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Help Sam Coe and his ex-wife take on the Seokguh.
Mission Giver: Sam Coe
Location(s): None
ID: COM_Quest_SamCoe_Q01
XP: 300
Credits ?: Misc Large
Other Rewards: Explorer Adventure Hat
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The Empty Nest Commitment: Sam Coe

Companion Affinity[edit]

There are multiple affinity events that can happen during this mission.

Affinity Stage Andreja Barrett Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

Affinity Event for use in dialogue responses to respond to something the player says.[affinity 1]




Affinity Event for use in dialogue responses to respond to something the player says.[affinity 2]




  1. Affinity Event for use in dialogue responses to respond to something the player says.
  2. Affinity Event for use in dialogue responses to respond to something the player says.

Mission Stages[edit]

Matters of the Hart (COM_Quest_SamCoe_Q01)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(STAGE 0)
2(DEBUG: Go to Victor Compound)
3(DEBUG: Go to Cache)
100(Talked with Cora)
Cora Coe is worried that she hasn't heard from her mother, Lillian Hart. She should be at the Freestar Ranger Outpost on Neon. We just need to find her mom, and she'll relax.
110(GEN-512271: Stage that gets set by FC04 when it starts up. If Price is still needed, throw a blocking objective for the player to finish "Shadows in Neon")
120(GEN-512271: Stage that gets set by FC04 when it no longer needs Price. Unlock his scenes and complete his objective.)
150(Arrived at Neon)
175(Jaylen Bribe Option)
200(Talked with Jaylen)
Another Ranger, Jaylen Pryce, wouldn't give us any information on Lillian Hart. But there's certainly some information we can find in Lillian's office.
205(Jaylen Speech Challenge Success)
210(Jaylen Speech Challenge Failed)
215(Jaylen Patrol Triggered)
300(Looking for Lillian Clue now)
310(Talked with Sam Coe about distraction)
350(CI Clue has been picked up)
I found a note about a Confidential Informant in Jaylen Pryce's office. I should read it and see if it has anything to do with Lillian Hart.
400(CI Clue has been read)
Lillian Hart was working with a confidential informant. I have an address on where the CI lives in Ebbside.
500(Found out about CI Addy w/Sam)
510(Arrived at CI)
520(Arrival scene ends)
530(Door Opened Scene Ends)
600(Entered the room)
650(Found the papers)
Lillian Hart appears to be doing an undercover operation against the Seokguh Syndicate. So she's in danger. The papers indicate she's at "Victor Compound" on McClure II.
675(Stop Scene if Running)
700(Ready to go to Victor Compound)
750(Landed near Victor Compound)
775(Listened to Sam contacting Lillian)
800(Contacted Lillian - ready for extraction)
Lillian Hart is alive, for now, in Victor Compound. She's requesting Sam and I fight our way to her so she can break her cover and escape the Syndicate.
825(Near Lillian)
850(Lillian found)
I've found Lillian Hart. Once we're safely aboard my ship, we should talk about her problems with the Syndicate.
860(Left Victor Compound)
875(Lillian & Cora Reunion)
890(Reunion over)
895(Sam gets into position)
900(Lillian debriefs about Valerie and Seokga)
Lillian Hart has been working a case against a very dangerous Syndicate operative named Valeria Mosquera. She needs to find the location of Valerie's cache - which should be on a smuggling ship named the Dumas. The Dumas itinerary has it at Rasalhague II.
910(Had a talk with Lillian on the ship)
920(Arrived at Dumas)
930(Dumas goes hostile)
1000(Dumas' Manifest Looted)
1100(Lillian briefed about Cache)
We have the location of Valerie Mosquera's secret cache on Andromas III. Lillian is certain when we get to the facility, it will trip an alarm and signal Valerie and her crew. We should head to Andromas III and prepare for the fight.
1150(Landed at Cache)
1200(Alarm triggered - fight starts)
1250(Valerie Killed)
1300(Combat Completed)
It appears that Valerie Mosquera had expected Lillian, and there was never a "weapons cache" in the first place. It was clearly a scheme to draw out Lillian and end her on Andromas III. But now, Valerie and her Syndicate crews are dead. All that remains is to talk with Sam and Lillian.
1400(Finished Valerie talk)
1410(Lillian will get vacations)
1420(Lillian keeps the Cora status quo)
1500(Finished talk with Sam at Cache)
Lillian and Sam had a long overdue conversation and made a lot of progress. Sam said he wanted me to go to Akila City to have an important talk with him.
1575(Got near statue)
1600((Complete) Talked with Sam Coe in Akila)
Sam Coe and I had a deep talk in Akila City. He's in a better place now having resolved things with Lillian Hart.
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