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Crimson Fleet
The Key
Notable Members
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The Crimson Fleet is a loose confederation of individual pirate captains under the same Jolly Roger banner within the Settled Systems. They have footholds in the Kryx, Sagan, Cheyenne, Lunara, and Narion systems.


The Crimson Fleet began as the Crimson Scar, the pirate outfit of Jasper Kryx. Kryx was captured by the UC Navy and imprisoned in the Lock, a maximum security prison on the ice planet Suvorov. Kryx led a successful prison riot that overwhelmed the prison's security, stole some ships from the hangar, and successfully assaulted the Key, a UC Security starstation in orbit over Suvorov.

Kryx claimed the Key as his base of operations, and began rallying other pirate captains to his banner. Pilots began marking the Lambda Serpentis System as "Kryx" on star charts, eventually giving the system its modern name. The UC Navy made at least three attempts to recapture the Key, but all were failures. Kryx retained command of the Fleet until his death.


The Crimson Fleet has no formal command structure, instead having an informal hierarchy based on a combination of fear and respect. Its current leader is the charismatic Delgado, whose second in command is the ruthless Naeva Mora. New members, or "Rooks", are expected to follow the orders of more respected members, and to give them a greater share of the loot. The Fleet's treasury is handled by a "Reckoner" - currently Shinya Voss - who has a bomb implanted in their chest to ensure their loyalty to the current leader.


Crimson Fleet ships are named after ghosts and similar apparitions.


For information on Crimson Fleet ship modules, see Crimson Fleet Ship Modules.

Crimson Fleet pirates use a considerable amount of distinctive equipment, usually marked with the Fleet's trademark Jolly Roger. Crimson Fleet spacesuits include the Pirate Assault Spacesuit, Pirate Charger Spacesuit, Pirate Corsair Spacesuit, and Pirate Sniper Spacesuit. The Fleet manufacturers two weapons - a submachine gun, the Kraken, and an assault rifle, the Maelstrom, both chambered in 6.5mm. Some Crimson Fleet pirates also use Ripshanks and Rescue Axes.


Crimson Fleet mission logo

In the Crimson Fleet questline, the player either joins the Crimson Fleet, or goes undercover and infiltrates them on behalf of UC SysDef. They are soon caught up in Delgado's search for Kryx's Legacy, a legendary treasure that could make the Fleet a major player in galactic politics.


There are two ways to join the faction:

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