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Gather charitable donations for the Low House.
Mission Giver: Amira Wolf
Location(s): Akila City
ID: City_AkilaLife08
XP: 200 xp
Credits ?: Side Small plus Credit.png5,000 from Sarah Filburn
Other Rewards: a ranged weapon and ammunition if you convinced Elias or Reisha to extend their donation
a legendary item if you convinced Elias or Reisha to extend their donation and Amira knows you are a hero what does this mean?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Mission Stages[edit]

Charity of the Wolf (City_AkilaLife08)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(STAGE 0)
50(Pointer to Amira)
Some guard mentioned that a certain Amira Wolf of the Low House could use some help. Might be worth investigating.
100(Received quest from Amira)
The Low House feeds and provides for the basic needs of the unfortunates in the Stretch. But the latest IntelliWheat shipment is late. Amira Wolf has asked me to ask Sarah Filburn what's the status, and help if I need to.
200(Talked to Sarah - learned about problem in the fields)
The Low House's IntelliWheat shipment has been delayed because the farming equipment needs to be manually rebooted. But the farms are outside the Akila City walls. I volunteered to brave the dangerous Ashta and get the job done.
300(Rebooted farming computer)
The Farming Computer has been rebooted. The Filburns should be able to harvest IntelliWheat now. I should return to Amira Wolf and give her the good news.
400(Returned to Amira: Now donations)
Amira Wolf and the Low House needs more donations. She's asked me to talk to two reliable benefactors: Elias Cartwright and Reisha Lance. She also wants me to try and get the Trade Authority to start donating. So I should talk with Duncan Lynch.
410(Amira knows the player is a hero)
500(Elias Cartwright talked to)
510(Convinced Elias to give more)
600(Reisha Lance talked to)
610(Reisha promises more)
700(Duncan Lynch talked to)
800(Told to return to Amira)
I've handled getting donations for the Low House. It's time to report back to Amira Wolf.
900(Talked with Amira)
Amira Wolf has given me one last task, more of a thank you. I'm to deliver some wheat to Simone Jansen and her family.
925(Item Reward for the Quest)
1000((QC) Delivered Simone's Jansen's food)
I went all over Akila City helping out the Low House for Amira Wolf. Hopefully it did some good for the less fortunate folk in the Stretch.
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