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Help the Freestar Militia and UC Marines defend a research complex on Altair II against spacers.
Location(s): Research Outpost: U3-09
ID: 001f3a36
XP: 300
Credits ?: Side Large
Other Rewards: Peacekeeper, 12 x 11mm Caseless

Mission Stages[edit]

Groundpounder (001f3a36)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(STAGE 0)
2(DEBUG: Go to the complex)
3(DEBUG: Start the intro merchant)
4(DEBUG: Go to rescue)
5(DEBUG: Test to see if Scientist NPCs open the locked doors)
50(Got close enough to Hauler to start the scene)
100(RE Captain gives pointer)
A merchant told me there is a lot of Spacer activity in the Altair system. He also heard an urgent distress call. I'll have to go to Altair to learn more.
200(Arrived in Altair System)
I heard a distress call from Private Mahoney. There is a Freestar Collective research outpost on Altair II that has been overrun with Spacers. They urgently need help.
300(Landed at Research Outpost)
400(All Spacer Groups Defeated)
410(Mahoney's Door is opened)
415(Talked with Mahoney)
I found Private Mahoney, but the whole research outpost has been overrun. Mahoney said I need to make my way to the makeshift infirmary on the first floor and talk to Lezama.
418(Show infirmary enemies)
420(Unlock Infirmary Door)
422(Doctor's door is opened)
425(Talked with the Docs)
The outpost's infirmary is secure. Next up is rescuing the Freestar Militia's commander: Lieutenant Torres. He's on the third floor in Doctor Moussa's office.
430(Torres Door Opened)
435(Talked with Lt Torres)
Lieutenant Torres wants my help to rescue a United Colonies marine named Captain Myeong. These unlikely allies have been fighting the Spacers together. She's on the second floor guarding the other entrance to the outpost.
437(Torres promised a bigger reward)
450(Make Myeong spacers appear)
475(Spacers attacking Myeong Killed)
500(Talked with Cpt Myeong)
The outpost is secure. The soldiers are going to fortify the outpost for the next Spacer attack. Lieutenant Torres has asked me to rescue some people at a Research Camp elsewhere on Altair II.
550(Arrived at the Research Camp)
600(Spacers at POI Killed)
700(Talked to Soldier @ POI)
I've saved the Research Camp. I should report back to Lieutenant Torres and see if he needs more help.
800(Talked to Myeong/Torres)
Preparations for the next Spacer attack are under way, but unless we take out their spaceships they will be able to reinforce themselves until we're overwhelmed. There are two Spacer attack groups I need to take out in orbit of Altair I and V.
820(Arrived at Fighter Encounter 1)
830(Fighter Enc 1 - Cleared)
840(Arrived at Fighter Encounter 2)
850(Fighter Enc 2 - Cleared)
900(Fighters dealt with)
The Spacers no longer have any spaceships in the system. I need to get back to Research Outpost U3-09 and hope I get there before the Spacers attack.
1000(Landed on Outpost)
The final Spacer assault has begun. We need to clear them out so that the Outpost is finally secure.
1010(Final Battle, Wave 2)
1020(Final Battle, Wave 2 - 2nd ship)
1100(Final baddies killed)
At long last, the Spacer threat in the Altair system has been taken care of. I should talk with Lieutenant Torres.
1190(Give the credits promised)
1200((QC) Torres talked to)
Together the UC Marines and Freestar Militia managed to make the Altair system safe again, with help from me. Torres and Myeong parted as unlikely friends, hoping they never have to face each other on opposite sides of a battle one day.
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  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage 001f3a36 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest 001f3a36.
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