Starfield:Breach of Contract

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Clear the name of Barrett's deceased husband.
Mission Giver: Barrett
Location(s): None
ID: COM_Quest_Barrett_Q01
XP: 250
Credits ?: Side Large There is another credit reward for 12,000 credits with unknown condition
Other Rewards: None
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Commitment: Barrett

Quick WalkthroughEdit


Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Helgi Hauksson TestifyingEdit

If you convince Helgi to testify, you will have to find a character witness, which you may have already seen prompts for when tracking him down. The "best" choice is the doctor. After this, the quest concludes with a final conversation with the lawyer, and you are left with quest complete while you await news of the trial's outcome.

If you fail to convince Helgi to testify, he will instead say that he'll refer some colleagues to review the information and testify independently. The case still moves forward, but Ellie Yankton's expectations are lower for the outcome, saying she thinks they will clear his name but possibly not succeed in incriminating the mining corporation.

Some time later, Barrett will receive news. Regardless of the path taken above, Ervin's record is expunged, on a technicality. Hephaestus receives no punishment, other than paying out a settlement. Barrett receives the settlement and divides it between you, him, Ellie, and expenses. He also sells the apartment. Ellie continues to work looking for similar cases against the corp. You receive  7100.

Companion AffinityEdit

There are multiple affinity events that can happen during this mission.

Affinity Stage Andreja Barrett Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

If you finish the quest with maximum evidence[affinity 1]





If you finish the quest with good evidence[affinity 2]




  1. BARRETT ONLY - Barrett quests finished with maximum evidence
  2. BARRETT ONLY - Barrett quests finished with good evidence

Cut ContentEdit

This mission appears to have a relatively large amount of cut content. It is unknown where this content would have been used, however it was presumably removed as this mission is already particularly long.

Mission StagesEdit

Breach of Contract (COM_Quest_Barrett_Q01)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(DEBUG mode: activated.)
2(Backup stop scene)
11(Move NPCs)
19(----- DEBUG SECTION ----)
21(Move Barrett to the Player. (DEBUG))
22(Move both to Gagarin (DEBUG))
23(Move both to the Mine. (DEBUG))
24(Move both to the Foundry.)
25(Move both back to Gagarin Law Office (DEBUG))
26(Move both to Dr Keala (DEBUG))
27(Move both to Clint (DEBUG))
28(Move both to Security Officer Dalitso (DEBUG))
29(Move both to Ervin's Apartment - Exterior (DEBUG))
30(Move both to Ervin's Apartment - Interior (DEBUG))
31(Move both to Town Hall Exterior (DEBUG))
69(Scene 7400 Harvey dialogue check)
80(----- QUEST SECTIONS ----)
81(Player arrived on the Temple Planet.)
84(* THE FOUNDRY. Done.)
85(* APARTMENT: Done.)
99(----- PLAYER SECTION ----)
101(* STARBORN PATH: selected. (Go to Temple first))
110(* TOPIC: Artifact TL Unlocked (Barrett))
111(* TOPIC: Amundsen Name. (Barrett))
112(* TOPIC: Other Barrett. (Barrett))
113(* CONVO: Unlock Helgi's Data Topic (Mine Section))
114(* CONVO: Unlock Ervin's Data (Mine Section))
115(* ITEM: Passcode left in Ervin's apartment. (From SG03))
116(* CONVO: Unlocked Harvey (Barrett))
117(* CONVO: Player knows about Apartment from Comp Convo.)
120(* INFO: Ervin's Apartment is known to Player.)
121(* INFO: Helgi's identity is known to Player.)
122(* ITEM: Judgment is known.)
123(* INFO: Helgi quit citing ethical concerns.)
125(* ITEM: Barrett found Harvey.)
130(* ITEM: Employment Contract found. (Player has Ervin's Mine Assignment))
131(* INFO: Hunting License Application found in Ervin's Apartment.)
132(* INFO: Coordinates known. Ervin's Mine.)
133(* ITEM: Employee Foundry Passcode acquired.)
134(* ITEM: Ervin's Foundry Passcode acquired.)
135(* ITEM: Barrett found Harvey.)
136(* ITEM: Barrett lost his key. (Stolen?))
150(* EVIDENCE: Hunting License found by Player (from Town Hall).)
159(Found mine name but no coordinates)
160(* INFO: Ervin's Mine Number is Known. (H-363))
165(* INFO: Helgi's Location is known.)
167(* INFO: Helgi owned Apartment Building.)
175(* WITNESS: Helgi will testify.)
176(* WITNESS: Helgi will NOT testify.)
177(Leave plant with Ellie)
178(Leave plant with Ellie - Plant enabled)
179(Helgi has a character witness)
180(Character Witness - Dalitso)
181(Character Witness - Dr. Keala)
182(Character Witness - Lizzy)
184(Character witness sought)
185(Character witness found)
186(Character Witness - Clint)
188(Character witness bump)
199(----- INTRO SECTION ----)
200(STARTED: Quest began. Assess Player location.)
In order to exonerate Ervin Madani and restore his reputation, Barrett has set up a meeting with Ervin's original lawyer, Ellie Yankton, who currently operates out of Gagarin.
201(LANDED! Player is ON Gagarin (QO))
210(GO TO Gagarin. (QO))
230(TALK to Barrett. (QO))
231(TALKED to Barrett. (QO))
235(* Checkpoint: Regular Path Selected. (Go to Gagarin))
239(* Checkpoint: Considering Starborn path.)
240(* Checkpoint: Starborn Path Selected. (Go to Temple))
299(----- GAGARIN SECTION ----)
300(TALK to Barrett on Gagarin. (QO))
301(TALKED to Barrett. "Gagarin" (QO))
305(*DEBUG: Skip to Gagarin.)
310(* Checkpoint: Gagarin)
315(* Checkpoint: Talk to Lawyer)
320(* Checkpoint: Investigate Ervin's Apartment)
400(TALK to Ellie Yankton. (QO))
In order to exonerate Ervin Madani and restore his reputation, we first need to gather information. We've set up a meeting with Ervin's original lawyer, Ellie Yankton, who currently operates out of Gagarin.
401(TALKED to Ellie. (QO))
404(SCENE: Near Law Office.)
405(LOCATED: Law Office Exterior)
406(SCENE: Ellie-Barrett Hellos are done.)
407(SCENE: Inside Law Office - Hello, Ellie.)
408(SCENE: Inside Law Office - Ellie Replies)
409(ENTERED Law Office.)
410(CONVO START: Ellie. "Welcome")
411(* Checkpoint: Clear Ervin's Name (Topic: Ellie "Welcome"))
412(* Checkpoint: Not Enough Evidence (Topic: Ellie "Welcome"))
413(*DEBUG: Skip to the------. (Sets ?))
420(CONVO START: Ellie. "Motive")
430(CONVO START: Ellie. "Track")
431(* Checkpoint: Theft Track. (Topic: Ellie "Track"))
432(* Checkpoint: Geology Track (Topic: Ellie "Track"))
433(* Checkpoint: CyberRunner Track (Topic: Ellie "Track") - Hack Foundry Computer)
434(* Checkpoint: Ervin's Apartment Track (Topic: Ellie "Track"))
435(* Checkpoint: Regular Track (Topic: Ellie "Track"))
436(* Checkpoint: Starborn Track (Topic: Ellie "Track"))
450(CONVO END: Ellie.)
455(SCENE "Go to Ervin's Apartment" (EXITED Ellie's Office))
1000(FIND Ervin's Apartment. (QO))
In order to exonerate Ervin Madani and restore his reputation, we first need to gather information. Barrett has suggested searching Ervin's old apartment for any evidence that might clear his name.
1001(FOUND Ervin's Apartment. (QO))
1005(*DEBUG: Skip to Ervin's Apartment Section.)
1010(GIVE KEY to Ervin's Apartment)
1015(ASSESS Ervin's Apartment Door Choices)
1016(UNLOCKED Door. (Anim Pkg complete.))
1020(SCENE: Player had QO to Apartment.)
1025(SCENE: Player didn't have QO for Apartment.)
1030(REDIRECT to Ellie's Law Office or Foundry.)
1050(REDIRECT to Ellie's Law Office. (QO))
1055(REDIRECT to Foundry (QO))
1060(TALKED to Barrett about his missing key already.)
1100(ENTER Ervin's Apartment. (QO))
In order to exonerate Ervin Madani and restore his reputation, we first need to gather information. Barrett has suggested searching Ervin's old apartment for any evidence that might clear his name.
1101(Barrett move)
1102(SCRIPT Add Passcode Container (Optional))
1105(SCENE: "Entered Ervin's Apartment" (Barrett))
1106(SCENE: "Where's my key?" (Barrett))
1107(FOUND CACTUS and Start Scene)
1108(FOUND CACTUS and End Scene)
1109(FOUND CACTUS and Go back to other questions.)
1200(SEARCH Ervin's Apartment (QO))
In order to exonerate Ervin Madani and restore his reputation, we first need to gather information. Barrett has suggested searching Ervin's old apartment for any evidence that might clear his name.
1201(FOUND: All Evidence in Apartment. (QO))
1205(*DEBUG: Skip to Search Ervin's Apartment Section.)
1220(LOCATED Safe.)
1221(SCENE: Near Safe)
1225(UNLOCKED Safe.)
1226(SCENE: Safe Opened.)
1228(FOUND Employment Contract (in Safe))
1229(SCENE: Player found Employment Contract.)
1230(LOCATED Terminal.)
1231(SCENE: Near Terminal)
1235(GIVE Player Digipicks (Optional))
1238(FOUND Copy of License Application on Terminal.)
1239(SCENE: Found Copy of Hunting License.)
1240(LOCATED Passcode Container)
1241(PLAYER found Passcode Key to Foundry.)
1250(PLAYER Left Apartment.)
1300(TALK to Barrett. (QO))
In order to exonerate Ervin Madani and restore his reputation, we first need to gather information. The two of us searched Ervin's old apartment for any evidence that might clear his name.
1301(TALKED to Barrett. (QO))
1305(*DEBUG: Skip to Found All Evidence)
1500(FIND Town Hall)
After investigating Ervin's apartment we found an application for hunting license. We may be able to find a copy of this license if we search the records at Town Hall.
1501(ARRIVED at Town Hall)
1502(SCENE: Arrived at Town Hall.)
1505(*DEBUG: Skip to Town Hall section.)
1510(LOCATE Ervin's Hunting License. (QO))
1515(LOCATED Ervin's Hunting License at Town Hall (QO))
1520(SCENE: Found License at Town Hall.)
1531(Town Hall convo)
1600(TALK to Ellie about Hunting License. (QO))
We've uncovered evidence that may exonerate Ervin. It may be worth discussing it with Ellie Yankton to see if we have enough to go to trial.
1601(TALKED to Ellie about Hunting License. (QO))
1605(*DEBUG: Skip to Talk to Ellie about Hunting License.)
1610(CONVO START: "Hunting License")
1611(* Checkpoint: Unused ("Hunting License"))
1620(CONVO END: "Hunting License")
1999(----- FOUNDRY SECTION ----)
2000(FIND the Foundry District. (QO))
In order to exonerate Ervin Madani and restore his reputation, we first need to gather information. Ellie Yankton has suggested we locate the mine he was assigned to and comb it for evidence.
2001(FOUND Foundry District. (QO))
2002(SCENE: Go to Foundry)
2005(*DEBUG: Skip to the Foundry Section.)
2055(ITEM ACQUIRED: Employee Key. Stolen.)
2060(ITEM ACQUIRED: Employee Key. Not Stolen. (Murder?))
2065(ITEM ACQUIRED: Employee Key. Not Stolen. (Hacker))
2100(ACCESS the Foundry Computer.)
2101(ACCESSED the Foundry Computer. (QO))
2110(TRACK: Normal. Use Player's Account. (QO))
2111(USED Player's Account on Foundry Computer. (QO))
2112(CREDITS Player claimed their own paycheck.)
2115(SCENE: Use Player's Account. Normal Track.)
2120(TRACK: Ervin's Account. USE Ervin's passcode. (QO))
2121(USED Ervin's Account on Foundry Computer.)
2125(SCENE: Ervin's Foundry Account.)
2130(TRACK: Employee Account. USE Employee's passcode. (QO))
2131(USED Employee's Account. (QO))
2132(CREDITS: Player stole a paycheck from an employee.)
2133(Mines Terminal)
2134(Mines Terminal)
2135(SCENE: Use the Employee Account.)
2140(TRACK: Theft. Pickpocket Foundry Passcode from Miners. (QO))
2141(ACQUIRED a Passcode by theft or murder. (QO))
2145(SCENE: Theft Track)
2150(TRACK: Geology. USE Normal Account. (QO))
2155(SCENE: Geology Track.)
2160(TRACK: CyberRunner. USE Admin Account. (QO))
2161(USED Admin Account on Foundry Terminal. (QO))
2165(SCENE: Cyber Runner Track.)
2300(TALK to Mine Employees (QO))
2301(TALKED to Mine Employee (QO))
2302(SKIP Talking to Employee (QO))
2310(* WON Speech Challenge (Employee))
2320(* LOST Speech Challenge (Employee))
2330(+ CREDITS Player paid the Employee for passcode.)
2340(INTIMIDATED Employee)
2350(ACQUIRED: Employee Passcode. Player received passcode.)
2400(TALK to Barrett after losing Speech Challenge (Optional) (QO))
2401(TALKED to Barrett (QO))
2420(CREDITS Barrett gives credits to Player to pay costs.)
2500(FIND Coordinates (QO))
2501(FOUND Coordinates. (QO))
2800(TALK to Barrett (QO))
2801(TALKED to Barrett (QO))
2802(Barrett convo done)
2805(* DEBUG: Skip through Mine Section. (Employee Key Route))
4999(----- MINE SECTION ----)
5000(GO TO Ervin's Mine (QO))
We downloaded the coordinates to the mine Ervin worked at, H-363. We should visit the location and see if we can't find any evidence that would exonerate him.
5001(LANDED on Landing Pad. (Optional))
5005(*DEBUG: Skip directly to the Mine. (Sets 2005))
5010(SCENES: Office Comments)
5011(ENTERED Mine Landing Pad. (Play Scene))
5012(ENTERED Mine Exterior. (Play Scene))
5013(ENTERED Mine Interior. Search for Evidence. (Play Scene))
5014(ENTERED Mine Office. Play Scene. (Play Scene))
5030(SCENES: Cave Comments)
5031(ENTERED Comment 01 - Near Elevator. (Play Scene.))
5032(ENTERED Comment 02 - Cavern. (Play Scene.))
5033(ENTERED Comment 03 - Eggs. (Play Scene.))
5034(ENTERED Comment 04 - Tunnels. (Play Scene.))
5035(ENTERED Comment 05 - Helgi Lab. (Play Scene.))
5036(ENTERED Comment 06 - Nest. (Play Scene.))
5200(FIND Evidence in Mine (QO))
We downloaded the coordinates to the mine Ervin worked at, H-363. We arrived at the location and should look for any evidence that would exonerate him.
5201(FOUND All Evidence in the Mine. (QO))
5205(BLOCK Scene from playing twice)
5210(FOUND Evidence on Office Computer.)
5211(ACQUIRED Location of Helgi's Computer)
5212(ACQUIRED Location of Ervin's Computer)
5220(FOUND Evidence on Helgi's Computer.)
5225(UNLOCKED Helgi's Computer)
5230(FOUND Evidence on Ervin's Computer.)
5235(UNLOCKED Ervin's Computer. Optional.)
5999(----- CASE REVIEW SECTION ----)
6000(TALK to Ellie (QO))
After investigating Mine H-363 we discovered that Ervin was not responsible for the ecological disaster that befell the mine. We should return to Ellie Yankton in Gagarin and deliver the good news.
6001(TALKED to Ellie. (QO))
6005(*DEBUG: Skip to the end of the Mine. (Sets 5005))
6010(ENTERED Law Office.)
6015(SCENE: Vignette between Barrett and Ellie.)
6020(Vignette is done.)
6100(CONVO Started: Ellie "Case Review")
6105(* Checkpoint: Started Convo)
6106(* Checkpoint: Not Enough.)
6110(* Checkpoint: Talk to Bartender Track. Ellie "Case Review")
6111(* Checkpoint: Talk to Dr. Keala Track. Ellie "Case Review")
6112(CONVO Ended: Ellie "Case Review")
6299(----- FIND HELGI SECTION ----)
6300(FIND Helgi Hauksson)
Despite obtaining the evidence to clear Ervin's name, Ellie believes we still need to find a witness to testify. She believes Dr. Helgi Hauksson is still in Gagarin and may be willing to cooperate.
6301(FOUND: Helgi Hauksson's Location/coordinates.)
6302(Helgi is told Ervin died)
6305(*DEBUG: Skip to Find Helgi section.)
6315(SPAWN Helgi.)
6400(TALK to Dr. Keala)
6401(TALKED to Dr. Keala "Where's Helgi" (QO))
6405(*DEBUG: Skip to Talk to Dr. Keala)
6410(CONVO STARTED: Dr. Keala)
6415(* Checkpoint: Talk to Clint (Little Help))
6420(* Checkpoint: Used CombatMedic)
6422(GIVE 3 Addicrone to Dr Keala)
6425(* Checkpoint 6425: Talk to Bartender Lizzy (Big Help))
6430(CONVO ENDED: Dr. Keala "Where's Helgi")
6500(TALK to Bartender Lizzy (QO))
6501(TALKED to Bartender Lizzy (QO))
6502(Lizzy TL fix)
6510(* WON Speech Challenge (Dr. Keala))
6515(* LOST Speech Challenge (Dr. Keala))
6520(* Checkpoint: Gangster Track "Bartender Chat")
6521(* Checkpoint: Regular Track "Bartender Chat")
6522(PAID Bartender for Helgi's Location.)
6599(Player hacked Dalitso's Computer)
6600(TALK to Security Officer Daltiso (QO))
6601(TALKED to Dalitso. (QO))
6605(*DEBUG: Skip to Talk to Security section.)
6650(TALK to Barrett. (QO))
6651(TALKED to Barrett. (QO))
6652(Barrett uses terminal)
6653(Barrett provides distraction)
6654(Dalitso distraction - Player chose Q1)
6655(Dalitso distraction Q2)
6656(Dalitso Diversion Success)
6657(TALK to Barrett. (QO))
6658(TALKED to Barrett. (QO))
6659(Dalitso Distraction: Used Terminal)
6670(USE Security Terminal to gain info about Helgi. (QO))
6671(USED Security Terminal to find Helgi's location. (QO))
6700(TALK to Clint (QO))
6701(TALKED to Clint. (QO))
6705(*DEBUG: Skip to Talk to Clint Section.)
6710(CONVO STARTED: Clint "Where's Helgi")
6711(* Checkpoint: Refused to Pay Once)
6715(* Checkpoint: Talk to Lizzy. "Where's Helgi, Clint?")
6720(* Checkpoint: Talk to Dalitso. "Where's Helgi, Clint?")
6725(PAID Helgi's bill to Clint. (First Part))
6726(PAID Helgi's bill to Clint. (Second Part))
6730(* WON Speech Challenge (Clint))
6735(* LOSE Speech Challenge (Clint))
6750(CONVO ENDED: Clint "Where's Helgi")
6999(----- WITNESS SECTION ----)
7000(TALK to Helgi (QO))
Despite obtaining the evidence to clear Ervin's name, Ellie believes we still need to find a witness to testify. She believes Dr. Helgi Hauksson is still in Gagarin and may be willing to cooperate. After interviewing some locals we were able to determine his location.
7002(Helgi dialogue check)
7003(Helgi dialogue check 2)
7004(Helgi dialogue check 3)
7005(SPAWN Helgi.)
7006(Helgi Speech Challenge - Dr Keala)
7007(Helgi Speech Challenge - Clint)
7008(Helgi Speech Challenge - Dalisto)
7101(TALKED to Helgi. (QO))
7120(* Checkpoint: Helgi. "Found you")
7125(* Checkpoint: Helgi. "Found you")
7135(* Checkpoint: Helgi. "Found you")
7140(* Checkpoint: Helgi. "Found you")
7300(TALK to Ellie. (QO))
We spoke to Helgi and attempted to convince him to serve as a witness in the upcoming trial. We should return to Ellie's office and deliver the news.
7301(TALKED to Ellie. (QO))
7400(TALK to Barrett. (QO))
Having received information his former husband was wrongly convicted, Barrett asked me to take him to Gagarin to help clear Ervin's name. We managed to find evidence that the mining done on H-363 was the cause of the disaster and deliver to Ellie Yankton, who will do the legal work necessary to clear Ervin's name.
7401(TALKED to Barrett. (QO))
7402(Added Ervin's slate with context on Harvey)
7407(Talked to Vladimir CHECKPOINT)
8930(EVALUATE Options -- if player hasn't solved Gagarin, return. Else end.)
We located the Temple associated with Barrett's Artifact and Barrett received his power, allowing him to summon Barretts from other universes.
9100(REWARDS: Standard.)
9200(REWARDS: Starborn Path.)
9999(QUEST END.)
10000(GO TO Town Hall.)
10001(PACKAGE: Barrett Goes to Apartment Door)
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