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Creations is an in-game microtransactional store for Starfield. A virtual currency called Creation Club Credits is sold within it, which was used to purchase unique add-ons called Creations. Creations can be developed either by Bethesda itself, or by any creator in the community.

Some Creations may disable achievements. This is identified by a logo next to the name.

Bethesda Creations[edit]

Creation Release Date Credits Achievement Friendly Tags Description
SF-icon-Trackers Alliance The Vulture.jpg Trackers Alliance: The Vulture June 11, 2024 SF-icon-Creation Club Credit.svg700 Yes Gear,
Load Order Neutral,
Lore Friendly,
A veteran of the colony war is wanted for high treason against the Freestar Government. Take on a treacherous Trackers Alliance contract to hunt down one of the deadliest snipers in Freestar space. Includes a new Trackers Alliance Bounty, the Arboron Novastrike Sniper, and two additional outfits. (Quest becomes available on the Wanted Poster Display in the Trackers Alliance Headquarters after completing the Trackers Alliance: Starjacker quest.)
SF-icon-Starborn Gravis Suit.jpg Starborn Gravis Suit April 24th, 2024 Free Yes Gear,
Load Order Neutral
Explore the mysteries of the universe in the mysterious Starborn Gravis Suit! Your future self will thank you. Find it in your room at the Lodge.
SF-icon-Observatory.jpg Observatory May 9, 2024 Free Yes Load Order Neutral,
Lore Friendly,
Search for the stars with this new Observatory! Buildable at any Outpost.
SF-icon-Blackout Drumbeat Skin.jpg Blackout Drumbeat Skin March 20, 2024 Free Yes Load Order Neutral,
Lore Friendly,
Customize your Drumbeat with a new look! Apply the skin at any Weapon Workbench.
SF-icon-Ancient Mariner Module.jpg Ancient Mariner Module March 20, 2024 SF-icon-Creation Club Credit.svg1000 Yes Load Order Neutral,
Lore Friendly,
Become the Captain of your own Ancient Mariner with 22 new decor items, all craftable through Decorate Mode in Outposts, Ships, and Housing. Visit any Ship Service Technician to apply the new module.
SF-icon-Constellation Plushie Set.jpg Constellation Plushie Set May 1, 2024 SF-icon-Creation Club Credit.svg300 Yes Load Order Neutral,
Lore Friendly,
Introducing the Constellation Cuddle Crew! Craft 5 adorable plushies of your favorite members to proudly display in your Outposts, Homes, and Ships. Creations are made through the Industrial Workbench and in Decorate mode.