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Help Louisa confront Zoe at the Trade Authority about the brownouts.
Mission Giver: Louisa Reyez
Location(s): New Atlantis
ID: City_NA_Well02
XP: 75
Credits ?: Misc Medium
Other Rewards: None
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Tapping the Grid
The hacker's setup.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Louisa Reyez.
  2. Follow her to Trade Authority.
  3. Wait for her to talk to Zoe.
  4. Talk to Zoe.
  5. Flip Junction Box 36B.
  6. Flip Junction Box 47B or 45A.
  7. Flip 101F topside, next to Athena Tower.
  8. Access and download the files from the unauthorized computer.
  9. Give the data to Louisa or Zoe.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Trade Authority[edit]

Follow Louisa. If you lost her you can find her outside the Trade Authority. You don't have to do this immediately after Tapping the Grid, Zoe will wait for you.
You and Louisa traced back the power drain to the Trade Authority. She is a afraid of Zoe and asks you to back her up. Louisa has been to the Trade Authority three times about the power drains, but until now she never had any evidence.
When confronted by Louisa Zoe excuses herself into her office for a moment and then claims that it is not the Trade Authority who has been route electical power through her establishment. Zoe cunningly inserts herself into the investigation and Louisa sends you to investigate the next junction box while she and Zoe stay at the Trade Authority. Zoe claims that she has known about the power drain for some time and wants to find out who is behind it.

Junction Box 36B[edit]

Leave the Trade Authority, pass Apex Electronics on your left and the House of the Enlightened on your right and turn left befor you are at Kay's house. Go through the passage with the red exit sign above it. Go left behind MedBay, up the double stairs, and go right before Jake's. There is a sign that points to ;upper level'. Follow the stairs. You will end up in fornt of a locked door. Pass the door on the right, go through the corridor and up another set of stairs. Go left and you are in a room with a spacesuite workbench. Leave the room through the door on the other side, go right and follow the railing left twice.
When you follow the path Louisa calls you on the radio and Zoe chimes in. To your right is a hole in the path. Jumo over it, open the panel door and flip the switch.
Now Louisa wants you to go to junction box 45A near Apex Electronix while Zoe claims that you need to go to junction box 47B on the level you are currently on.

Junction Box 47B[edit]

Turn back and jump over the hole in the floor. Turn left and follow the railing right twice. Then go left through the door into the room with the spacesuit workbench where Zoe radios in.
Open the panel door and flip the switch. Leads to 101F at Athena Tower.

Junction Box 45A[edit]

Turn back and jump down the hole in the floor. Turn around and go through the red door in front of you. Open it with the switch on the column if necessary. Go down the stairs, turn left, go down another stairs and go right. Pass Apex Electronics on your left and Trade Authority on tour right. Go ahead and through the passage with the yellow markings in front of it slightly to your left. Go up the staircase, around the bend and up the second staircase. You are in front of a leaning fence. Go left, up another staircase and turn right. Go right before the room with the four breakers, follow the railing to the left and follow the corridor with the big generator to your left. At the end of the corridor go right and down some stairs. Pass the door to your right and approach the door in front of you. Louisa will radio in now. Open the door, open the panel box and flip the switch.


No matter if you went to 47B or to 45A, Zoe and Louisa tell you via radio that the next junction box is topside. The dialogue will be different at each junction box though.
As the next junction box is not inside the Well it is technically no longer Louisa's problem, but she and Zoe want know what is going on anyway.
So leave the Well. Zoe will radio you while Louisa is away collecting blueprints. She offers to pay you if you bring whatever you find to her first instead of Louisa. Go to Athena Tower in the residential district of New Atlantis.
Left to the entrance to Athena Tower's lobby is a small green patch and junction box 101F on the wall. Open the panel door and flip the switch. Louisa and Zoe conclude that the source of the power drain must be on one of the tower's upper floors. There is only one apartment on the floor. It's door is locked with novice security level.

Athena Tower[edit]

Take one of Athena Tower's elevators up to the apartments. Inside the apartment acces the computer on the small desk next to the electronic equipment. Someone called Dodgson has been stealing money from GalBank for someone called Newman. Download the files.


Return to the Trade Authority in the Well of New Atlantis. You now have to decide who to give the files to. Rewards in XP and Money are the same for both options.


IF you give the evidence to Louisa she will give it to MAST for analysis.


IF you give the evidence to Zoe she will keep some valuable information to herself and give an abbreviated version to MAST.

Mission Stages[edit]

Alternating Currents (City_NA_Well02)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
Louisa Reyez is still working on the power drain in the Well. She wants backup before talking to the Trade Authority.
10(Talked to Lousia, haven't agreed to help)
20(Agreed to help Louisa)
I've agreed to help Louisa Reyez confront the Trade Authority in the Well in New Atlantis. I need to make sure she stays safe.
30(Initial convo with Zoe done, she goes in to back room)
40(Zoe returns from back room, scene with Louisa starts.)
45(Zoe/Louisa 2nd scene done, Zoe forcegreets player)
50(Conversation with Zoe done, pointed to 1st junction box)
Louisa Reyez is now working with Zoe Kaminski of the Trade Authority in New Atlantis to track down the origins of a power drain. I need to help them by shutting down certain power junction boxes.
60(near 1st junction box)
65(Junction Box 01 Scene done)
70(1st box done, pointed to 2 & 3)
80(near box 2)
85(Junction Box 02 Scene done)
90(box 2 done, pointed to box 4)
100(near box 3)
105(Junction Box 03 Scene done)
110(box 3 done, pointed to box 4)
112(For tracking purposes - all Well boxes done, player has been told to head topside)
115(Out of the Well, directed to residential district)
120(near box 4)
125(Jucntion Box 04 Scene done)
150(box 4 done, pointed to apartment)
I've traced the source of the power drain in the Well to the Athena Tower building in New Atlantis. I need to investigate further.
151(player has arrived at apartment door)
152(Player mentioned door to Louisa, she hands over digipicks)
160(arrived inside apartment, pointed towards evidence)
170(done with terminal, pointed back to Lousia/Zoe)
I've found proof that someone is drawing huge amounts of power to hack into GalBank's system in New Atlantis. I need to decide who should get the data: either Louisa Reyez of MAST or Zoe Kaminski of the Trade Authority.
180(Evidence given to Zoe)
190(Evidence given to Louisa)
200(Quest Complete)
I traced a power drain to an apartment in New Atlantis, where it seems someone was running some kind of hacking operation into GalBank's system. I've handed over the data in the hopes that the culprit can be found.
1000(All content done)
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