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Collect museum artifacts for the Coe Heritage Museum
Mission Giver: Leah Casler
Location(s): Akila City
ID: City_AkilaLife07
Rewards (For bringing Solomon's Calculations, Governor's First Meeting Agenda, List of First Cheyenne Colonists, Solomon Coe's copy of Don Quixote or Solomon Coe's Cheyenne Trip Inventory to Leah)
XP: 150
Credits ?: Side Large
Other Rewards: None
Rewards (For bringing Original Akila City Charter It could just be the first one you bring. to Leah)
XP: 150
Credits ?: Misc Large
Rewards (For finishing Leah's collection)
XP: 200
Credits ?: Side Wow


This is an unmarked mission from Leah Casler inside the Coe Heritage Museum.
The player is tasked to find six unique books related to Solomon Coe so they can be displayed in the museum.

Book Locations[edit]

Name Planet Location Description
Governor's First Meeting Agenda Jemison The Lodge Left room in the basement on a shelf
List of First Cheyenne Colonists Porrima III Red Mile On Donovan Rhys's table
Original Akila City Charter Denebola I-b Lair of the Mantis At the end of the lair, near the mannequin, inside the science crate
Solomon Coe's copy of Don Quixote Codos Fortuna During the Freestar Ranger's mission On the Run, inside Marco's quarters on a shelf with a green vase. If you missed it during the mission you can come back and pick it up later.
Solomon Coe's Cheyenne Trip Inventory Polvo HopeTown On Ron Hope's desk
Solomon's Calculations Volii Alpha Neon can be bought from Tevin Anastas inside The Emporium

Mission Stages[edit]

Solomon's Trove (City_AkilaLife07)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(STAGE 0)
100(Talked with Leah - know about getting the quest)
150(At least one book found)
200(Found 1: Don Quixote)
250(Returned Book 1)
300(Found 2: Cheyenne Jump)
350(Returned Book 2)
400(Found 3: Jump Inventory)
450(Returned Book 3)
500(Found 4: Colonists)
550(Returned Book 4)
600(Found 5: City Charter)
650(Returned Book 5)
700(Found 6: Governor Agenda)
750(Returned Book 6)
800((QC) Everything found)
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