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Help Katherine Luzion find out what happened to her husband
Mission Giver: Katherine Luzion
Location(s): Neon
ID: FFNeonZ06
Rewards (If you accept payment from Katherine)
XP: 100
Credits ?: Misc Large
Other Rewards: None
Rewards (If you decline payment from Katherine)
XP: 200

Mission Pointer[edit]

The activity Talk to Katherine Luzion leads into this mission. You acquire it when you overhear Neon security mumbling about Katherine wanting them to look into her husbands murder.

Mission Stages[edit]

Unjustified (FFNeonZ06)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(Player goes to question Tevin)
I've offered to help Katherine figure out what really happened to her husband. I need to go question the witness, Tevin Anastas.
5(Player leaves initial questioning scene.)
9(Player intimidated Tevin)
Tevin was difficult at first, but I was able to intimidate him into telling me what he knows about Thomas.
10(Player bribed Tevin)
Tevin was difficult at first, but bribing him was enough to get him to talk about Thomas.
11(Speech Challenge Lost)
Tevin is going to need some more convincing. If nothing else works, maybe I can bribe him to give me the information. 1000 credits seems like a good number...
12(Speech challenge won)
20(Tevin reveals Thomas was murdered.)
I was able to get Tevin to tell me what he knows about the death of Thomas.
30(Player goes to Rusty)
Tevin told me that Katherine's husband was killed by a man named Rusty. I need to find him.
32(Rusty Forcegreet done)
40(Player spares Rusty)
50(Player Kills Rusty)
60(Player intimidates Rusty.)
70(Player returns to Katherine)
I've taken care of Rusty. Now to tell Katherine the truth about what happened.
80(Player asks Katherine how Thomas knew Rusty)
1000(Quest Complete)
I was able to find out the truth about what happened to Katherine's husband. He was murdered in a shakedown by a man named Rusty, and Security tried to cover everything up. Hopefully now that she knows the truth, and that Rusty's been taken care of, she can start focusing on healing.
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