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Charybdis III
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Type Rock
System Charybdis System
Gravity 1.16 G
Temperature Temperate (10°)
Atmosphere Standard O2
Magnetosphere Powerful
Fauna Moderate
Flora Marginal
Water Biological






Traits SF-planet trait-Amphibious Foothold.svg Amphibious FootholdSF-planet trait-Coralline Landmass.svg Coralline LandmassSF-planet trait-Primordial Network.svg Primordial Network
  • 65% Ocean (2 fauna)
  • 25% Frozen Dunes (3 fauna)
  • 10% Wetlands (6 fauna, 3 flora)
Charybdis III, from the Starfield: Official Launch Date Announcement Trailer

Charybdis III is an Earth-like planet in the Charybdis System. While not a true "ocean planet", it is almost completely covered in water - it has vast oceans and frozen ice caps, and most of its land is comprised of wetlands.

While life-bearing, Charybdis III's highly aggressive wildlife and remote location have precluded significant human settlement. There are no randomly-placed, man-made points of interest whatsoever, only natural ones. There are, however, two permanent human settlements - Crucible and the Facility.


First shown in the Starfield: Official Launch Date Announcement trailer by Bethesda Softworks.

This planet along with other planets in the system are named after ancient greek mythology sea monster. [1]


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