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Help Trevor Petyarre get a request for new mining equipment approved.
Mission Giver: Trevor Petyarre
Location(s): Mars, Deimos Staryard
ID: City_CY_RedTape01
XP: 100
Credits ?: Misc Large
Other Rewards: None
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Red Tape Runaround

Official Summary[edit]

"Trevor Petyarre is trying to improve the working conditions for the miners in Cydonia. They've been using broken and outdated equipment for too long, and his request fro new equipment has fallen through the corporate cracks. He asks the player to help him with an elaborate plan to get the request approved. The player is to ensure they get hired as the Mining Operations Executive's new assistant, so they can gain access to his computer and approve the request for Peter, but first, they need to jump through a few hoops."

Mission Pointer[edit]

The activity Talk to Trevor leads into this mission. You acquire it when you hear Trevor talking to two prospective miners in front of the Broken Spear.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Go to Trevor Petyarre in Cydonia.
  2. Mine 10 iron and deposit in the mining cart.
  3. Go to Deimos Staryard and apply for the executive assistant job.
  4. Delete other candidates' applications from the system.
  5. Return to Trevor, earning credits and experience and starting Red Tape Runaround.

Mission Stages[edit]

Red Tape Blues (City_CY_RedTape01)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(Debug Stage to give the player enough iron ore)
100(Collect Iron Ore)
I offered to do some work for Trevor Petyarre, but before he gives me my task, he needs to know he can trust me. I've agreed to help him by mining some additional ore to add to his team's quota.
110(Reveal the QTs for Iron Deposits)
200(Turn in Iron Ore)
I've acquired enough ore for Trevor. I need to deposit it in the bin so it can be processed.
250(Speak with Trevor)
After delivering the ore, I need to speak with Trevor so he can tell me about my next task.
251(Player walked away from Trevor before agreeing to fill out the application)
300(Fill out the application)
Trevor needs me to help him get a request for new equipment approved by the Deimos mining executive. I'm supposed to apply to be the executive's assistant through the company's application system up at Deimos Staryards.
350(Speak with Trevor)
I've applied to the executive assistant job. Now I need to speak with Trevor so he can tell me how to ensure I'm picked for the job.
351(Player walked away from trevor before agreeing to delete the other applications)
352(Trevor gave the player Tia's password.)
400(Delete other candidates' applications)
Trevor wants me to delete all the other applications for the job on the HR computer upstairs in the corporate office. I'll need to wait until the evening for the HR staff to leave the office, then sneak in.
410(Player Deleted Candidate01)
420(Player Deleted Candidate02)
430(Player Deleted Candidate03)
440(Player Deleted Candidate04)
500(Return to Trevor)
I've deleted all the other applications so that only mine remains in the system. I need to return to Trevor to let him know I've accomplished this.
501(Player walked away from trevor before turning in the quest completely)
1000(End Quest)
I agreed to help Trevor Petyarre get his request for new mining equipment approved by Peter Brennan, a Deimos executive. After proving I'm serious about helping, I then had to apply for a job as Peter's assistant, which we made sure I got.
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