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Upgrading Starfield to the latest patch is usually recommended, as many bugs and glitches are often fixed by the patches. You can find out about your version in the lower left corner of the "System" screen (Esc on PC, Start then selecting "System" on console). Extra details on specific platforms can be found on the related pages, PC and Xbox.

Please note that having a designated patch installed will not guarantee that the issue it was supposed to fix will be fixed upon entering game. In some cases after a patch has been installed players have noted that their previous save files have become unplayable, glitchy and other issues. As such it may be necessary to start a new game file to have all issues resolved.

Reverting Updates[edit]

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There may be times where you wish to revert an update. For example, there may be mod conflicts from an update, the update may have caused unintended issues for your save, or you may simply wish to experience an earlier version of the game again. Doing so simply requires you to replace the updated files with their earlier version, and disable future updates until you wish to progress to the updated version. However, this will require more work unless you regularly backup your game files. Also, you will likely want to back your game files before you attempt to revert to an earlier version.

It is possible to download the necessary files to downgrade your game version from Steam. First you will need to access the steam console. Using the Run program on Windows and input:


This will open a normally hidden tab of the Steam browser, the Console tab. At the bottom of the page will be a command line. This general format for the command is:

download_depot [App ID] [Depot ID] [Manifest ID]

For Starfield, the App ID is 1716740, and the Depot ID for the updates is 1716741. The Manifest ID is for the specific patch you wish to download. The Manifest IDs are documented on SteamDB. For example, at time of writing they currently are 4447793252473787578, 8383043874900915235, and 3276175983502685135. If you wanted version 1.7.29, you would input:

download_depot 1716740 1716741 8383043874900915235

If you wanted the files for the initial release, you would input the command:

download_depot 1716740 1716741 4447793252473787578

Once the command is inputted, Steam will download the depot. You will be able to tell it worked by the this appearing in the console log after your command (this example being for the initial release of the game):

Downloading depot 1716741 (27 MB) ...

Followed by:

Depot download complete : "[Steam Download Path]Steam\steamapps\content\app_1716740\depot_1716741" (21 files, manifest 4447793252473787578)

Note that the exact location of your download location will change depending on where you installed Steam, but as the log helpfully tells you where that is it should not be hard to find. Go to the folder listed there, and extract its contents to your Starfield install location. Replace all files with the files from the depot, and you will have successfully reverted to a previous version of the game. When you start the game, it will be this earlier version once more.

Keep in mind that reverting to a previous version on a save that was created on a more recent version is likely to cause issues, if it works at all.

1.8.84 Beta[edit]

Released on November 10, 2023.


  • Improved DLSS overall stability.
  • Fixed an issue with DLSS Frame Generation where occasionally a blur effect could be seen and the screen could turn black.
  • Fixed an issue with DLSS Frame Generation where occasionally blurring or ghosting artifacts could be seen on characters.
  • Fixed an issue where some grain/sharpening could be observed in very dark areas with DLSS enabled.


  • Fixed an issue where DLSS preset was defaulting from Quality to Performance or vice versa upon exiting the Display settings.
  • Fixed an issue where DLSS Frame Generation couldn’t be turned on correctly unless DLSS is enabled.
  • Improved Display settings to force V-sync off when DLSS Frame Generation is turned on.
  • Improved Display settings DLSS localization.


  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the camera could shake incorrectly during Traveling, Grav Jumping, Docking, or Landing transitions.

1.8.83 Beta[edit]

Released on November 08, 2023.


  • Addressed a number of memory related issues and leaks.
  • [PC Only] Add some GPU performance optimizations, which will be more impactful on higher end cards.
  • [PC Only] Improved renderer threading model, improving CPU usage most notably on higher end systems.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.


  • Added the ability to eat the food placed in the world
  • Adjusted stealth to be a bit more forgiving.
  • Fixed an issue where Andreja’s head would stay permanently cloaked.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from firing their weapons.
  • Fixed issues where some NPC could be seen not wearing clothes.
  • Fixed an issue where already in-progress skill challenges could stop progressing after reaching the Unity and starting a new game.
  • Fixed an issue that could temporarily prevent opening the inventory or saving after entering the Unity.
  • PC: Fixed an issue where mouse movement could be choppy.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the home ship to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue where the ship services technician might be missing.


  • Addressed an issue with how ambient occlusion appeared in ultrawide resolutions.
  • Optimized initial shader compilation that occurs on start-up.
  • Added the ability to adjust Brightness and Contrast in the Display Settings menu.
  • Added the ability to adjust HDR Brightness provided that the system supports it. (Xbox & Windows 11 only).
  • Addressed a number of materials that could sometimes present an unintended pattern under certain conditions.
  • Fixed various visual issues related to the new FOV slider options.
  • Improved the appearance of the eyes on crowd characters.
  • Addressed a number of minor visual issues related to lighting, shadows, terrain, and vegetation.


  • All That Money Can Buy: Fixed a rare issue where players couldn’t sit during the negotiation with Musgrove.
  • Blast Zone: Fixed an issue where the hard rocks that need to be cleared out by players will not appear on Ngodup Tate’s land.
  • Echoes of the Past: Fixed an issue where the Grylloba Queen could sometimes not be reachable during the objective “Secure the Shuttle Bay”.
  • Eye of the Storm: Fixed an issue where players' quest progression could potentially be blocked due to a missing docking prompt.
  • Grunt Work: Addressed an issue where progress could appear blocked if “Supra et Ultra” was completed while returning to the Lodge during “High Price to Pay”.
  • No Sudden Moves: Fixed an issue the that could prevent the entrance door to the Scow ship from being opened again.
  • Operation Starseed: Fixed an issue where the key that is needed to exit the facility could sometimes not be present.
  • Sabotage: Fixed an issue where David Barron could potentially not be found by players.
  • Short Sighted: Fixed an issue where players could rarely become control-locked while speaking with Vladimir.
  • The Heart of Mars: Fixed an issue where players might not be able to mine the “The Heart of Mars”.


Released on October 09, 2023.


  • FOV: Sliders are now available in Settings that allow players using first person or third person to adjust their FOV.

Performance and Stability[edit]

  • [PC ONLY] Improved stability for Intel Arc GPUs.
  • Various additional stability and performance improvements.


  • Echoes of the Past: Addressed an issue where tunneling creatures could pick a location that would prevent progression.


Released on September 26, 2023.


  • Characters: Fixed an issue that could cause some characters to not be in their proper location.
  • Star Stations: Fixed an issue where Star Stations would be labeled as a player-owned ship.
  • Vendors: Addressed an issue that allowed for a vendor’s full inventory to be accessible.


  • AMD (PC): Resolved an issue that caused star lens flares not to appear correctly AMD GPUs.
  • Graphics: Addressed an upscaling issue that could cause textures to become blurry.
  • Graphics: Resolved an issue that could cause photosensitivity issues when scrolling through the inventory menu.

Performance and Stability[edit]

  • Hand Scanner: Addressed an issue where the Hand Scanner caused hitching.
  • Various stability and performance improvements to address crashing and freezes.


  • Displays: Fixed an issue that would cause displayed items to disappear when applied to in-ship mannequins.
  • Displays: Fixed an issue that would cause items stored in Razorleaf Storage Containers and Weapon Racks to disappear after commandeering another ship.


Released on September 13, 2023.

Performance and Stability[edit]

  • Xbox Series X|S Improved stability related to installations.
  • Various stability and performance improvements to reduce crashes and improve framerate.


  • All That Money Can Buy: Fixed an issue where player activity could result in a quest blocker.
  • Into the Unknown: Fixed an issue that could prevent the quest from appearing after the game is completed.
  • Shadows in Neon: Fixed an issue where player activity could result in a quest blocker.


Release version.