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On the planet Mars, in the Sol System.
  • Arrival at this Destination will result in immediate Contraband Scanning.
Bars and Restaurants
Shops and Services
Cydonia's "Hours without incident" board

Cydonia is the largest mining operation in the United Colonies. The resources mined here are used to supply Deimos Staryard.


UC Security
CDR Vincent Woodard
Broken Spear
Phil Hill
Sebastian Lynne
Adler Kemp
Moara Otero
Andromeda Kepler
Propulsion Specialist
Trade Authority
Manaaki Almonte
Saoirse Bowden
Oktai Enbayar
UC Office of the Governor-General
Governor Glen Hurst
Demelza Myers
Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarters
Peter Brennan
Dr. Ifeanyi Adigwe
Reliant Medical
Dr. Charlie Flynn
UC Exchange
Denis Averin
Deimos Miner Quarters
Andres Jensen
Samund Berg-Ramirez
Henry "Hank" Ferraro
Laylah Pulaski
Gauri Limsong
Rivkah Ovadia
Karl Fielding
Luxe Condominiums
Taye Imani
Anna Imani
Renee Shelby
UC Marine Barracks
Chris Cullen
Jane's Goods
Jane Weller
Community Center
Horus Gamal
Joy Bryant
Sixth Circle
Lou Saavedra
Cambridge Cooper
Lou Saavedra
Ship Services Technician
Erick Von Price
Andrew Robillard
Gilly Seong
Haddie Gustavsson
Leona Hawkes
Mitch Benjamin
Tia Wu
Trevor Petyarre
Waylon Parker

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Cydonia Surface Floor
Deimos Staryards Engineering
Deimos Staryards Engineering
Broken Spear
Broken Spear
UC Security Office
UC Security Office
Cydonia Surface Floor
Cydonia Lower Level 1 (Main Level on elevator)
Trade Authority
Trade Authority
Mayor's Office
Mayor's Office
Reliant Medical
Reliant Medical
UC Exchange
UC Exchange
Deimos Corp. Office
Deimos Corp. Office
Face on Mars
Face on Mars
Mayor's Apartment
Mayor's Apartment
Cydonia Lower Level 1 (Main Level on elevator)
Cydonia Lower Level 2 (P1 on elevator)
Jane's Goods
Jane's Goods
Miner's Quarters
Miner's Quarters
UC Barracks
UC Barracks
Community Center
Community Center
Cydonia Lower Level 2 (P1 on elevator)
Cydonia Lower Level 3 (P2 on elevator)
Sixth Circle
Sixth Circle
Cydonia Lower Level 3 (P2 on elevator)


The generic population of Cydonia has numerous comments they may make.


  • Can you believe people used to think the nearby mountain was a face on the surface of Mars? Ridiculous, huh? Doesn't look anything like one!
  • That Terrormorph attack in New Atlantis... I sure hope nothing like that ever happens here!
  • I heard they reopened that Red Devils HQ, even got some of the same crew running it. I sure hope they know what they're doing.
  • Phew, what a long day.
  • I heard they found another new fresh water deposit in one of the mines. So much better than paying those ridiculous import prices.
  • "Go to Mars!" they said. "The pay is great!" they said. So's the crippling depression.
  • Before you say anything, no Mars is nothing like Earth. Heck, even Earth is nothing like what Earth used to be.
  • What a day, huh?
  • Ahh, there's nothing like fresh air filters, am I right?
  • Howzit?
  • Hey there.
  • How goes?
  • I swear that warning klaxon still startles me every time.
  • I hope no one tears down the little green guy posters I've been seeing. They add a lot of charm to this place.
  • I wonder what's up with all the drawings I've seen popping up on the walls lately. I've got to admit. They're pretty cute.
  • So I guess Woodard is acting governor now?
  • I can't believe Governor Hurst just stepped down so suddenly. I wonder what really happened.
  • There's nothing like seeing old Sol coming through the big window in the morning.
  • Mars isn't for everybody.
  • Most visitors can't wait to get off this rock.
  • It's not easy living in Cydonia.
  • Just passing through, or here to stay?
  • I wish there was more to do around here. Drinking gets old.
  • It's hard not to worry when your spouse is the one doing all the hard work down in the mines.
  • Sometimes it feels like the UC forgets we're out here, but there'd be no UC if it hadn't been for Mars.
  • Cydonia's not so bad. Honest work, good pay. I can't complain.
  • Red and orange. Everything's red and orange as far as the eye can see. It can start to wear on you.
  • The miners have a secret about something they call the "Heart of Mars." I overheard one of 'em talking about it at the bar. Laylah, I think it was?


  • Keep your eyes peeled for signs of Terrormorph activity. After what happened to our forces in New Atlantis, we need to be extra vigilant.
  • *sigh* Almost break time. C'mon, you can make it.
  • Watch out for the robots. They're surprisingly sneaky.
  • Do your part to keep Cydonia graffiti-free.
  • Ever been to Akila? Those security uniforms are way cooler than anything we've got.
  • Cydonia can have a depressing effect on some people. Make sure to get yourself help before it becomes a problem.
  • Used to think I was Vanguard material... until I discovered that space travel turns my stomach in knots.
  • Be careful down near the mines and enter any active sites at your own risk.
  • I know we're supposed to clean up vandalism, but I just can't bear to take down some of the drawings I've seen recently.
  • I heard you helped out Mitch. I know he won't give up looking for the rest of those books.
  • My buddy Mitch keeps asking if I can help him out with something, but I just don't have the time.
  • Heard you helped us book that Hank Ferraro guy. Good job.
  • Always nice to kick back at the Broken Spear after a long day.
  • Careful near the railings on the upper levels. It's a long way down.
  • Crime's at an all-time low around Cydonia. Let's keep it that way.
  • Keep a look out. Notify us if you see anything suspicious.
  • The Community Center on P1 is a good place to connect with others, or fulfill any spiritual needs you may have.
  • You look hurt. Might want to head on over to Reliant. Dr. Flynn will get you patched up.
  • The UC Exchange is a great place to buy your weapons, just... make sure to keep them holstered at all times.
  • If you're going to use the elevators or stairs to reach the other levels, try to keep them clean. I hate filing litter reports.
  • Just because the governor's office is right out there on the main level, doesn't mean it's not secure.
  • The Luxe condos aren't anything special, but plenty of people call them home.
  • The miners pretty much run the lower levels here.
  • I'm still shocked about Governor Hurst. Rumor is, he got into some shady stuff, but they won't tell us what.
  • Stay away from the Sixth Circle unless you're a miner. Or at least, don't come crying to me if anything happens to you.
  • That Tracker Agent was looking around for help with something. Told her I couldn't do it, but maybe someone else can?
  • Found a clutch of Heatleeches, uh, breeding in the utility section the other day. Not going to be able to get that image out of my head for a while.
  • Just a heads up. UC Science Division's apparently going to be coming through to sweep for Leeches. You know those little bastards are Terrormorphs?


  • I have no idea what they're doing training us out here like Red Devils when the Terrormorph Management Division doesn't even need us like that.
  • If Terrormorphs ever show up here like they did in New Atlantis, we'll be ready for 'em!
  • You hear about that new Terrormorph eradication program they got going? Shame it's not the same as the Red Devils of old times.
  • Civilians like you should keep to the city interior, and not interfere with our training.
  • Today, it's live fire exercises. Tomorrow, hiking miles over rough terrain. Not looking forward to that.
  • Glad I'm training out here and not on somewhere like the surface of Titan.
  • Stay clear of the range during live fire exercises. It should be obvious why.
  • You never know where you'll be sent out, so it's good to get some surface training.
  • The military life may be tough, but damn it, I'm going to make my family proud.
  • We'll be ready in case there's ever another colony war.
  • I'm just proud to serve the UC.
  • Word of advice, don't mess with marines.
  • I don't care what anyone says, this is still a tough assignment.
  • They may have disbanded the Red Devils long ago, but we can still be an elite fighting force.
  • Always be ready for anything. That's why training is important.
  • Why'd I have to be stationed on Mars, of all places?
  • If you can tough it out on Mars, you can tough it out anywhere.
  • Glad there ain't no wars, but we still need to be prepared.
  • Can't wait to get shipped off to another base.
  • Proud to be a UC Marine. Oorah!
  • The Red Devils used to train here on Mars. Imagine being part of that.


  • It's nice to have a robot assistant.
  • Hey, sorry. I'm trying to concentrate on something.
  • You should have seen the ship that came in yesterday. Looked like it fought the whole Crimson Fleet!
  • Don't worry. If your ship comes through here, we'll take good care of it.
  • I can't be responsible for you when the sparks go flying.
  • Howzit going?
  • Watch your step. This is a work site.
  • We've got some of the best mechanics in the business here.
  • Careful, we're working on some delicate stuff around here.
  • What do people put these poor engine parts through?
  • Three things this job's got plenty of - dust, leeches... and distractions.
  • UC brass has pledged Cydonia's going to be a zero Leech city. Sure. So long as they send us the help to find the things.


  • Thought we had struck oil, but it turns out it was just another deep water deposit. That would have been wild.
  • Don't want to catch yourself with a loose grip on your equipment when one of those particle detonations goes off.
  • I sure hope this hearing loss isn't permanent.
  • People always ask me what I think about mining. It rocks! ... God, I'm so tired.
  • Hey, careful around the equipment. Don't want to lose an arm or something.
  • What's up?
  • Hey.
  • I could use a break.
  • We have the tech to instantly jump across the universe, you'd think someone would have invented a way to keep rocks out of boots.
  • Every time I see those drawings of the little creature with the space helmet, it reminds me that you can find joy anywhere, even Cydonia.
  • I can't believe Deimos has a psychologist on staff. What's up with that?
  • You can make a real good living working the mines here on Mars.
  • Hurst was alright as far as governors go, but I hope Woodard does more for us miners.
  • Hey, I heard a rumor that you're the one who made the new equipment possible. Thanks.
  • I still can't believe we finally got all those new mining tools. I was getting tired of my old ones breaking down all the time.
  • The new equipment is great. I finally feel like I'm working at full speed.
  • Working the deep mines... that's where you make the big bucks.
  • Sometimes I wish I had taken an easier job.
  • Am I glad I got this job instead of mining some dead rock out in the middle of nowhere.
  • Mars is ripe with resources, which means there's always going to be plenty of work.
  • Can't believe we're still pulling up huge mineral deposits after all this time.
  • Mining takes all types: young upstarts, former military, ex-cons. If you can lift a tool, and haul ore, you can mine.
  • This here's the most important work in the galaxy. We mine the resources that make spaceships possible.
  • This life ain't easy, but it pays the bills.
  • A friend offered me a nice cushy office job, but I'm making double out here in the Cydonia mines. Jokes on them!
  • Things can get pretty glum around here. If you ever need a little joy, go talk to that Renee kid. She's always trying to make people happy.
  • Laylah's been going on about the Heart of Mars again. When's she going to give it a rest?
  • Sometimes I feel like I deal with robots more than people in this job.
  • No major breakdowns or incidents today, thankfully.
  • Just doing the same thing I do everyday... supervising these machines so they don't break down.
  • Uch... Don't you hate it when your suit rides up?
  • Careful not to fall around here. We'd have to shut everything down to get you out.
  • Hey, howzit?
  • What a day.
  • How about that Martian weather, huh?
  • The machines are running smoothly today... Crap, I hope I didn't jinx it.
  • They've got it way easier on the inside. Try spending all day in a spacesuit and you'll know what I mean.


  • Error: Greeting procedure 005799BF not found.
  • Please remain two meters away for your safety.
  • Welcome to Cydonia. Stay out of my way.
  • Report any injuries I may cause to my supervisor.
  • Consider this unit always on the job.
  • Pardon me.
  • Hello.
  • This unit is not designed for pleasant conversation.
  • Worker robot coming through.
  • Please move, to avoid injury.
  • Tampering with a certified Deimos mining robot is forbidden. I would not recommend it unless you wish to test my defensive capabilities.
  • Iron deposit detected. Initiating evisceration protocols to remove mass from human body. Hah. Just kidding. My programmer had a sense of humor.
  • If you are looking for spare parts, look elsewhere. I need mine for structural stability.
  • Only a qualified supervisor may change my directives.
  • I'm under orders not to engage with non-personnel.


  • The "Hours without Incident" board will reset should the player attack an NPC.


A sign reading "Welcome to Cydonia, humanities stepping stone to the stars"
Cydonia's welcome sign
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