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Help Andreja investigate the fate of two friends.
Mission Giver: Andreja
Location(s): Akila City, Hyla II, The Den, Groombridge System
ID: COM_Quest_Andreja_Q01
XP: 250
Credits ?: Misc Large
Other Rewards: None

Quest Dialogue[edit]

Generic Andreja Dialogue[edit]

Can I ask you some questions about your journey to find your friend?
Of course. What would you like to know?
What can you tell me about Eren Bascolm?
He is a quiet man. Reserved. I believe he had lived through a great many hardships, though he never spoke of them. I never felt it proper to ask.
He valued his personal spacem and quiet moments. It was one thing we always shared in common.
Years ago I heard he was alive, but did not attempt to contact him. I did not feel it was right. I hope this wasn’t a mistake.
How do you know anyone else is still alive?
I do not know, not for sure. I did not see them fall that day, and…. I suppose I have hoped they survived.
I admit, I have not investigated before now at least in part because of what I feared I might learn.
Why did House Va’ruun rely on smugglers?
House Va’ruun is in a distant corner of space, far away from the rest of the Settled Systems.
While this serves our interests, it can also pose challenges. Many critical resources are scarce, and diplomatic relations with the United Colonies and Freestar Collective were tense at best of times.
It was the practical way to acquire what we need, without raising too many questions. It still is.
I can’t think of any other questions.
Then we should return to our task.

Arrival In Akila[edit]

When you speak to Andreja after landing in Akila, she will say:

if we are to find Eren, we should start by looking for him at Aggie’s bar, in the stretch.

Arrival in Aggie's bar[edit]

When you arrive in Aggie's bar, Andreja wants to talk to you

He is not here. I am disappointed, but… relieved somehow?
That’s not surprising. You’ve built this up in your head.
Yes, but now I feel guilty for being relieved.
Why must this all be so complicated?
Just relax. It’ll be okay.
You’re right. I’m sorry.
Maybe we should try somewhere else.
No, this is the only place he would be. I know him well enough to know that.
Someone here must know more. We should inquire about him.

Asking around about Eren Bascolm[edit]

When you talk to Aggie you can tell her you're looking for Eren.

I'm looking for Eren Bascolm
You? You ain’t here lookin’ for Eren.
She is.
Andreja:Hello, Aggie.
I was unsure whether you would remember me. It has been a long time.
Aggie:I ain’t likely to forgey you anytime soon.
Don’t worry about her. You’re dealing with me.
Don’t try to play tough with me. I ain’t got the time or the patience for it.
Okay, fine. We’re looking for Eren..
I heard you. Ain’t deaf.
Is there a problem?
I don’t know. You tell me. You’re the one blundering in here, with her in tow, asking questions.
Aggie:She didn’t ruin Eren’s life enough the first time, eh? Back for more?
Andreja:Ruin his life? How dare you…
Aggie:Did she tell you what she did to him? How she left him bleedin’ on some god-forsaken rock in the middle of nowhere?
That’s not how it happened.
No? Were you there? Eren told the story so many tamn times over the years, I feel like it sure as hell was.
Spare me the righteous indignation act.
Ah, sure. You didn’t have to look at him all this time.
We’re trying to make up for things.
Forgive me if I don’t tak you at your word.
We’d just like to know that he’s safe
Now? After all this time? You could’ve dropped in any time in, oh, the last nine years or so. Maybe that wouldn’t have been too convenient for you, thought!
Eren sat in that corner for years, scared of his own shadow. Convinced the damned Zealots were coming back to finish the job.
The few credits he had to rub together that didn’t get spent on drink, he spent on setting himself up someplace where they couldn’t find him.
Wouldn’t trust anyone that walked through the door. Only ever talked to me when he was drunk enough
Clearly you care about him. We do too.
If either of you cared, you wouldn’t just be showing up now.
I’m sorry. No one deserves to live like that.
Look I seen all kinds of sad snacks over the years. Most of ‘em brought it on themselves.
He was no different. Got himself in over his head. Mixed with the up in somethin’ he shouldn’t have been. Still not pretty to watch the slide down afterwards.
Let’s skip the sob story. Just tell me where he is.
Ain’t you just all kinds of compassionate.
Aggie:Eren ain’t been in here for almost a year now. Showed up one day sayin’ he’d gone and got himself set up on Hyla II, thanking me for letting him stay here so often.
It was the closest I’d seen him to happy in I don’t know how long. And that was it. Never came through the door again.
Andreja:Did he ever mention me?
Aggie:You mean did he blame you. That’s what you want to know.
I know guilt when I see it. Don’t try and deny it.
Andreja:Fine. Did he blame me?
Aggie:No. Believed you were one of the good ones, right up until the last time I talked to him. Me? I don’t think your kind has good ones.
Andreja:My kind?
Aggie: I know what you are. You take your holier-than-thou bullshit and your Great Serpent and shove ‘em.
Andreja:You dare insult me like this, when I have come to your asking for help? I should kill you where you stand.
Let’s just calm down. We’re not here to hurt anyone.
Fine, fine. Let's leave this place at once.
We came here for information, and we got it. Let’s just go.
Fine. But perhaps I will return here at some point.
This isn’t what Eren would want.
You are right. We should focus on finding him.
Aggie:Well, this has been so much fun.
You see Eren, you tell him I got a bottle of him favorite stashed away if he ever shows up again. But honestly, I’m hopin’ he doesn’t.

After talking to Aggie, Andreja will have two responses based on how you talked to Aggie


We have something to go on, at least.
I was surprised that you were so harsh to that woman. It semeed to work, though.
I didn’t want to listen to her blame you.
Thank you, but… if what she said is ture, if Eren did collapse in on himself… Perhaps she should blame me.
I was getting tired of hearing her talk.
So was I. But… If what she says is true, then it just confirms what I have feared for so long.
She’s in no position to judge anyone.
True, but I have always worried about how responsible I am for what happened. Maybe I needed to hear it.
I’m eager to reach Hyla II and speak to Eren. Perhaps there is something we can do to help him. Provide him a sense of safety.


We have something to go on, at least.
I am grateful that you showed some compassion, despite that woman’s attitude. I do not have your patience.
It was the truth, nothing more or less
And yet it is my past we are trying to clear up. That is… It means a lot.
It just seemed like the right thing to say.
ou are more diplomatic than I would be. One more reason I am glad to have you with me.
I just wanted to avoid confrontation.
Well, it was convincing enough.
I’m eager to reach Hyla II and speak to Eren. Perhaps there is something we can do to help him. Provide him a sense of safety.

Arriving on Hylia II[edit]

After landing at Eren Bascolm's camp, you find it overrun by Zealots, after killing all Zealots Andreja will say:

I thought I saw something, I need to be sure.

You then follow Andreja to a grave

I… I don’t know what to say. I thought there would be a chance to speak to him, to make amends.
Or at least to hear him curse me for leaving him. I was prepared to accept that. I did not think I would find him like this.
At least these vermin didn’t get him. He’s been gone for… well, it’s clearly been some time.
Look around. There will be correspondence from Jaeda Huang, I am sure of it.
This cannot all be for… nothing.

When you find Erin's slate Andreja will want to talk to you again.

You found something? Please, let me see it.
Huh. I should have guessed.
Jaeda was always the one to run towards trouble.
Of course she would still be doing it now, in her own way.
She must be pretty determined.
She has been for as long as I have known her.
She’s got to be crazy, going after the Zealots like that.
“Crazy” might be a bit extreme, but I cannot entirely disagree.
if she went hunting Zealots, what are the odds she’s still Alive?
For anyone else, I would say the chances of survival are slim.
For Jaeda… She is alive and on a mission. I would bet my life on it.
Jaeda was younger than some of the other smugglers we contracted.
There was concern she would be... Unreliable.
As time went on, we called on her more and more often, eventually relying on her almost exclusively.
She was sharp, a skilled pilot, and very, very determined. Always talking about her big plans for retirement, how she would live like a queen.
I am not surprised that she would desire revenge, but to go this far…
We need to find her. But before we go…
I have discovered something else, and I do not know what to make of it.
Eren was composing a reply to Jaeda, but never sent it.
It reads as if he was expecting the Zealots to find him, that they knew where to look for him.
Aggie Said he’d been scared for years. Maybe that’s all it is.
His fears were well founded, if the Zealots did indeed come for him.
But he built this place to hide from them.
And yet we found them here searching for him. How did they know?
You think he knew something we don’t.
Clearly he had become paranoid. But that does not mean he was wrong.
What bothers me, though, is that he mentions a name he should not know: Tomisar Ka’dic.
Well, that’s certainly a name I don’t know.
Nor Should you.
You know that name thought, don’t you.
Yes, I do.
You’ll have to explain this to me.
Yes, I’m sorry.
For all of my assignments in the settled systems, Tomisar has been my link to House Va’ruun.
From him, I have received my orders, and he is the person to whom I have reported my success.
He does not work with anyone outside of House Va’ruun and I am the only one who knows how and where to find him.
Eren should never have heard of him.
If you know where he is, Let’s go ask him what’s going on.
It is hardly that simple.
Sounds like someone hasn’t been telling you everything.
Perhaps. He could have reached out directly, but that would be a surprising breach of protocol.
House Va’ruun, doing something Shady? Who would have imagined it?
Your sarcasm is noted. But truly, this is unusual.
We must first make sure that Jaeda is safe.
And Perhaps she will be able to shed light on this.
Let us head for the Den.

Generic Dialogue[edit]

New options are unlocked at this point

Can I ask you some questions about your journey to find your friend?
Of course. What would you like to know?
What else can you tell me about this Tomisar Ka’dic?
I understand he has connections within the High Council. I do not know much more about him… it was never my job to know
As I have said, he is the one who has given me assignments. He sent me to hire smugglers like Eren and Jaeda, and coordinate transport missions for them
He would have known their names, but I can not imagine that he would ever contact them directly.
How does the Den figure into all of this?
It is relatively well-trafficked, but there are fewer prying eyes than some other locations.
The UC vanguard has operated out of the Den for some time, but they are poorly staffed and supplied.
it can be a good hand-off point for smugglers.

Arrival at the Den[edit]

When you arrive at the Den, Andreja will say the following.

Either she is here, or someone will know where we can find her.
She is still alive, I know it

After this you have 3 options to get Jaeda's location

Talk with Orval Romack[edit]

I need to locate Jaeda Huang.
That’s so? Vanguard Pilot. Pretty good one, from what I heard. Got a real attitude, though.
You can always ask the other Vanguard Pilots. Or, since you’re already here…
I do happen to offer Services in exchange for payment. One of those services can be information. Get what I’m saying here?
[Pay 1000 Credits] All right, fine, I’ll pay.
Then I will tell you that I happened to overhear she’s out in the Groombridge System. And from what I hear, Rayna ain’t happy about it.
And our little transaction here is concluded. Pleasure doing business.
I’m not going to pay you for information I can get for free
Right, sure. That wouldn’t make sense. But, uhh, if it turns out no one else can help, you know where to find me.
Isn’t this extortion?
Nah, not at all. There’s gotta be coercion for it to count as extortion. This is just good old fashioned business.

Talk with Rayna[edit]

I’m looking for Jaeda Huang.
Huang? Really? There are at least three other pilots based out of here I’d expect to receive complaints about first…

Before we get started, I have to inform you there’s a formal review process for the Vanguard, so don’t expect any actions for a while, okay? Now, what is the nature of your complaint?

I’m not here to complain. I just need to talk to her.
Oh, Okay… Sorry. Force of habit, I suppose.
It’s urgent that I find her as soon as possible.
Okay… As long as there’s no problem…
This has nothing to do with the vanguard. It’s personal
Oh! Well, that’s a relief
You get a lot of complaints about you pilots?
Look, this isn’t Alpha Centauri or anything. We’re a bit removed from the center of the United Colonies
Folks out here are a little less receptive to the vanguard keeping an eye on things.
Jaeda isn’t here. Hasn’t been in a while, in fact. She’s… Well, she’s following up on some sensitive information.
I’m uhh… I’m not sure if I should disclose any more than that.
[Persuade] I know what she’s after. I have information that could help her.
It’s not something I can just blurt out.
Persuation succesfull
Jaeda came in a bit ago, all fired up over some hot lead. She’s been focused on Zealots ever since she was assigned here, but this was a whole other level.
She was headed out to Groombridge to track them down. Never seen her so fixated.
And if you know Jeada, that’s saying something.
If you’re headed out that way, be careful. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s getting into all kinds of trouble.
Persuation failed
The safety of my pilots has to come before anything else. I can’t help you.
I have someone here who’s been looking for her for a very, very long time
I don’t really see how that’s relevant. I’m sorry, I can’t say anything more.
What if I said I already know she’s hunting down Va’ruun Zealots?
Then I’d probably just be wondering how you have any information at all, and I might be even more concerned about your intentions.

Talk with Bastian Graff[edit]

If the player has completed the quest SF-qico-Misc.svg Re-Re-Application they get the option to talk to Bastian Graff.

I’m looking for Jaeda Huang.
Jaeda? I’m not really supposed to give out that kind of information…
But hey, you did me a favor with the whole commendation thing.
I saw Jaeda with Rayna. Something about Zealots in the Groombridge System, And how she was going after them no matter what.
She was really wound up about it. Sounds urgent, and pretty serious. Hey, you didn’t hear this from me, Okay?

Arriving in the Groombridge System[edit]

Upon arriving in the Groombridge System, Jaeda's ship, the Raptor, will hail you.

Unidentified ship, you are not authorized to be here. State your business.
Who the hell are you, and what are you doing here?!
I need to talk to you in person.
I don’t know you, and we don’t have anything to talk about!
You are interfering with an official Vanguard Operation, So I’m going to need you to vacate this orbit immediately!
I’m here with Andreja. We’ve been looking for you.
... You’re what?!
You have to be kidding me. She… You… You show up here now, of all times?!
What are you doing out here?
I was setting up an ambush, but odds are that you’ve blown it.
And my question still stands: what the hell do you think you’re doing?
Shit! I’ve got multiple ships inbound. Too late to run - sure hope you’re prepared for a fight!

After defeating the Zealot ships, Jaeda will hail you again.

We’re clear, and I’m sure not going anywhere for a while, so why don’t you tell me what the hell you think you’re doing , showing up here now.
Andreja’s trying to make up for what happened years ago.
Ten years after the fact? With nothing in between?
You’ll have to forgive me if I find that hard to believe, Suspicious, even.
We wanted to check on you, and make sure you’re okay.
We’re talking, which means I’m alive, which means as far as you’re concerned, I’m fine.
Saying ‘’Thanks’’ for saving our ass would be nice.
You think I didn’t know what I was getting into? I’ve been tracking these monsters for months, waiting of a chance to hit them.
Look, my Grav Drive is fried. I need time to repair, if I can even manage it.
You didn’t take the opportunity to blow me up, so either that’s not your goal or you’re playing some long game.
You want to explain yourself? I can’t stop you from coming over here.
But I’m gonna be armed, and it’s gonna be aimed at her head. Just so we’re all clear.

Boarding the Raptor[edit]

Upon boarding the Raptor, Jaeda will start the dialogue.

Jaeda:How? How can you possibly show your face?
Andreja:I am glad to see that you are safe, Jaeda. I am sorry if this is difficult for you….
Jaeda:Difficult?! Are you serious right now?
Jaeda:You set us up, Killed my friends, and then a decade later you show up like nothing happened? Have you lost your mind?
Andreja:Set you up? I never… I was not behind that. It was Zealots, you know that. We were all attacked.
Jaeda:Don’t bullshit me. Not now.
And who the hell are you, Her backup dancer?
[Negotiation] We’re just here to check up on you, and make sure that you’re all right.
Okay… Clearly I’m fine, relatively speaking. You’ve got some explaining to do, though.
Let’s all just calm down.
Hey, I’m calm. You calm? Great.
We’re just here to talk.
Yeah? Well, we’re talking. How do you think that’s going so far?
I’m a friend of Andreja’s. That’s all.
I was too, a ways back. You can see how that’s working out for me.
What are you doing here with her. You don’t look like Va’ruun to me.
We’ve been looking for anyone who survived the ambush years ago.
Jaeda:Why, so you can finish the job she started?
Andreja:Jaeda, you are my friend. I was not part of that attack!
Andreja was worried about you
Jaeda:Worried? Worried she hadn’t finished me off, maybe… I knew it was only a matter of time
Andreja:What are you talking about? I have never acted against you!.
You hate Zealots. We hate Zealots. Thought we could help each other out.
Jaeda:Yeah, difference is though, I haven’t been working with them. She has.
Andreja:I would never!
Jaeda:You know for a while I told myself it was a coincidence that you disappeared once the shooting started that you were long gone when the dust settled.
Jaeda:Told myself “No, it couldn’t possibly be her, not after all those years we spent working together. We’re friends…” So I went after the Zealots.
Jaeda:And then I found out the truth. Your damned High Council. They Knew. Told the Zealots where to find us.
Andreja:That’s not true. That cannot be true.
Jaeda:Oh it is.
Andreja:How? How do you know this? If you have proof I need to see it right now.
Jaeda:You don’t get to demand anything of me, Andreja! I know what I’ve seen!
If you’re so sure of this, then let’s see the proof. Convince us.
I… I don’t have…. It doesn’t work like that! I’ve put things together over the years.
Slates, communications, interrogations.
I don’t believe Andreja is involved. This High Council isn’t either.
Why, because that’s what she told you? I’ve seen things! I’ve read communications, I’ve hunted these Zealots…
You were working with House Va’ruun. Why would they want to kill you?
Because we were a loose end! We knew things, locations, names… They never trusted us. We were just a mess that needed cleaning up.
Andreja:A name, Jaeda. Give me a name. You must have heard one by now.
Jaeda:Tomisar! Tomisar Ka’dic. That’s the bastard from the High Council who’s been helping the Zealots.
Andreja:And did you hear this from Eren?
Jaeda:Eren? What? No! I haven’t talked to him in a year… What do you know about it?
Andreja:Jaeda, I swear on the Serpent himself, I would never betray you. I need time to make this right. Can we go somewhere and talk?
Jaeda:I’m not giving up on this! I’ve tracked them this far, and I am going to see this through!
You want your proof? Well they have it!
Va'ruun Zealot Captain:So… you think you’ve won, do you?
Jaeda:That’s him! That’s the bastard responsible for the ambush!
If you’re not lying to me, then you’d better help me take him down!
Otherwise I’ll just have to destroy you both! Get back to your ship!

Defeating the Va'ruun Zealot Captain[edit]

Upon returning to your own ship, the Va'ruun Zealot Captain will say the following things.

Va'ruun Zealot Captain:I smile today in the knowledge that the Great Serpent has truly blessed my ship and my crew.
Why else would he have delivered unto me the dregs of our purge years ago, the offal that escaped our righteous justice.
Your pathetic ‘’High council’’ who betrayed the charge laid upon them by the Great Serpent, gave you over to us to atone for their own sins.
It always irked me that you escaped the fate you deserved. But now the Serpent sets my mind at ease.
And in his name, I will cleanse your filth from this universe.
Are you prepared to face judgment!?

after defeating the Va'ruun Zealot Captain, Andreja wants to speak with you.

I do not understand.
It cannot be possible that the High Council would betray us like that. He must have been lying.
He seemed pretty sure of himself.
The Zealots have interpreted the teachings of Jinan Va’ruun in the most hostile way possible, and are convinced that they are the only true followers of the Great Serpent.
They have always been certain in their beliefs and actions. It does not make them correct.
So let’s go ask the High Council.
That is not an option. Even if we could reach them, you are a non-believer. You would be killed.
It doesn’t matter. It’s over now.
No, it is not over. If there is ever a chance that it could be true, I have to know.
Something about this does not feel right, this message… the code at the bottom.
I’ve seen this before…
I know where we need to go.
I must explain… House Va’ruun values secrecy above nearly all else. Those of us sent out into the settled systems, we cannot return.
They can’t force you to stay away forever.
Maybe not forever, but certainly until our mission has been accomplished.
The hell with their rules.
It’s not just about rules.
I’m sure they’d make an exception, to clear this up.
No, you do not understand.
When we are assigned a mission, we are taken to a point outside of House Va’ruun’s Domain, We do not jump ourselves.
We are never given the coordinates for Va’ruun’kai, our homeworld. We literally cannot return.
Only a select few are ever trusted with that knowledge. I can never go home unless I am permitted.
Sounds like you’re being used.
It has been deemed necessary for the protection of House Va’ruun. And for generations it has worked. Who am I to question it?
But there is something I can do.
There must be some other way.
Perhaps there is.
They get points for ingenuity, I’ll give them that.
It is a system that has never failed them, that is certain.
But perhaps this system has become the problem.
I cannot travel to my home, but I can reach out another way.
But it means putting you in danger in a way you have not been before. I cannot say for certain what will happen.
There’s been plenty of danger so far.
And we have survived this, yes. But what comes next is different. I just want to make that clear.
I signed on for this no matter what.
Thank you. That means a great deal.
I didn’t have anything else to do today anyway.
You do enjoy deflecting situations with humor, don’t you?
There is an old derelict starstation where I may get answers.
I know that seems… vague. It will become clear when we arrive.

Arriving at Starstation UCN-48[edit]

Upon arriving at the Derelict Starstation Andreja will say the following.

all right, follow me.
I will say again: there is danger for you here. Likely for both. I need you to trust me.
These stations were built by the United Colonies during the Serpent’s Crusade.
They were abandoned when peace was brokered.
They are an excellent place to hide in plain sight.

Andreja will then stand in front of a wall and request you to talk to her.

Before we go any further, I cannot stress this enough: keep your weapons at your side. Do not make any sudden moves.
Do nothing to appear hostile.
I’ll decide when hostitlity is necessary.
Then I hope, for your sake, your judgment is sound.
I’m going to do whatever it takes to protection us.
I appreciate your vigilance, but anything threatening could get you killed.
Okay, I trust you.
Thank you.
What are we walking into here?
This is the only place I can get answers. The only connection I have to House Va’ruun.
Please, give me a moment.

Andreja will then proceed to open a hidden pathway behind the wall.

Confronting Tomisar[edit]

Tomisar:And it seems you have brought someone with you, which is… disappointing.
Completely against the rules of our arrangement.
Do you care to explain yourself, before I relay this to the High Council?
Andreja:I am not the one who needs to explain himself, Tomisar.
Tomisar:I am surprised by your tone! What has gotten into you? This is very unlike you. Almost… Insubordinate.
Andreja:I know what you have done. The messages you sent.
Tomisar:You are not making any sense. Of course I send you messages. That is how this works. That is how it has always worked.
Andreja:Not to me! To the Zealots! To the fanatics who murdered my friends, who tried to murder me!
Tomisar:You must be mistaken. Or perhaps confused. Nothing like that has ever happened.
I have the transcripts, Tomisar. You did this. You told them where to find us.
Tomisar:Now, let us just take a moment. No one wants to make accusations they might regret…
You! You are from that constellation group! I’ve heard all about you!
You have turned her against me, filled her head with lies! This will not be allowed to stand!
Sounds like you’re the one who’s been lying to her.
You know nothing of it!
I’m just here for the fireworks, pal.
I think you shall find that to be a terrible mistake…
I’m here to support my friend. Something it seems she’s been lacking.
Insolence! You have corrupted her!
Andreja:I said enough! This is between you and me!
Tomisar:This has gone far enough. Talk some sense into her at once!
Neither of you would dare lift a finger against me, against House Va’ruun!
She looks ready to kill you
No, please!
You’re in a pretty bad position here.
No, no!
Maybe being a little more honest would help
But… I am!
You think you can keep lying?
I have already said this is a misunderstanding!
[Serpent’s Embrace] The Great Serpent does not abide treachery, Tomisar. You should know that was well as anyone
I speak for the Great Serpent, not you! I decide what is treachery!
Tomisar:If you let Andreja Hurt me… I am her only link to the High Council, to House Va’ruun! Without me, She can never return home!
You must make her listen to reason!
Andreja:He is responsible. He deserves to die.
Tomisar:Did you not hear me? You do this, you lose everything!
Andreja:I heard you! I know what it costs me!
But… he deserves it, does he not?
if you do this, there are consequences.
I have been betrayed. Why should I care anymore?
No one else needs to die right now.
He gave my friends to the Zealots. He might as well have killed them himself. How does that not warrant Justice?
Isn’t there some other way.
I do not know… maybe… Maybe if the High Council sees what he has done…
Show the Council. Let them deal with him. ← Tomisar Lives
he only thing keeping him alive right now is… I know that if I do this, I lose my home. Probably forever.
I do not… I do not know what to do…
Give your friends the vengeance they deserve. ← Andreja Kill Tomisar
Yes… Yes. it is the only right thing.
You betrayed me, Tomisar.
When you see the Great Serpent, be sure to tell him who sent you.
He’s not worth it. You would lose too much. ← Tomisar Lives
I know, but I want to, so badly. I do not know how to live with this…
I’ll do it, so you don’t have to. ← Player kills Tomisar
so be it.

Tomisar's fate[edit]

Tomisar Lives

Andreja:Consider yourself Fortunate. You get to live.
Tomisar:This… This is not over! The High Council will hear of your treason!
Andreja:Perhaps they will hear of your actions as well, Tomisar. Think on that.
Andreja:Come. Let us leave this place. I wish to return ot the Lodge.
Tomisar:You will regret this!

Andreja Kill Tomisar

Andreja:That… Felt good.
Killing someone who deserves it always does.
it does, doesn’t it?
I hope you haven’t sacrificed too much.
We will find out. There is no going back now.
You may never find your way home now.
I know, and I am not sure what that means for me in the future.
I know in my heart the Great Serpent will see that I have done what is right, no matter what House Va’ruun may say.
And whatever comes next, I know that I can count on you to face it with me.
We should leave this place. Can we return to the lodge?

Player kills Tomisar

Andreja:It is good to see justice done… But it should have been at my hand, not yours.
You’ve been through enough already.
“Thank you” seems inappropriate, given what you have done. But I do not know what else to say.
Killing someone of House Va’ruun couldn’t be good for you
No, of course not. The Great Serpent would surely punish me.
I care about you too much to let you do it.
I am… flattered? I do not know what to say. No one has ever expressed feelings like that before.
For now, I suppose, this matter is done. I do not know if I will face punishment, either in this life or the next.
I am… so tired.
Can we, at least for the moment, return to the lodge?

Return to the lodge[edit]

Upon arriving at the lodge, Andreja wants you to speak to her in her room.

Thank you for coming back here with me.
I fear that after all tha thappened, I am unsure of my place in House Va’ruun.
This room may now be the only place I have left to call home.
The Lodge will always be here for you. We all will be
Yes, I know that I am not completely alone, and that offers some comfort.
But it’s more complicated than that…
Don’t jump to conclusions. You don’t know what will happen.
No, I do not. But I cannot help but worry.
Whatever happens next, we’ll face it together.
it is reassuring to hear you say that.
But still…
I do not know how to live without some connection to House Va’ruun.
The great Serpent has always been a guiding force in my life, the force that drives all that I do. What… what if I have lost that?
You don’t need House Va’ruun. You have a family in Constellation.
I am unsure it is that simple. But you are right, I do have people here who care about me.
Your connection to the Great Serpent was never through Tomisar. It’s still there, inside you.
Yes, that is true. Whatever else has happened, or will happen, the Great Serpent still holds a purpose for me
If House Va’ruun abandons you now, they’re making a huge mistake.
Mmm-hmm. I doubt they would listen to youm but the thought means a great deal.
You need to just forget all of this. Put the past behind you.
I do not think you understand what you are suggesting. I cannot simply abandon my entire life.
Clearly you do not comprehend the importance of the Great Serpent. To me, personally. But I suppose that is to be expected.
Still, I know you mean to try and comfort me.
You have been by my side through all of this, the most turbulent time in my life.
And you have supported me faithfully.
I have never been able to count on any single person the way I have with you. If I am repeating myself, you will have to forgive me. I just cannot overstate what it means to me.
[Friendship] That’s what best friends are for, isn’t it?
I have never had a “Best friend” But I believe that sounds right.
So if we are to be best friends, then I shall do everything I can to be there for you, in the way that you have for me.
How can I sit here feeling sorry for myself when there is so much for us to do?
[Romance] I’ll always be here for you, I love you
Well that is… I am sorry, I need a moment..
I admit this is a surprise. I did not quite realize you felt this way about me.
But if you mean it… My feelings are not so different from yours.
We must be clear on one thing from the very beginning. I do not share.
If you are mine, then you are mine alone. No one else will come between us.
If that is not a commitment you are willing to make, I understand. But I will not compromise
I am all yours, as long as you want me
Then truly nothing can stop us. We will be a force to be reckoned with.
You have brought a joy to my life that I could not have imagined, and could never have expected.
With you at my side, love, I look forward to everything that comes next.
[Friendship] Maybe it’s better if we just remain friends.
if that is your wish, then I will respect it.
So if we are to be best friends, then I shall do everything I can to be there for you, in the way that you have for me.
How can I sit here feeling sorry for myself when there is so much for us to do?
Are you sure this is what you want?
Oh, I am quite certain. Do not doubt my intent.

Mission Stages[edit]

Divided Loyalties (COM_Quest_Andreja_Q01)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(DEBUG - start on Akila)
2(DEBUG - Start on Eren's Planet)
3(DEBUG - starting at Den)
4(DEBUG - start at Jaeda)
5(DEBUG - start at Station)
10(directed to Akila City)
Andreja is looking to connect with people from her past, to put her mind at ease about prior missions. We need to find Eren Bascolm in Akila City.
20(arrived in Akila, pointed to Aggie's)
25(arrived in Aggie's, Trigger Andreja's forcegreet)
29(Andreja force-greet at Aggie's done, EVP so she'll stop running it)
30(Andreja forcegreet done, directed to Aggie)
31(Player Choice - told Aggie they care about Ervin)
32(Player Choice - told Aggie to skip the sob story)
40(done with Aggie, directed to talk to Andreja)
45(done talking to Andreja, directed to Hyla II)
Eren Bascolm reportedly moved to Hyla II. Andreja and I need to look for him there.
50(arrived on planet with Eren's camp, directed to talk to Andreja)
55(done talking to Andreja, directed to camp)
60(arrived at camp, attacked by zealots)
70(enemies defeated, directed to talk to Andreja)
75(done talking to Andreja, directed to search camp)
Eren Bascolm died some time ago. We need to search his home for any link to other people Andreja is trying to find.
80(note from Jaeda found, directed to Andreja)
81(Done talking to Andreja about Jaeda, cue up scene about Tomisar)
85(done talking to Andreja, directed to Den)
Another former friend of Andreja's, Jaeda Huang, is now working out of The Den in UC space. We need to find out what she knows, particularly about a Va'ruun agent named Tomisar.
89(DEBUG - Move Player and Andreja to Den for testing)
90(arrived at Den, directed to ask around)
91(Rayna Speech Challenge Won)
92(Rayna Speech Challenge Lost)
94(Orval has offered to sell information about Jadea)
95(Player bought information from Orval)
100(pointed to Jaeda's location)
Jaeda Huang was last seen headed towards the Groombridge system to enact her revenge on Va'ruun Zealots. We need to make sure she's safe.
109(DEBUG - Placeholder for moving Player/Andreja to test cell for space encounter)
110(arrived at location)
120(Jaeda jumps in)
130(initial hail done, zealots arrive)
131(Zealot Ship 1 defeated)
132(Zealot Ship 2 defeated)
133(Zealot Ship 3 defeated)
140(zealots defeated, 2nd hailing)
150(2nd Hail done, directed to board Jaeda's ship)
160(boarded Jaeda's ship. Scene betweenJaeda and Andreja starts)
170(Jaeda and Andreja done talking, directed to talk to Jaeda)
Jaeda Huang has been hunting Va'ruun Zealots who may have information about the decade-old ambush that separated Andreja from her friends. We need to get that information.
175(Jaeda Scene done - Zealot Captain Jumps in)
200(directed to player's ship)
210(player back in ship, directed to kill captain)
220(hailing scene done, directed to attack captain)
230(Zealot captain destroyed, directed to pick up cargo)
300(done with captain, directed to talk to Andreja)
305(done talking to Andreja, directed to station)
Tomisar Ka'dic is Andreja's contact with House Va'ruun. He appears to be responsible for the ambush that has haunted Andreja, and she wants to confront him.
306(DEBUG - move player to Starstation)
310(arrived at station, directed to follow Andreja)
320(arrived at panel, directed to talk to Andreja)
330(done talking to Andreja, waiting for her to open panel)
331(Andreja has entered furniture for secret panel, call function to regiuster)
340(follow Andreja to Tomisar)
341(Andreja hits 1st checkpoint for scene update)
342(mid-scene checkpoint to update Tomisar's package)
350(arrived at Tomisar, he starts his thing)
360(scene with Tomisar and player)
370(done talking to Tomisar, directed to talk to Andreja)
371(player asked if there's some other way - opens option to turn over Tomisar)
375(Player has offered to kill Tomisar)
380(player told Andreja to let Tomisar live)
381(Final scene finished, Tomisar left alive. Andreja asks to return to Lodge)
385(Player told Andreja to turn over Tomisar)
390(player convinced Andreja to kill Tomisar)
395(Andreja has killed Tomisar)
399(Player killed Tomisar after some other conclusion had been reached)
400(Done with Tomisar, final conversation with Andreja)
500(Done with Station, directed back to Lodge)
Andreja has dealt with Tomisar, and learned about what happened to her so many years ago. She wishes to return to the Lodge.
600(Arrived back at Lodge, directed to talk to Andreja)
1000(Quest Complete)
I have helped Andreja solve the mystery of what happened to her friends years ago, but there may be consequences for her future with House Va'ruun.
  • Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the Radiant Mission system, and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all entries may appear in your log; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the mission is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with missions that have multiple possible outcomes or missions where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Mission" it means the mission disappears from the Active Mission list, but you may still receive new entries for that mission.
  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage COM_Quest_Andreja_Q01 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest COM_Quest_Andreja_Q01.
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