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ECS Constant
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Console Location Code(s)
Unknown (?)
Porrima II
Porrima System

The ECS Constant is a generation ship that has been traveling in isolation for 200 years.

After entering the Porrima System, a mysterious ship can be seen orbiting Porrima II. Attempting to hail the ship only results in hearing distorted screeching noises. It's also possible to receive a distress call from Jiro Sugiyama requesting you to speak with him on Paradiso regarding the ship. Either docking and boarding the ship or speaking with Jiro will begin the mission "First Contact". If you equipped the ECS Constant with a grav drive during First Contact you will receive the activity Location of the ECS Constant that will point you to Leviathan VI-a.

ECS Constant People[edit]

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ECS Constant
Abe Levitz
Amin Kazemi
Bomani Rida
Captain Diana Brackenridge
Daisuke Levitz Vendor
Dr. Lorelei Da Costa
Dr. Mabhuti Da Costa
Janet Yang
Julia Yang
Yue Garcia

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