Starfield:A Shipment for Salinas

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Pick up a package for Vicente Salinas in order to do business with him.
Mission Giver: Vicente Salinas
Location(s): Apex Electronics, Red Mile
ID: City_NewAtlantis_Z_AShipmentForSalinas
XP: 100
Credits ?: Misc Small
Other Rewards: Access to Salinas' Hardware shop.
Vincente Salinas' Package

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Vicente Salinas in Apex Electronics located in The Well.
  2. Agree to pick up his package and travel to the Red Mile.
  3. Pickup the package to the left of the entrance of the Red Mile.
  4. Deliver the package to Vicente Salinas.

Mission StagesEdit

A Shipment for Salinas (City_NewAtlantis_Z_AShipmentForSalinas)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(startup stage)
10(Salinas reveals he has a business endeavor)
15(player initially declines quest)
20(Player goes to red mile to get package)
Vicente Salinas told me that if I pick up a package from Red Mile, he'll do business with me.
30(player has package and is returning to Salinas)
I have Salinas's package. I need to deliver it to him.
40(package removed from player inventory)
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