.


Interview for the Job[edit]

Head to a Ryujin Industries kiosk. These are located at multiple locations, such as the elevator bank in Neon Core. Select "Job Applications" and submit the form, it does not matter which answers you choose. Head to Ryujin Tower, at the west end of Ikuchi Market in Neon, for your job interview. Head up to Operations and (optionally) check in with the receptionist Lane Garza. Lane will give you directions to Imogene Salzo's office and offer to walk you there or answer some questions. Pick whatever options you like.

Head to Imogene's Office and sit in front of Imogen. Your answers do not have an effect and you will be hired regardless.

Based on your outfit, Imogene will have different comments on your interview:

  • Mantis Set: "That's quite the spacesuit. I'd be impressed if this wasn't a job interview..."
  • Monster Costume: "Are you kidding me with that costume? Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse..."
  • Full Spacesuit: "Great, a full spacesuit. Corporate environments aren't THAT toxic..."
  • Spacesuit without helmet: "You know when they recommend suits for interviews, they're not talking about spacesuits..."
  • Helmet but no spacesuit: "Nice helmet. Very appropriate for a job interview..."
  • Nothing: "Great, a walking HR violation already..."
  • Walk in with weapon drawn: "Waving a weapon around isn't going to get this over any faster..."
  • Everything else: "I hope you're more prepared than the last one."

Coffee Run[edit]

Your first task as a new hire is to pick up the coffee for a board meeting. Head to TerraBrew, at the west end of Bayu Plaza, almost at the Trade Tower, on the south side which is your left side. Skip the lengthy line and tell the TerraBrew employee that you are there to pick up an order for Imogene Salzo. The barista wonders what happend to Tomo and is interrupted by said Tomo, who has a gun.

Deal with Tomo. He believes that Ularu will send you to kill him to keep him from spilling Ryujin's secrets. You can either persuade him to stand down, or kill him.

Once Tomo is dealt with, resume talking with the TerraBrew employee who suggests reporting the incident to Ryujin. He also asks you to tell Mr. Cho that they had the recommended maintenance done, that she checked the grind herself, and that an undisclosed mistake will never happen again. You will receive Imogene's TerraBrew Order

Alternatively, you can kill the TerraBrew employee. Strangely this will incur no bounty, but Tomo will appear with new dialogue. After dealing with him, the TerraBrew Order can be looted from the barista's corpse. Ryujin will not comment on the barista's death.

Get Promoted[edit]

Return to Ryujin Tower, ride the elevator to operations and go back to Imogene's office. Imogene is displeased for how long it took you to get the coffee and asks you what the holdup was although she already knows about the incident with Tomo. It doesn't really matter what you tell her, you will be praised for your handling of the situation anyway and get a promotion to junior operative. You new job is to 'remove obstacles', 'protect secrets' and 'create desired outcomes'. TerraBrew Order is replaced by Imogene's Coffee, Alexis' Coffee, Camden's Coffee, Genevieve's Coffee, Linden's Coffee and Yuko's Coffee. Imogene's Coffee is immediately removed and, as Yuko is not there, you may keep Yuko's coffee for yourself. If you like to can talk to Imogene before you go to the conference room. Head to the confrence room to meet the board and deliver the coffee. To reach the conference room leave Imogene;s office, follow the rail to your right hand right twice and down a few steps. It's the door to your left at the bottom of the stairs.

Once at the board room, talk to each member of the board to deliver their coffee.:

  • Alexis Pryce: She inculcates you to stay clear of law enforcement so her legal team does not have to cover you.
  • Meet Camden Cho
  • Meet Genevieve Monohan: She tells you to do your job as inconspicuously as possible so her marketing and PR teams don't have to cover for you.
  • Meet Linden Calderi: They inform you that your paycheck will be cut if your job performance causes expenditures for Ryujin.

Return to Imgoene, she is still in her office. Talk to her to finish the mission.

Companion Affinity[edit]

There are multiple affinity events that can happen during this mission.

Affinity Stage Andreja Barrett Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

If you try to persuade Tomo to stand down.[affinity 1]


If you promise Tomo to not kill him when you are sent by Ryujin to kill him.[affinity 2]

If you attack Tomo.[affinity 3]

If you kill the TerraBrew employee.[affinity 4]


If you don't promise Tomo not to kill him.[affinity 5]




  1. The player chose to talk to Tomo (speech challenge) rather than immediately attack him.
  2. The player promises Tomo that if they are ever sent after him to kill him, that they'll hear him out before they take action, which is what he did for the player.
  3. The player chose to attack Tomo, a disgruntled ex-Ryujin employee rather than try to talk him down.
  4. The player killed the TerraBrew employee they were supposed to get coffee from. This would be totally random and unprovoked.
  5. The player would not promise Tomo that if they are ever sent after him to kill him, that they'll hear him out before they take action. Tomo just did this for the player, so the player won't promise to do the same for him.

Mission Stages[edit]

Back to the Grind (RI01)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(Debug - Neon Start)
1(Debug - New Atlantis Start)
2(Debug - Attend Your Interview)
3(Debug - Pick up Coffee)
4(Debug - Deliver the Coffee)
5(Debug - Talk to Imogene)
100(QO: Apply for a Job at Ryujin Industries)
While roaming the city, I heard a job advertisement for Ryujin Industries. I should find a Ryujin kiosk nearby if I'd like to apply for the job.
150(QO: Travel to Neon)
I filled out an application at a Ryujin Industries kiosk and qualified for an interview. I need to travel to Ryujin Tower in Neon and meet with Imogene Salzo on the Operations floor. Neon is on Volii Alpha in the Volii System.
200(QO: Attend Your Interview)
I filled out an application at a Ryujin Industries kiosk and qualified for an interview. I need to travel to Ryujin Tower in Neon and meet with Imogene Salzo on the Operations floor.
210(QO: (Optional) Check in with Lane Garza)
I arrived at the Operations floor in Ryujin Tower. I could speak to the receptionist that greeted me, or find Imogene Salzo's office myself.
215(Player started Lane's scene)
220(Player spoke to Lane)
230(QO: Follow Lane)
I spoke to the receptionist, Lane, on the Operations floor, and he offered to take me to Imogene Salzo's office. I should allow him to show me the way.
235(Play Lane's walking scene)
240(Lane lead player to Imogene)
Lane led me to Imogene Salzo's office. It's time to start my interview with Imogene Salzo.
250(Player entered Imogene's office)
260(Player skipped Lane initially - This is so the Operative waiting to path for flavor will move)
300(QO: Take a Seat)
I've arrived at my interview and Imogene has asked me to take a seat.
350(Player activated chair - Disable controls)
400(QO: Complete Your Interview)
I should complete my interview with Imogene.
410(Player said they'll do whatever it takes)
411(Player said they'll be running the place)
420(Interview scene ended prematurely)
430(Player at Question 1)
431(Player at Question 2)
432(Player at Question 3)
433(Player at Question 4)
440(Player chose Leadership)
441(Player chose Bargaining)
442(Player chose Negotiation)
443(Player chose Diplomat)
500(QO: Pick Up Coffee at TerraBrew)
I got a job! My first order of business is to pick up a coffee order at the nearby TerraBrew.
510(Player left Imogene's office)
515(Player entered TerraBrew)
516(Player approached TerraBrew Employee)
520(TerraBrew Employee dead)
530(Player has the TerraBrew Coffee order)
550(Player started scene at TerraBrew, enable Tomo)
600(QO: Deal with Tomo)
While picking up the Ryujin coffee order, a man approached me at gun point. I need to deal with this situation by either talking him down or taking him out.
604(First customer leaves)
605(Tomo pulls gun)
610(Player Choice: Attack Tomo)
620(Player Choice: Talk to Tomo)
625(Tomo Speech Challenge: Fail)
627(Tomo Speech Challenge: Pass)
628(Player promises Tomo)
629(Player does NOT promise Tomo)
630(Log Entry - Player chose to attack)
Tomo threatened to kill me, but I won't go down without a fight.
640(Tomo hit)
650(Tomo dead)
700(QO: Pick Up the Coffee at TerraBrew)
I was able to deal with Tomo, the man who held me at gunpoint. Now, I still need to pick up the coffee order and get back to Ryujin Tower.
705(TerraBrew Employee forcegreeted)
710(Give coffee to player)
800(QO: Talk to Imogene)
I finally have the coffee order. I need to return to Ryujin Tower and talk to Imogene.
805(Player started Imogene's scene)
810(Player withheld the truth)
820(Player told the truth)
830(Player transitioned to 2nd scene)
840(Scene re-entry)
850(Player spoke to Imogene)
Imogene promoted me to junior operative for handling Tomo at the TerraBrew, but I still have to deliver the coffee and meet the executives in the conference room.
900(QO: Meet Alexis Pryce)
905(Remove Alexis coffee)
910(Player asked about Bayu)
920(Scene re-entry 01)
950(Player spoke to Alexis)
1000(QO: Meet Camden Cho)
1005(Remove Camden coffee)
1020(Scene re-entry 01)
1050(Player spoke to Camden)
1100(QO: Meet Genevieve Monohan)
1105(Remove Genevieve coffee)
1120(Scene re-entry 01)
1150(Player spoke to Genevieve)
1200(QO: Meet Linden Calderi)
1205(Remove Linden coffee)
1220(Scene re-entry 01)
1250(Player spoke to Linden)
1300(QO: Talk to Imogene)
I've spoken and delivered coffee to the people Imogene wanted me to meet in the conference room. I should return to her office and find out what's next.
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  • Not all entries may appear in your log; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the mission is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with missions that have multiple possible outcomes or missions where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Mission" it means the mission disappears from the Active Mission list, but you may still receive new entries for that mission.
  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage RI01 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest RI01.
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