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Help Andreja investigate the fate of two friends.
Mission Giver: Andreja
Location(s): Akila City, Hyla II, The Den, Groombridge System
ID: COM_Quest_Andreja_Q01
XP: 0
Credits ?: 0
Other Rewards: (?)

Mission Stages[edit]

Divided Loyalties (COM_Quest_Andreja_Q01)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(DEBUG - start on Akila)
2(DEBUG - Start on Eren's Planet)
3(DEBUG - starting at Den)
4(DEBUG - start at Jaeda)
5(DEBUG - start at Station)
10(directed to Akila City)
Andreja is looking to connect with people from her past, to put her mind at ease about prior missions. We need to find Eren Bascolm in Akila City.
20(arrived in Akila, pointed to Aggie's)
25(arrived in Aggie's, Trigger Andreja's forcegreet)
29(Andreja force-greet at Aggie's done, EVP so she'll stop running it)
30(Andreja forcegreet done, directed to Aggie)
31(Player Choice - told Aggie they care about Ervin)
32(Player Choice - told Aggie to skip the sob story)
40(done with Aggie, directed to talk to Andreja)
45(done talking to Andreja, directed to Hyla II)
Eren Bascolm reportedly moved to Hyla II. Andreja and I need to look for him there.
50(arrived on planet with Eren's camp, directed to talk to Andreja)
55(done talking to Andreja, directed to camp)
60(arrived at camp, attacked by zealots)
70(enemies defeated, directed to talk to Andreja)
75(done talking to Andreja, directed to search camp)
Eren Bascolm died some time ago. We need to search his home for any link to other people Andreja is trying to find.
80(note from Jaeda found, directed to Andreja)
81(Done talking to Andreja about Jaeda, cue up scene about Tomisar)
85(done talking to Andreja, directed to Den)
Another former friend of Andreja's, Jaeda Huang, is now working out of The Den in UC space. We need to find out what she knows, particularly about a Va'ruun agent named Tomisar.
89(DEBUG - Move Player and Andreja to Den for testing)
90(arrived at Den, directed to ask around)
91(Rayna Speech Challenge Won)
92(Rayna Speech Challenge Lost)
94(Orval has offered to sell information about Jadea)
95(Player bought information from Orval)
100(pointed to Jaeda's location)
Jaeda Huang was last seen headed towards the Groombridge system to enact her revenge on Va'ruun Zealots. We need to make sure she's safe.
109(DEBUG - Placeholder for moving Player/Andreja to test cell for space encounter)
110(arrived at location)
120(Jaeda jumps in)
130(initial hail done, zealots arrive)
131(Zealot Ship 1 defeated)
132(Zealot Ship 2 defeated)
133(Zealot Ship 3 defeated)
140(zealots defeated, 2nd hailing)
150(2nd Hail done, directed to board Jaeda's ship)
160(boarded Jaeda's ship. Scene betweenJaeda and Andreja starts)
170(Jaeda and Andreja done talking, directed to talk to Jaeda)
Jaeda Huang has been hunting Va'ruun Zealots who may have information about the decade-old ambush that separated Andreja from her friends. We need to get that information.
175(Jaeda Scene done - Zealot Captain Jumps in)
200(directed to player's ship)
210(player back in ship, directed to kill captain)
220(hailing scene done, directed to attack captain)
230(Zealot captain destroyed, directed to pick up cargo)
300(done with captain, directed to talk to Andreja)
305(done talking to Andreja, directed to station)
Tomisar Ka'dic is Andreja's contact with House Va'ruun. He appears to be responsible for the ambush that has haunted Andreja, and she wants to confront him.
306(DEBUG - move player to Starstation)
310(arrived at station, directed to follow Andreja)
320(arrived at panel, directed to talk to Andreja)
330(done talking to Andreja, waiting for her to open panel)
331(Andreja has entered furniture for secret panel, call function to regiuster)
340(follow Andreja to Tomisar)
341(Andreja hits 1st checkpoint for scene update)
342(mid-scene checkpoint to update Tomisar's package)
350(arrived at Tomisar, he starts his thing)
360(scene with Tomisar and player)
370(done talking to Tomisar, directed to talk to Andreja)
371(player asked if there's some other way - opens option to turn over Tomisar)
375(Player has offered to kill Tomisar)
380(player told Andreja to let Tomisar live)
381(Final scene finished, Tomisar left alive. Andreja asks to return to Lodge)
385(Player told Andreja to turn over Tomisar)
390(player convinced Andreja to kill Tomisar)
395(Andreja has killed Tomisar)
399(Player killed Tomisar after some other conclusion had been reached)
400(Done with Tomisar, final conversation with Andreja)
500(Done with Station, directed back to Lodge)
Andreja has dealt with Tomisar, and learned about what happened to her so many years ago. She wishes to return to the Lodge.
600(Arrived back at Lodge, directed to talk to Andreja)
1000(Quest Complete)
I have helped Andreja solve the mystery of what happened to her friends years ago, but there may be consequences for her future with House Va'ruun.
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  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage COM_Quest_Andreja_Q01 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest COM_Quest_Andreja_Q01.
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