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Determine the rightful owner of a manor in Akila City
Mission Giver: Elias Cartwright
Location(s): Akila City, Sahar's Farm
ID: City_AkilaLife02
Rewards (If you give the Will to Elias Cartwright)
XP: 100
Credits ?: Credit.png2,500
Other Rewards: None
Rewards (If you give the Will to Frank Langston)
XP: 50
Credits ?: Side Medium

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Elias Cartwright.
  2. Retrieve Sahar Hasanov's Will from her farm.
  3. Return the will to Cartwright, or sell it to Frank Langston.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Security in Akila City may alert you that the mayor, Elias Cartwright, is offering work. Cartwright can be found at his family estate in the Core. Upon asking him for work, he will explain that he needs your help dealing with Frank Langston from his estate. Cartwright explains that the Langston Estate previously belonged to the Hasanovs, an old and prestigious Akila City family, but that the last Hasanov, Sahar, died forty years ago. Langston is a businessman from Neon, and Cartwright considers him to be crude, corrupt, and unworthy of residence in the core. Cartwright asks you to retrieve Sahar Hasanov's Will from her farm in the Akilan wilderness, so that he can identify her heir and evict Langston.

The farm is a Wildlife Research Post located elsewhere on Akila. It is overrun with Ashta, but not insignificant numbers. The will can be found inside the main hab module. Reading it reveals that Sahar left the estate to a distant, illegitimate relative, Blake Aldwell.

Upon returning to Akila City with the will, you may deliver it directly to Cartwright to complete the mission, or you may sell it to Langston, who will pay you Credit.png10,000 and also reward you with a higher credit payout. If you choose to sell the will to Langston, you must then tell Cartwright that you couldn't find it in order to complete the quest.

Mission Stages[edit]

Last Will and Testament (City_AkilaLife02)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(STAGE 0)
25(Guard pointer)
A guard mentioned that Mayor Cartwright might have work, if I'm interested.
50(Learned of Elias's gripe)
Akila City's mayor has some sort of problem with Frank Langston. I should find out what's going on.
100(Got quest from Elias Cartwright)
Elias Cartwright is really upset that Frank Langston is living in the historic Core district. He's offered me a job.
150(Arrived at Farm)
Elias Cartwright has hired me to go to old Sahar's Farm located elsewhere on Akila. Sahar died over 40 years ago when Ashta attacked the farm, and there most certainly will be Ashta there now.
200(Picked up the Will)
I found Sahar Hasanov's Last Will and Testament and it revealed there was one Hasanov left: Blake Aldwell. I was hired to deliver this to Elias Cartwright, but Frank Langston may be interested in this Will, as well.
300(Sold the Will to Frank Langston)
Frank Langston paid me a fortune to hand over Sahar Hasanov's Will. Now I just need to lie to Elias Cartwright about not having found it and this whole business is over.
310(Frank offered credits for Will)
400((QC) Gave Elias the Will)
I gave Sahar Hasanov's Last Will and Testament to Elias Cartwright. He was overjoyed. I can't tell if he's more happy at doing right by the Hasanov's or sticking it to Frank Langston.
500((QC) Told Elias there is no Will)
I told Elias Cartwright I didn't find Sahar Hasanov's will. I get the feeling he'll try to find other ways of getting Frank Langston out of the Core, but I'm not sure how much luck he'll have.
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